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A Saint's Revenge - Edmund of the East Angles

Name: Gemma H 19th November 2006
I do not know any other stories however I am just commenting to say I had really good fun doing this and our finished peice was gr8! thanks so much! luv Gemma from Bury St. Edmunds xxx
Name: Ella 4th December 2007
hi i love these storys they are so fab
Name: Sophie 22nd December 2007
Hi! I don't really like the stories that you do but this one was Fab! It gave me goosebumps all the way through it and I just want to thank-you for doing this great story!

Name: Chelsey+alyssa 7th January 2008
It was exciting and grosem which we liked but it was a bit too long
Name: Jason T 2nd February 2008
Cool, so Cool
Name: Megan 30th April 2008
it is cool.
Name: Janet 12th May 2008
please could you tell me if this is a myth or a legend???

thank you janet xxx
Name: Emma 3rd November 2008

It was really good this myth/legend!!
and it is set in Hoxne and in one of the fields in Hoxne there is a big cross where he died! and you can go over the bridge where he was hiding from the vikings and a couple saw him and told the vikings!!
Byee xx
and I live in Hoxne!!:D
Name: Jaylee And Ethan Clark 22nd November 2008
we enjoyed this story because it was a bit scary but we still loved it!!
Name: Jaylee And Ethan Clarkl 22nd November 2008
it's jaylee and ethan here this story was wicked but also scary we really enjoyed it
because freaky things were put in it!!!
thanks from jaylee and ethan
Name: Kiera 14th December 2008
hiya that was good MYTHS/LEGENDS ia liked the scarey bits and where the st Edmund came back to kill the invder. from kiera
Name: Ellie 27th January 2009
wicked! i liked the ghost!
Name: Snelleksz 29th January 2009
this is a cool story i like the ghost in it and the fighting scene
Name: Thomas 29th January 2009
That stories cooool! i really liked the werewolf.
Name: Lara 31st January 2009
Name: Lara 31st January 2009
i thought it was cool but i did not under stand a bit ok over and out peeps at ripely jounier school
hello miss griffen
Name: Khuram 6th February 2009
I think this myth is Brrriliant
Name: Lucy 18th February 2009
it was very aaaawwwwssssoooommmmeeee
Name: Ryan 24th February 2009
WOW! I didnt know that!
Name: Nikita 14th March 2009
This story is very intressting. I like that king Edmund always protects his country and kills who ever tries to take his country.
Name: Heather 21st March 2009
If he was the true patron saint of England, then why do we have St George?
Name: Caitlan 3rd May 2009
I think it was cool cause you could see him get beheaded.try to make another one and i will be online for that.It was sooo cool
Name: Anita 3rd May 2009
Name: Sarah 9th May 2009
it is a very awesome and superb story
Name: Sarah 9th May 2009
it was really kool!!!!!!!!!
Name: Laurence 26th June 2009
cool very nicely done
Name: Will 26th June 2009
good ,excellent and awesome
Name: Becca 26th June 2009
I like this website it is funky! And really helpful. x
Name: Will 3rd July 2009
greaaattt it was awesome!
Name: Danni 3rd July 2009
his website is really cool :P
Name: Poppy 3rd July 2009
Hello! This webstie is really quite brilliant.Thankyou for making it i love it and spend all my time on it - when i can! :P x
Name: Daisy 3rd July 2009
wow this website is awsome!
it helped me so much through-out.
one again daisy.
Name: Lily 3rd July 2009
this website is SMASHING! AWESOME! ILU X
Name: Rhoda 15th July 2009
i have this website at school so i am lucky
Name: Lucy 14th August 2009
i think that this is such a great website i come on it everyday and that story was realy exellent it realy was and i realy love all of the storys that are on this website
Name: Ellena 27th September 2009
It was the most intresting story in the world
Name: Bethel Francis 26th October 2009
i love this site.
Name: Antony 14th November 2009
The story told from OUR (English) point of view - just as it should be. Wonderful stuff. The graphics are just right while the narrator has a beautiful voice it is a pleasure to listen to. Congratulations.
Name: Danni 15th November 2009
Is this a myth?? Because I thought it was a legend!
Name: Alana 20th November 2009
did u make that coz it is very good in deed
Name: Lewis 1st December 2009
that was very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Jessica 2nd December 2009
WOW that was great i loved it
Name: Maddie 3rd December 2009
That story was ok
Name: SID786 5th January 2010
excellent. no.1 story
Name: JDE 7th January 2010
This story was freaky but I still enjoyed it!! I hope other people enjoy it to.
Name: Ria 17th January 2010
ahh freaky i dread going to church now lol
Name: Erik 26th January 2010
it was ok
Name: Alastair 25th February 2010
i love this story!
Name: Raihan 5th March 2010
This is a fabulous story. I really enjoyed it.
Name: William Loftus 16th March 2010
Name: Una Dorman 19th May 2010
i made up a story like that
Name: Alex 24th May 2010
love this story best ever :)
Name: Anisha 20th June 2010
luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv this storie !!!!! its sooo cool
Name: Aaron 23rd August 2010
What a fantastic story! I live 10 minutes away from Burt St.Edmunds..and now I know where it get's it name from!
Name: Esther 19th September 2010
Name: Eliza 24th September 2010
its ok but there bettar wunz
Name: Melissa 12th October 2010
I loved it but the stroy almost continued after 100 years as if the new Viking King was the one who defeated St. Edmund.

I love it anyway. Good JOB!
Name: Lily 22nd October 2010
that was the briliant story i have ever herd befor.
Name: Elin 22nd October 2010
to be honest i didnt like it because i am not into things like that if i was into things like that stori i would say that i like it but no i didnt like it sorry.
Name: Perry :D 25th October 2010
gross!!! lol
Name: Chloe 10th November 2010
well done
Name: Lamiya 1st December 2010
Name: Charlie 5th January 2011
your that sick lol :D
Name: Sarah 12th January 2011
i loved the way king edmund took his revenge well done.
Name: Kiera 5th February 2011
I think that was very well read and intresting that was the best story I ever herd
Name: ABSTER 10th February 2011
go Edmund!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Amelia 5th March 2011
i cant find a myth or a lenged that is simeler to robin hood, is this story simeler???????
Thankyou for your time,
love amelia
Name: Emma 6th March 2011
I did not like it i loved it
Name: Francesca Lyon 17th April 2011
i didn't like it i LOVED IT

i'm with emma
Name: Kehinde 29th April 2011
myth and legends it\'s its fun
Name: Riham 13th May 2011
It was realy nice but I enterd my story it is called THE CURIUS BABY and it said it may take 5 or 1 day but mine took more than 5 days and it is still is not up yet!!!!
Name: David 22nd May 2011
i love this!!! so good
Name: Jaqueline 20th June 2011
i like this story because it is so good and entertaining
Name: Harshita 12th September 2011
This is such a good story. It made me sad
Name: Barry 16th September 2011
great story!
Name: Hamza 25th September 2011
this story seems very true i dont know why its a myth
Name: Erika Correia 27th September 2011
i love romans it is so cool you shod be
happy about romans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Corderious Jessie 30th September 2011
yall cool so i dont know why most myths die they should live on long iive the myths.
Name: Kiara 17th November 2011
Name: Prettyprenssa 27th December 2011
Ummm.... Where did you get this COOL AWSOME ROCKIN' story?
Name: Nicola 7th January 2012
do some of you know that this story was a legend? couse i do
Name: Taylor 25th January 2012
its amazing
Name: Christy McCallan And Michael Buckley 2nd February 2012
A very intreeging story, with good animation on the pictures!
Name: Abbie 23rd February 2012
a great story i would rate it 5/5 evry one read it
(i only read the easy read)
Name: Emma 20th March 2012
This is mighty intersting.Fancy that a king comeing to life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: You Funny 22nd March 2012
kinda scary but steal thats how people where back in that day
Name: Bethany 21st April 2012
discusting but funny at the same time!
Name: Emily 24th June 2012
it's scary and sad
Name: Amy 7th September 2012
it was..........ok
Name: John 20th September 2012
it waz really cool
Name: John 23rd September 2012
I really enjoyed the story
Name: Elli Barrott 27th September 2012
i like this story, one of my favourites
Name: Kenzzi 28th September 2012
i like this story because i go st edmunds school
Name: Juan 12th October 2012
Name: Andreea 16th October 2012
I am learning about the anglo-saxons!!!
Name: Gabrielle 31st October 2012
I like the story because his head got chopped off hahahaha
Name: Bob 26th November 2012
thank you this helped
Name: Juan 26th November 2012
this is a good sstory
Name: Xhoi 12th January 2013
very good legends but they are to short
Name: Ammarah 20th February 2013
I like it.
Name: Pat Kirby 4th April 2013
The map show the location of Bury near Manchester NOT Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
Name: Jim 9th April 2013
Name: Eleesha 23rd May 2013
I live in East Anglia love it LOL LOLLOLOLOLOLOL
Name: Chelsea 28th October 2013
urr gruesome
Name: Bushra 27th January 2014
Name: Eve 20th February 2014
super cool
Name: Ibtisam 27th February 2014
this isn't my religion sorry
Name: Elise 28th February 2014
Name: Chelsea 3rd March 2014
urr gruesome but i love it i rate 10/10
Name: Jj 30th April 2014
well done edmund, now i know where edmund from narnia comes from! Great story!!!!!!!!!
Name: Mohammad 20th September 2014
Name: Yo 25th September 2014
It was a great story
Name: Yuz 25th September 2014
It was OK but not brill
Name: Joe 25th September 2014
Name: Felix 25th September 2014
Epic story, it is so inspiring :-) !!!

Name: Afterwards 25th September 2014
The story had a great opener it was epic
Name: Joe 25th September 2014
Name: Celyssa 6th October 2014
i just love your stories
Name: Merliah 14th October 2014
i reallylove this site it isfun to read whenim boredplease keep up ending myths and legendsbut horror or scary ones
Name: Jamie 9th January 2015
Name: Gabriela 28th January 2015
gr8 story but very grussum when he died very good but not believable loved it but inappropriate for his death.
Name: Fleckinattor 11th May 2015
0yh its grussum isnt it
Name: Lucy And Tessa 23rd September 2015
It was good and freaky. we would give it a six out of ten.
Name: Zeb 19th October 2015
This was a really great story I really liked it
Name: Layla 15th November 2015
my school is st edmunds primary so I wanted to find out about st edmund! 7/10
Name: JaguarHL 5th January 2016
It was cool but a little scary when they cut his head off, I never knew he had such a gruesome death!
Name: Emma 28th January 2016

that was a awesome story!!!!
Name: Ciaran 8th March 2016
wow that was intresting
Name: Tessia 16th April 2016
wow this is aswamne
Name: Sophie 17th April 2016
Good job my dad is not king edmund.
Name: Lkjh 27th April 2016
very intresting
Name: Lexi 11th June 2016
Name: Leo 29th September 2016
I\'m using this story for my homework ;]
Name: Louise 1st October 2016
Very detailed and educational really was what I was looking for as help to some home work :)
Name: Keiona 30th January 2017
good and a sad book.
Name: Olivia :)) 30th January 2017
I loved it, it was a great book! but sad.
Name: Anyin 5th February 2017
its fun
Name: Charlie 3rd May 2017
Name: Chloe 23rd May 2017
It was a amazing story but sad
Name: Stefanie 11th January 2018
I really liked these stories
There are myths and legends.

Name: Daniel Cork 20th January 2018
Good and helpful, it helped me on my history homework, can you add in the story of st Edward and John the Baptist?
Name: Nic P 17th February 2018
What is the full story? does anyone know?


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