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The Monkey on Christmas Eve

Name: Ashley 18th December 2009
great story
Name: Abigail 20th December 2009
thank you ashleh!
Name: GRAMMY 22nd December 2009
Great story! I am so pround of you. Keep up the good work. Love You!
Name: Sharon 22nd December 2009
What a great story Abby.
Name: Grandma 25th December 2009
Way to Go abbey !!!!!! PaPa and I are super proud of you. Keep up the good work!!
Name: MaryAnne Simon 25th December 2009
Abbey, what an awesome job you did telling this story! It is really interesting. Grammy and Grandpa's friend, Mrs. Simon
Name: Paula Hayes-Atlanta 25th December 2009
I just read your story to our entire family and we all loved it! Keep on writing. We hope to go to your book signing one day!
Name: Aunt Hazel & Uncle Andy 26th December 2009
great story. I will read to Henry & Aiden. They will love it.
Name: Aunt Hazel & Uncle Andy 26th December 2009
Very good story. Henry & Aiden enjoyed
the story.

Name: Cleopatra 27th December 2009
nice story keep up the good work ;)
Name: Lauren M. 27th January 2010
Very good, Abigail!
Name: Love 29th January 2010
very nice story please publish more
Name: Daisy 30th January 2010
it was really good and quick abi,
well done for winning!
Name: Rose 31st January 2010
it is a brilant story
Name: Bethany 2nd February 2010
I think this story is astonishing and I hope you publish lots more fun exciting storys.
Name: Georgina Wilson 2nd February 2010
It's ok but your spelling is messed up and some of it don't make sence. so just try a little harder next time and make sure you cheak your spellings.
Name: Barwaqo 2nd February 2010
I think it was great you did really well you deserve to win publish some more.
Name: Kia Matthews 2nd February 2010
It's good but you need to describe it more.
Name: Class 3m 4th February 2010
We think it was really good. You could put in even more description of the house and the zoo. We thought the ending was funny.
Name: Pop Tart 8th February 2011
i love it its great.... its funny and i love the fact that there is a monkey in it because i love monkeys
Name: LAL 8th February 2011
You need to add more
Name: Elle Belle 22nd December 2011
Very creative, Abi. Check how you use the dialogue, though.
Name: Yasmin 29th November 2012
Name: Aishah 2nd December 2012
i hope that monkey don't come to my house
Name: Bob The Girl 6th November 2014
bad monkey
Name: Camon Lairmore 3rd December 2014
that was a very bad monkey. that wasn't very nice to not give the presnts to the zoo. The monkey wasn't very nice to take the girl's presnts either. Poor monkey.Bad monkey too.
Name: Daisy 8th December 2014
Very good story used it for my Christmas homework
Name: Yo Itz Meh XD 14th December 2014
Very good story might use It for my christmas homework for school only 11 days to go!! Can't wait :)


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