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Jack Frost

Name: Maisey 9th December 2009
really really good
Name: Abigail 20th December 2009
that was a great story
Name: Chloe 23rd December 2009
really really good i wish i could right a story like
Name: Saagarika 29th December 2009
excellent !really good ,deserving winner!!!!
Name: Rachel Wright 7th January 2010
thats lovely story about jack frost
Name: Jade Asbury 26th January 2010
I wish i could do one like that.
Name: Katie 27th January 2010
Wow, is a really good story!!
Name: Sunray 30th January 2010
well done victoria
Name: Jasyendy 30th January 2010
I love to make stories and read some in my spear time...I got to say this is the best story i ever read so far! Well done and keep making wonderful stories!
Name: Jls 31st January 2010
fantastic story deserved to be winner
Name: Sarah 31st January 2010
I love this story SO much I've got a story called the tale of jack frost.
Name: Ellie 1st February 2010
Absolutely amazing
Name: Laramonet 3rd February 2010

I thought your story was great!
Name: Laramonet 4th February 2010
SO good and very good. how old are you?
Name: Sarah + Millie 10th February 2010
Because I love this story I will add this to my favorites!
Sarah + Millie
Name: Victoria 13th February 2010
Thanks people! ^^
Name: Lauren 19th March 2010
if I was a judge I would give it 900000000000000
Name: Khan 24th March 2010
it was a good story !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and i am the showcase winner of this month.i wrote the story LACIE THE SCANTY MOUSE.and as a showcase winner i am telling you that this story is 100%.

Name: Sissy 7th May 2010
I like this story.It is very intrusting.
Name: Sophie 14th May 2010
good story
Name: Megan 9th June 2010
That was good, i enjoyed it :)
Name: Alanis 14th October 2010
I love that story.
Name: Holly 15th November 2010
Loved it very long though. Because I had to read it to my sister Lucy but acCept for that marfullus
Name: Layla 26th November 2010
i liked it but it was to long
Name: Charlotte 2nd December 2010
Yeah a bit too long, but you know nothings ever great.
Name: Sanjeevan 2nd December 2010
Name: Kb 7th January 2011
Name: Abigail 29th January 2011
Name: Catie 30th January 2011
really good
Name: Abigail 31st January 2011
relly good
Name: Fran 8th March 2011
this story is amazin you should be a writer one day plz make another myths yours are ausome you should be mrs victoria the writer once again i love this story :>
Name: Issy 27th March 2011
Awsome sugar has an a not an e.
Name: Victoria 21st April 2011
Thank you Fran that is very sweet, I will we writng more stories, infarct I'm working on one now ^^
Name: Rimsha 27th April 2011
Hi Victoria I see you won the Christmas Competition! Well done!
Name: Abbey 20th October 2011
well done i really enjoyed reading it it was so interesting good effort with the story.
Name: Gonzo 28th November 2011
I think it was a very nice story.
Name: Isabella 22nd December 2011
It was a great story and I couldn't make it any better.
Name: Romy 6th January 2012
hi that was a good story
Name: Unknown 11th January 2012
Nice story, but the author needs to learn how to spell. Suddenly not suddunly.
Name: Aziza 16th January 2012
Name: Aziza 16th January 2012
very good!
Name: Jaksmith 1st February 2012
good idea but its too classic and the author needs to work on their spelling BTW read mine its called a story of hope by jak smith
Name: Victoria (the Author) 29th February 2012
Hello everyone, first off, I would like to thank everyone for their comments on this peice.
Yes, some of the spelling is off as some of you pointed out, this was written when I 13 and I am now 16 and I've very much improved my writing since then.
I am currently working on longer stories that I hope will be published soon. None of my stories will be posted here anymore, I have not visited this website in a long time and I don't think I will be writing much on here anymore, though I may visit from time-to-time.
Again, thank you all very much, keep writing!

~ Victoria
Name: Jefferson Porter 14th October 2012
She should rewrite and publish it. It is a shame she never rewrote it for all to enjoy her ability to write a good story even then.
Name: Kailier 17th November 2012
I'm confused because people say Jack Frost died in a lake and he was the shepards boy and he saved his sister who fell in the lake and died with the stick in the ice. Is this true?
Name: Joy 20th November 2012
Wow its really not how i expected the story to go.there's nothing wrong with it ,but some people say he controls weather and is the spirit of chaos humanized.
Name: Allie Gator 24th November 2012
I loved the wonderful story! I few typos though. Merry (early) christmas!
Name: Ana 25th November 2012
i thought it was a boy who fell into a lake so he could save his sister and the last thing he saw was the moon.the moon created him.Jack Frost became a gardiant
Name: Peter 25th November 2012
You messed up some words, and I think you said reader too many times, and "why?" Isn't really a question
Name: Donoven. 28th November 2012
I really liked this. The grammar mistakes were distracting but It was still very cute and an engaging read.
Name: Kait Lewis 30th November 2012
This is a beautiful story. I love Jack Frost and have read many of his legends and this was as good as any of them. Well done!
Name: Ida 10th December 2012
Waow.. It's a really beautiful story! This is the first story about Jack Frost, I've read (besides, of the film "Rise Of The Guardians"), and I think it's a really sweet and beautiful story!
Name: Kirito 11th December 2012
Well, the notes that keep saying "Dear Reader" get very distracting... And the grammar was not best, along with spelling. But the story still deemed good.
Name: Rev George Smiley 11th December 2012
A lovely tale, reminding us that happiness and personal fulfilment have nothing to do with greed and avarice.
Name: Monkey 623 15th December 2012
I love JACK FROST but i dont new his real story.
Name: Caramel 22nd December 2012
such a cute story. Love it
Name: Enedina 22nd December 2012
I like the story and why did jack didn't freak out when he was dead?.....
Name: Arianna 23rd December 2012
the spelling and grammar were not so good,and what happened with the blue dust what was that all about.
Name: Roland 23rd December 2012
I learned about Jack Frost after watching The Rise Of the Guardians.
Name: Amatu 24th December 2012
hey but in the rise of guardians ,ders a different story that he died young while saving his sister and was chosen as a guardian by the man in the moon!!!! btw dis story was heart touching and nicce but this was a fake story!!!
Name: Sage Talitha Pressley 1st January 2013
This story was sweet and heartwarming. I watched rise of the guardians and fell in love with the story of jack frost But the comments on this are not based on fact maybe u should research a bit more but I believe this is one of many different stories. well done
Name: Lola 1st January 2013
I would just like to say that just because something about Jack Frost featured in a film, doesn't make it true. It could be, but how would we know? Just don't trust films all the time.
Name: Onyx 1st January 2013
lots of people are saying in the rise of the guardians the story was different. there are many different types of the story of jack frost, and the rise of the guardians one is not the original.
Name: Crown 3rd January 2013
Just because a film illustrates how a person acted or lived, doesn't mean it is entirely true to everyone. If you choose to believe in what you see, then the truth doesn't matter in the end.
Name: Akealii 5th January 2013
i\'ve watched rise of the guardians an i think it is true
Name: Abi 2nd February 2013
I like it its kinda sweet but sAd but other than that i like it XD
Name: Pain 5th March 2013
geez, i guess im suddenly interested to jack frost's story.. rise of the guardians is a great movie anyway kids so if u want more jack frost, watch it..
Name: Andrew 16th March 2013
sad story but rise of the gardians is happy
Name: Leah Glover 16th March 2013
Am it's ok but tell me this is Jack Frost rell huh tell me that
Name: Jack 25th March 2013
sad story rise of the guardians is way better. That movie should be the real story.
Name: Sammy 29th March 2013
Its a very sad story , but I agree with the others , Rise of the Gaurdians is way beter then this story !!!!
Name: Hannah Frost 12th April 2013
Good story but its a bunch of couz is jack frost.
Name: Emily 15th April 2013
It does not matter if he is real or if another story is better. What matters is that the author gave you her best representation of somthing she believes. Though it was quite a dark, slightly gloomy story.
Name: Lesette Frost 17th April 2013
well the story did end in a sad gloomy way ...still i always think about jack not forgetting the promise he made with the mouse..which is a great example :)
Name: Feather 3rd May 2013
I think the other story where Jack Frost falls into cold ice water after saving his sister is a much better story. This story doesn\'t really make much sense....
Name: Saw The Movie 6th May 2013
it has no conection to his powers until the last 10 rows i like this story weel done gj!(good job)
Name: Jack 31st May 2013
It\'s kinda interesting...but if you spices it up like example..the mouse is a servant of a (who ever you think is possible) that saw jf made something special that kinda related to responsibility he had given...a great model ...if he breaks the promise that the mouse gave .... That may cause suspent a bit....he was given another chance to prove that he is the man of his words...yet broke it again he had to face the music a be a winter spirit for a change....he agrees because this is the only way he could see his family every year (snow day) a little of my idea
Name: Jack Frost Guardian's Admirer 5th June 2013
I think the other version of how he got his powers was also better and agree with Feather. It was meaningful and I didn't completely understand why the mouse did that. Oh and by the way...I LOVE THE JACK FROST IN THE MOVIE AND TOTALLY BELIEVE IN HIM!!!!!!!!
Name: Lani 8th July 2013
Can u explain it in a shorter way?
Name: Fan Of Jack Frost 28th July 2013
I completely understand this story and thanks for putting it here. I believe the mouse was a god or messenger and he realized what Jack wanted then realizing he wanted to help the humble boy he tricked Jack into giving himself a happy life. Once all this was accomplished the mouse planned for him to finally die of sickness happily rather than not.
Name: Sierra 1st August 2013
This was kind of interesting.
Name: Jack Frost 31st August 2013
Wow I loved the detail although there was some spelling errors and a capital letters at the end of a word but apart from that it was lovely.
Name: Leora 10th October 2013
it's a great story but i don't think it fits with jack frost for some unknown reason, it just doesn't seem right.
Name: Ghv 16th October 2013
Name: Andrei Mari Silva 19th October 2013
Awwwwwww that was great! Love the story!
Name: Zaina 7th November 2013
I love Jack Frost. Tyhis story is amazing and so is the film, Rise of the Guardians!
Name: Hermawan S 13th November 2013
i love all fairy tale...n i wish its become true....:D...thanks...n the christmas day has come fastly...
Name: Vanna Dacosta 15th November 2013
this story is awesome I love the movie rise of the guardian to i mean whoa it is a dream come true I still believe that Jack Frost is real he is so cute
Name: Jhonbeth 3rd December 2013
Name: Sofia 8th December 2013
i liked it very much and ican happily say that i do beleve in jack frost
Name: Franklyn 9th December 2013
Great story Jack frost is my Friend he comes at night I can feel his presence when his at my window
Name: Bloom 12th December 2013
i loved it very much because the story teaches me to keep a promise I can make... I Luv U Jack Frost...!!!
Name: Kelly 18th December 2013
amazing story, some spelling errors but good for the most part, i told this story to my mom
Name: Paulo De Castro 25th December 2013
Dear Victoria,
Thank you very much for a very nice and well written tale!
Name: Angel 4th January 2014
I love the story! I told my friends to read it and they enjoyed it very
Name: Rebecca 12th January 2014
Angel this is not real but it is a mind blowing story and well disripted
Name: Cryst 23rd January 2014
I will consider this an alternate myth of how Jack Frost came about. :) I like it.
Name: Melissa 23rd February 2014
I enjoyed reading this, but all the misspellings distracted me from the story.
Name: Tracy 5th March 2014
Lovely story!
Name: Pan 23rd March 2014
Good story but u said dear reader way to much
Name: Diana 25th March 2014
Jack Frost what happen to him why plaese why :-(
Name: S. J. Winter 1st April 2014
Beautiful Story! and I'm not going to call it a myth or a legend because behind every myth and legend there is a story, and behind that story there is only truth. You just have to dig a little to find it.
Name: Halie 8th April 2014
That was a beautiful story although I want to know how long Jack Frost was outside for and how did his wife not notice??????
Name: Angelina 18th April 2014
I belived in jack frost but theres one thing I want to ask is jack frost real I never stoped believing.....
Name: Ashlee 4th May 2014
Jack frost is real to me no matter what
Name: Greg 5th May 2014
I do believe in jack frost even it doesnt snow here i even dont get cold when its so windy i wonder were did he get that staff thoe
Name: KAT 17th May 2014
I enjoyed this story, and found it intresting. The thesis gave it a wonderful ending.
Name: Alana 3rd June 2014
why you ask because jack had a kind heart and he saw bueaty in the flower luckly he didn't use the wish on himself because he lived a long life without the wish if he used it on himself the flower would have died and no future for the little seeds but since he used the wish for the flower they both lived a happy life.
Name: Stephanie 19th June 2014
Why not ?
Name: Kate 22nd June 2014
What was the full name of the girl that marry jack frost?
Name: Alexa Bondevik 1st July 2014
Interesting story with some few grammatical errors here and there..
Name: Rebepanes 20th July 2014
What a story
Name: Soniya 3rd August 2014
a very nice story but lot of mistakes explain the moral
Name: Angchare 15th August 2014

Best Myth.
Name: Pammy 2nd October 2014
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story and I shall be reading it to my little granddaughter xx
Name: Elsa Jane Wingstone 27th October 2014
I love know,my mother has a snow drop flower also.when i look it at the window,i have a strange feeling with it.i don't know why,its just well...magic?
Name: Connie 29th October 2014
This is a really good story.
I'd like to know when this story is created. :D
Name: DesertSnowQueen 30th October 2014
Cute story! It was strange, but I liked it a lot. I thought the ending was a little sad, though.
Name: Ezekiel 13th December 2014
The story was facinating i llllloved it
Name: Kayla Cliborne 17th December 2014
this story is awesome
Name: Anna 31st December 2014
I loved this story so much,actually I was addicted to Jack Frost.
Name: Summer 25th January 2015
I did like it, but it was different then I think it was meant to be.
Name: Jada Bruns 14th February 2015
I love the story
Name: Heather Jamieson 20th February 2015
I very much liked your story. There were minor spelling mistakes though, I believe this was do to your keyboard and you not pressing hard enough. It was amusing and informative.
Name: Jack 15th March 2015
good story
Name: M.c. 22nd March 2015
great story i love folk lore
Name: LotusBlade 6th April 2015
A beautiful version of the Jack Frost origin story; a lovely read! X
Name: Lillian, Age 11 9th April 2015
I think that me and jack frost have a sort of special connection and the story I just read isn't the story that I've heard.
Name: Elsa 21st April 2015
I've have always believed in jack frost because I know that he is the one that brings cold winter snow to the world and happiness so I have a connection with him because I always keep my promises and I learned stuff about this story and I can't tell u how much I love these stories and its fun believing in him so I hope one day he gets to come to my house and teach me about his past and who knows maybe we could get powers as well so dear jack frost I will always believe in u and here I will say I promise
Name: Elsa Age 11 21st April 2015
and as well I forgot to say always believe cuase one day it might come true ohh and Victoria if it wasn't for u victoria i'd still be stressing in a lot of stuff but I'm happy that myths make me feel better and I hope they come true
Name: Lorina 9th May 2015
Én mindig is hittem Jack Frost-ban, és mindig is hinni fogok benne. Főleg amikor meglátom a csillogó havat az utcán, és mikor hatalmas hógolyócsatákat vívunk. :D
Name: Shakyah 14th May 2015
the picture does not look right.
Name: Shakyah 14th May 2015
i need three facts about jack frost for my homework.
Name: Michelle Jorgensen 11th July 2015
Wow! That's the closest anyone's ever come to Jack Frost's history, even though he isn't for real, it was close enough! Good job!
Name: Elsa Frost 23rd July 2015

what an amazing story. I was searching for Jelsa pics when i saw this. It fascinated me.

Thank you for giving this story.

Name: Manaal Hafeez 8th August 2015
I love it.
It was really good
And i love jack frost too
He is soo cute
Name: Kat 12th October 2015
that was kinda sad and amazing at the same time and i wanna say that no one could be that great like you of doing this, it's a great beautiful story about life :) i wish you good luck for your future and for everyone else's.
Name: Maria 11th November 2015
Did you make this story up, or is it actually based on the mythology? Just curious. It really was a great story, though.
Name: Ajay Pathakamuri 30th November 2015
dis papper is very factual im from india
Name: Alex 14th December 2015
Good job! I loved it, but work on the spelling.
Name: RJ 14th December 2015
few mistakes but good!
Name: Nashell 16th December 2015
This story is really good it\'s structured really nice and good I like they way it was written
Name: Beena 9th January 2016
its very imaginary story......i liked it...we all enjoyed this beautiful story.....
Name: Virginia Fox 9th February 2016
This is a very entertaining story for children, I also liked it!
Name: Greesh 10th February 2016
It was a nice story, i liked it
Name: Sumaya 24th February 2016
The Was really good and imaginary
Name: Elle Andrie Carlos 17th March 2016
thats an a nice and cute story :D
Name: Aroura De Vincy 6th April 2016
Its a nice story. nice immagination but there are some spelling and gramatical mistakes in some sentences. i hope that they should get corrected.
Name: Divya 17th May 2016
Ver nice story and a nice imagination
Name: Osuagwu Precious 18th May 2016
I love the story but I wish he hadn\'t died
Name: Jayleen 1st July 2016
I think it is a grand story and it should be told to every one we know and the whole world so they can learn about the legend of JACK FROST
Name: Trisani 4th October 2016
I love Jack Frost and he is very cute. He is very nice.
Name: Aastha 10th October 2016
The story was ok but nothing matters I gotta tell
Name: Clara 15th October 2016
There was a lot of spelling mistakes
Name: Empoy 7th November 2016
A lovely ending
Name: Geneva 22nd November 2016
Amazing story. A little confusing but amazing.
Name: Sonia Velasquez 5th December 2016
I like it not a very good reader had to read it twice to understand it but nice i copy it and shared it with my grandkids
Name: Izzy 11th December 2016
This made no sense, grammatically. Still a good story, though.
Name: Elizabeth 15th December 2016
I like it just dont get it.
Name: Christye 25th December 2016
The story is very imaginative, and holds a good lesson about keeping promises and doing what is write. It has grammatical and spelling issues, but over-all it is a wonderful story.
Name: Grace 21st March 2017
That is a beautiful story. It teaches us the value of kept promises. I LOVE Jack Frost!
Name: Freedom Muse 20th April 2017
idont get what this is did you get this off of a movie
Name: Ziphozenkosi 1st May 2017
What the story but why did Jack Frost dead at the time things was full of happiness and joy
Name: Lyn 5th November 2017
I loved the story it was really good and it teaches you a great lesson


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