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A Knight To Remember

Name: Alice 9th September 2007
Name: Lauren 15th February 2008
hi but you didnt make that up i have a book with that story in it
Name: Rachel 23rd February 2008
hi that story was alright but i have a book on that story to i am not being mean i am just tellin the truth and i dont mean to hurt your feelings
Name: Amber 28th March 2008
ae? what book? i thought of that story myself. you must be lyeing.
Name: Amber 12th April 2008
Thats really horrible of your guys to say something that mean. You are just pretending. You are going to get knowhere in life when you act like that. When people lie or be mean its just because they are jealous, so you must be jealous of me cause im a good writer.


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