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The Legend of Makahiya

i like it so much10th March 2018
very beautiful27th February 2018
very short but I appreciate it
23rd February 2018
i like it 14th December 2017
wow2nd November 2017
maybe add a little bit more detail in the end, but very well written.25th October 2017
I realy like it.18th October 2017
i like it but it needs more effort
21st September 2017
Its Great29th August 2017
It is very nice.27th August 2017
What is the summary of that?21st August 2017
Wow, nice21st August 2017
Thanks for this website. It helped me a lot.
6th August 2017
thanks you
4th August 2017
ang ganda naman po ng story na tosigurado matutuwa ang yeacher ko.
1st August 2017
love it!gomawo~24th July 2017
thank you so much!! cause this was what i needed for my school project.... but can i ask a favor? beacause i need to save your website is it able to send it? thank you so much again!!!13th July 2017
Ganda at sobrang short
9th July 2017
sana nga mahanap na yong pumatay sa kanya
6th July 2017
ay sana ma huli na yung pu matay30th June 2017
ilove story
28th June 2017
ang ganda ng story24th June 2017
i love story

22nd June 2017
like this story22nd June 2017
Love it19th June 2017
thats beautiful17th June 2017
ang ganda neto super
17th June 2017
i like the story8th June 2017
I love this legend.18th April 2017
Its a good story but please publish more stories if you can everyday if done tell me8th March 2017
Amazing legend
Lol omg it's tots amazing
6th March 2017
this was legend was amazing
20th February 2017
This story is amazing.13th February 2017
this story is very good but maybe
can be a bit long
18th January 2017
It's amazing ,this story is so awesome18th January 2017
i loved the story
and i love legends
13th January 2017
This story was toughing12th January 2017
what a nice story i liked it

9th January 2017
So nice story!4th January 2017
What a wonderful story :) 12th December 2016
What a nice story I loved all the tension in it
7th December 2016


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