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The Legend of Makahiya

Name: Anna Carmela 10th September 2007
why it the story is too short the parents dont even know their daughter is?
Name: Liz 16th September 2007
I thought this was a really good tale - and could you say it's a myth that explains the creation of a plant? Keep writing!
Name: Mahrife Panopio 2nd October 2007
.,'dis was a great story.,
i'm really impressed 'bout dis..
it was great...
nice job to dis author..!!
Name: Amber 18th October 2007
hey everyone plz cheak owt ma storys and give them a comment and i will answer back. ma most popular story is Mermaids Are Real then Either A Knight Too Remember or Amber,A Real magical Story
Name: Blesh... 5th December 2007
really love the story. . .it has the complete details and characters and settings...
Name: Lance Angelo 23rd December 2007
maybe you just don't understand the story that's why you're saying that. .actually this is a great story. .hope you write more. .
Name: MARIA PRECY Y. TUAZON 6th January 2008
your story was great and beautiful,and i learn more beautiful things about that story.
Name: Daniel 20th January 2008
why your author in legend if makahiya dont have a biography?
Name: CATHRYN 18th July 2008
why the author of legend of makahiya doesn't have any biography..................can u give it now pls.......................
Name: Iris Del Rosario 30th July 2008
very it....
know? i like diz sooo much,,
thnx for thiz..:D
Name: Jhenny 23rd October 2008
the story is very presentable.. ,its amazing.. ,the author off the story is very creative, you know how to intertain your readers.. ,hope you make more storys.. ,

Name: Gilbert.. 16th November 2008
who is the author of this story can you pls give it to me i need it for my synthesis paper.
Name: KRONG KRONG 20th November 2008
Name: Claire 22nd November 2008
I almost memorize this story!!!!!!!!!
its so amazing!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Camille 16th January 2009
i need the author too!!! where can i find it?
Name: PM WESLEY 5th February 2009
where is the author of this story?. . .
Name: Black Eagle 27th February 2009
wow!!!so awesome!!!!
Name: Mishenela 3rd March 2009
Who is the author of this?
i need the author!!!!!
Name: Jane 5th March 2009
!!!that's good
Name: Daniellee 28th April 2009
its great i used this legend in my world lit. project.. thanks a lot
Name: Andrey 7th July 2009
that`s ok
Name: Evangeline 17th August 2009
the story is beautiful
Name: Vincent 14th October 2009
hi it is very beautiful
Name: Ritz 16th October 2009
Zinnia'even though I'm still 07 years old I love your story and I hope you have more than three stories!!!
Name: Zinnia Marniel 17th October 2009
heii guys, this is Zinnia again. I wrote another story. I published it just now. It is entitled "The Legend of the Banana (Her Heart)". Hope you read it and post comments and rate it if you want to.

Thanks guys.
Name: MARC IVAN 3rd December 2009
Hi!"GUYS" this story its so nice to read so read now you will enjoy read!

Name: Zinnia Marniel 24th January 2010
hi MARC IVAN... thanks for complementing my work... i really appreciated it a lot... :D hope you tell your friends about my article... thanks...
(edited - sorry we cannot pass emails via the site for e-safety reasons)

thanks y'all..

Name: Jackielyn 12th February 2010
verry good summary!
Name: Zinnia Marniel 24th April 2010
thanks to those who love my story... and to those who do not... expect that ill be improving my summary and details.... :)
Name: Jonelyn Aurit 25th June 2010
i really appreciated your effort of submmiting summaries for legends and myth, you helped me a lot. thank you>>>
Name: Pauo 3rd July 2010
Name: Ericson 29th July 2010
he was great story yeah
Name: Nika 3rd August 2010
why did maria became a "makahiya"??

Name: April Joy 31st August 2010
put more enjoyable stories in your site.. tnx!
Name: Lorrie Mae 14th September 2010
will,it's has a great story.
Name: Jessa 9th October 2010
I like the story
Name: Breathy 23rd October 2010
this story is amazing and i like it!!!!!
Name: Jacqueline Adores 4th November 2010
who is the author of the story i need it
Name: Nina 16th November 2010
i love this site :) so creative and all (: it was actually my first time to give vote and comment to any sites. i really really love it :)
Name: Emzss 2nd January 2011
i lyk dis story :)
Name: Zinnia Marniel Bendayon 4th January 2011
thank you for your compliments everyone... i'm zinnia, the author, 17 years of age. i made this work when i was 15. i was born on april 21, 1993. i'm a high school graduate of Central Philippine University and planning to take political science..((: hope my little bio help you...
Name: Yuri Rose 26th April 2011
cute story. . :)
Name: Instantroses 17th May 2011
I love the story of the Makahiya. Just a little edit you should make though- Makahiya means 'Quite shy.' Maka- quite or tendency to be; and hiya- shy or shyness. The title touch-me-not is only a variation.
Name: Cyrus 30th June 2011
good story da-best story talaga
Name: Yllaleen Bacsa 12th July 2011
i really like this story
my mama used to tell me this story when I'm at 6-9
again i really like this story very much
Name: Alyssa Ira 28th July 2011
what is the interpretative, application, creative level of this story?
Name: Crismary Awil 10th August 2011
Considered as 1 of the short stories that's why it has something complexional the way WHY God turned Maria to MAKAHIYA leaving her parents in danger.
Name: Leor 8th September 2011
Name: Camille Roperez 15th October 2011
I love legends
Name: Rex Roy 17th June 2012
Name: Cyril Cancel 2nd August 2012
Name: Jenine 16th September 2012
wow its amazing
Name: Jobelle 4th October 2012
its so very fantastic story.......
Name: Juneda Jean 5th October 2012
i like this story
Name: Jeremy 17th October 2012
That's actualy my last name.
Name: Mytz 18th October 2012
thank u because i can make my project once again thank u
Name: Faith Joy 11th November 2012
it is a beautiful story
Name: Ashly Botigan 2nd January 2013
it was a short story but it was so nice every one should read this you will be surprised on this story.the one who made this very awsome
Name: Rey Montecillo 9th January 2013
that was so very nice story,,,
Name: RHEY YABUT 18th January 2013
Name: Tia 16th February 2013
it is soooooooooo cooooool!!! :)
Name: Mitch Ann A. Recibido 23rd February 2013
its super cooooooooooooooolllllllllll
Name: Caryl 12th March 2013
you will really learned in this story and you will learned a lot
Name: Bobby 21st March 2013
cool storie
Name: Cheekai 26th March 2013
..yeah amazing!!!!!!!!
Name: Noah 8th April 2013
It could have more
Name: Zinnia Marniel 20th April 2013
thank u for appreciating my story. for inquiries of other of my stories, you may add me up on facebook. the name is Ainn Bendayon.

and for my Filipino friends, pls do watch out for my new single. see u.

more powers to E2bn. loves....
Name: James 8th May 2013
nice story
Name: Karema 5th June 2013
Name: Jovelyn Samar 16th June 2013
nice story. :))) very educational story ^_^
Name: Sherlyn Anne 23rd June 2013
nice one
Name: Joy 27th June 2013
wow! amazing
Name: Rustinralph 1st July 2013
Very nice story
Name: Denver 3rd July 2013
Nice website.
Name: Dannamarie 6th July 2013
so amazing!!!!
Name: Genevieve Gabriel 13th July 2013
so........ amazing fabulous
Name: Clarissa S. Comendador 18th July 2013
the story are beautiful, bec they have a moral lesson....
Name: Tricia Ongsee :) 20th July 2013
so amazing :))
Name: Ryan 22nd July 2013
the shortest story that i ever seen
Name: Rose Quizana 27th July 2013
awsome!! khit ndi
Name: Angelika Burnea 29th July 2013
Name: Ryan 31st July 2013
this is cool story
Name: Mary Jaimel Corpuz 31st July 2013
so nice!!!
thumb up!
Name: Jerome Bermundo 1st August 2013
Beautiful Story :))
Name: 2nd August 2013
Name: Jannah Sequina 2nd August 2013
the story was awsome I learn that shyness is not impossible
Name: Lyn 4th August 2013
Name: Tricia Ann A. Yucson 7th August 2013
verry interesting
Name: Jmjade Pahiyon 7th August 2013
so nice:))
Name: Joji Aunso 7th August 2013
Name: Chellie 9th August 2013
It was great. :)
Name: Moni Ca 10th August 2013
Wonderful! thank you so much
Ms. Zinnia Marniel Bendayon

Name: Jean Sabejon 11th August 2013
i love the story of the legend of the makahiya
if you this story you like it very much
Name: MR.YOU 12th August 2013
i like it vvveeerrryyy nniiccee thank you
Name: Dark Knigth 18th August 2013
i like ittttttttttttt very much
Name: James Prado 19th August 2013
your story its nice
Name: Zinnia Marniel Bendyon 22nd August 2013
Hi guys! It's me again. To contact and to know more about me, please follow me on facebook; the name is Ainn Bendayon.

Thank you to all of you. (:
Name: Ann 23rd August 2013
i like the story
Name: Carolinetabornal 27th August 2013
like it,, so much!
Name: Sophia Mae Alfaro 29th August 2013
i like this legend
Name: CRis Ann Consolado 4th September 2013
, oMG . .8's reali amazinq :)
Name: Ejiegigato 7th September 2013
very beautiful legends thank you for your support
Name: Mark Jay 8th September 2013
it so nice.......
Name: Kimbherly 16th September 2013
nice legend story i want that one
Name: Louwel Jay 17th September 2013
wow amazing story
Name: Gel Panambo 18 17th September 2013
nice story!!!!
Name: Lyka 22nd September 2013
Name: Cheryl Ching-Shing Escobar 26th September 2013
Ijust remembered my younger years when i first read this story.The story of MAKAHIYA reflects my personality because when i was a kid i am very much MAHIYAIN. I wont forget this coz i relate much wd this.
Name: Gayle 29th September 2013
niCe ... lhub it
feeling free and happy .. :D
Name: Shiki 30th September 2013
very lovely
Name: Shena 30th September 2013
its a nice story and wonderful
Name: Angelo 30th September 2013
what a sad story
Name: Lynlyn Santos 5th October 2013
sad story nmen
Name: Dark Kid 6th October 2013
Omg thats so sad
Name: Cydill 7th October 2013
makahiya is a nice very stories.but i couldnt i see a summary
Name: Ashinay Chamiu Jho 13th October 2013
amazing legend story
Name: Ariann Almenrala 17th October 2013
Easy to memorize. Helped a lot ! :)
Name: Lizviminda 26th October 2013
nice legend.. ican memorize easily
Name: Omarespelembirgo 3rd November 2013
yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my project will be beutiful
Name: Ma. Victoria Kyle 5th November 2013
it is so amazing !!!!
Name: Gerly 17th November 2013
thank you it so helpful to me..
Name: Dhanakshi Bansal 17th November 2013
Wow! I completed my work beautifully.

By the help of you and by the way Thanks very much.
Name: Quisha Abrea 21st November 2013
I need that legend story b'coZ i we need to make a story from our project.... PLS GIVE SOME MORAL LESSONS!!!!
Name: Laika 24th November 2013
amazing :)
Name: Sam-adri 30th November 2013
this is really awesome...
kc gagawa din kami ng sariling legend... like i'm planning about the "origin of christmas tree...
Name: Alonica 1st December 2013
Amazing. Kaylangan yung MORAL LESSON Gawa Sa Project Namen. :))
Name: Ash 2nd December 2013
Thank you so much for Telling the story it helped me a lot Thanks again :)
Name: Kathleen Galiza Aguirre 6th December 2013
thank you so much now i know what is the legend of makahiya ..... thank again ..... god bless u.... ;)

Name: Jayren 12th December 2013
yes may project na ko..............:)
Name: Blessie 9th January 2014
yehey! may project na din ako :D
Name: Trisha 14th January 2014
yess i have a project
Name: Angela Joy 14th January 2014
wow!great story so this is what i'm looking at :)
Name: Marian 14th January 2014
ah....... now i know what s the legend of makahiya
Name: Jeckle Hersabelino 22nd January 2014
wow very good legend it gives more lessons :)
Name: Vira Angelica 22nd January 2014
wow, that is so beautiful story for the legend stories
Name: KAREN...... 22nd January 2014
Name: Lisurr 27th January 2014
sooooo short
Name: Rolando Esbra 5th February 2014
wow ganda ang liit ang kwento
Name: Julia 10th February 2014
so short but nnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicccccccccccccccceeeeeeeeeeeee
Name: Rose 19th February 2014
its so nice but its too short
Name: Kathy 24th February 2014
to short to tell what happens at the end.Thanks for helping me with my homework
Name: Mark Arcamo 5th March 2014
the story was very significant
Name: Angel 9th March 2014
Name: RAZINA MARIELL 10th March 2014
AHMP.the story was so short so i lyk it...

Name: Djonard M. Arias 11th March 2014
Im tired but thank you for helping me on my project
Name: Rickson Jade 12th March 2014
Thank you....
Name: Maray 12th March 2014
it was nice but too short. Add more information.
Name: Tamara 12th March 2014
it was nice but too short. add more info.
Name: Anna Kourni Kova 14th April 2014
saya lagi butuh cerita ini... makasih ya...
Name: Martin 19th April 2014
it was nice bt i want to know were maria went
Name: Princess Hearth Lorraine 23rd June 2014
it nice but it so short please add a more information about the legend of makahiya...
Name: Mark Lloyd 24th June 2014
it's a beutiful story
Name: Adarsh Negi 26th June 2014
Name: Bryan Batu 28th June 2014
Matuto ka rito!!!
Name: Dexter 7th July 2014
wonderful short legend story
Name: Jl 8th July 2014
good story
Name: Christine Patenio 8th July 2014
the story is nice and entertainment
Name: June Anne Rosal 11th July 2014
short story but nice!!
Name: Shajid 12th July 2014
what a good story!! i love the story
Name: Nigerol Ollibac 20th July 2014
Name: Alfonso Ubal 21st July 2014
grabe ang ganda ng kwento ito salamat merong ganitong storya kaya may project ako thank you
Name: Keauxmaux 29th July 2014
Its nice. Even if it is too short it is very meaningful.
Name: Judy Ann 6th August 2014
maganda ang inyong kwento

Name: John Michael 8th August 2014
it's a beautiful story
Name: Ann Gedra 9th August 2014
Name: Jamesa 10th August 2014
Sa wakas meron na kong project. Maraming salamat po
Name: Jared 10th August 2014
nice...but why the stories are didn't completed????
Name: Dave Pedrera 11th August 2014
Because of this short story i have points to my english "thank you"
Name: John Matteau D. Caronan 12th August 2014
Thank you dahil may project na me

Name: Roxan 22nd August 2014
Oh,thanks,it helps in my projects!!!!

Name: Joannlou Carpio 24th August 2014
Thank you for this short story because it hepled to me act may Project

Name: Herley 24th August 2014
Oh! Salamat. Meron na akong mga project sa english tungkol sa mga alamat. Tinulungan mo ako. Hahaha salamat.
Name: Denzel Ramos 25th August 2014
Thanks a lot! Finally something to show my teacher
Name: Haydee Padilla Nacion 4th September 2014
thanks xa the legend of makahiya... ds s an examples of phil. legend.. s0,we sh0uld be very pr0ud... ;-)
Name: Rands 4th September 2014
Thank you so much. It helped me a lot in my report in English it is so short and easy to memorize thanks alot... :-)
Name: Cindy Pescuela 5th September 2014
hay! salamat nakakita na din ako ng project sa english thank you teachers.
Name: Juri Park 7th September 2014
Nice Story i like it.. it kinda make me realize that philippines are better in legends.. :)
Name: Danoline Charlize Joggom 8th September 2014
Thanx it helped me in my English Task,although its a bit short...#Wink
Name: Lodema D. Doroteo 18th September 2014
thanks a lot it helps my introduction to literature requirement! but i realized it helps us to recall our history.

Name: ChloeAnne03 22nd September 2014
Nice story Zinnia Marniel Bendayon, I loved your legend and right timing because i'm finding a very short legend about makahiya for our project... :D
Name: Ma. Juna Condes 1st October 2014
Thank you for this !!!...^_^
Name: Mariecar 2nd October 2014
Its more fun
Name: 4th October 2014
verry nice !!!
Name: Totoy Maamos 7th October 2014
ang ganda ng story
Name: Totoy Maamos 7th October 2014
story is great!
Name: I Am Handsome 9th October 2014
why did you not add the where did the story (something like that)
Name: Joshua Matthew 12th October 2014
I like it...
but what is the moral lesson of the story?
Name: Junie 14th October 2014
Name: Antonette 14th October 2014
the story is very nice and interesting. :)
Name: Felmar 20th October 2014
da best story
Name: Kang Min Jun 21st October 2014
I think its different legend of makahiya from the legend of makahiya that I know with that you gave us
Name: Kaydee Chu 26th October 2014
It's a cool story! Fit for my book report XD :D
Name: Kylene 2nd November 2014
i like it , is cool for my legends stories .. xD !!
Name: Razor 4th November 2014
I copied this in my book report and I got low score because of the characters :(
Name: Mozhdeh 6th November 2014
it is great
Name: Erica Mae 21st November 2014
I like this story
Name: Rj Stephen Jesus 28th November 2014
Name: Katie 10th December 2014
It was alright
Name: Dj Sejo 15th December 2014
legendary awesome
Name: Anonymous 29th December 2014
great job
Name: Ulivia 6th January 2015
we have a project and i search in google and i found this one and i am very happy because it is very short ,and i am searching short one because i hate writing.

pls.keep the good work and put more stories like short stories engkantada etc.
Name: Blah Blah Blah 9th January 2015
that legend is so s* great
Name: Marcjohn 22nd January 2015
like it.......
Name: Rian Nicole 25th January 2015
it is good
Name: Chetoy 3rd February 2015
its so nice......i love the this legend
Name: Alyssa 3rd February 2015
wow!it was so very nice!
Name: Wend 19th February 2015
its very very nice
Name: Anna 20th February 2015
Name: REYMALYNE 23rd February 2015
nice!!!its beautiful
Name: Trixie 25th February 2015
very heplful
Name: Ramos Cd 20th March 2015
nice story
Name: Claire Wapp 20th March 2015
nice story and love it
Name: Onom Dang 14th April 2015
Nice story
Name: Minahir 18th April 2015
i liked it but i wish it had more action in it
Name: Eena 3rd June 2015
i liked it but i wish it cud be a bit longer
Name: Kiana Icyl 4th June 2015
i like it... but its short hehehehe but honestly it was amazing story. keep it up ^_^ your a good writer...
Name: Kim James Oliver V. Abrazado 9th June 2015
This story is great!!!!!
Name: Danicabiboso 10th June 2015
i like it so much its great .but never mine......
Name: Regie 14th June 2015
i like it..............
Name: Sherwin Legara 21st June 2015
this is the best stories
Name: Russel Joy Ranido 22nd June 2015
i luv this story
Name: Reignson 27th June 2015
i8ty so beautiful storie
Name: Linsie Laguna 30th June 2015
i like this story
Name: NIKKO YO-ECO 30th June 2015
Name: Cyril Dejoya 30th June 2015
i love the story of the makahiya
Name: Wenty 1st July 2015
this is my favorite story
Name: Ashley 7th July 2015
ang ganda nman ng kwento ng alamat ng MAKAHIYA.......BEAUTIFUL.......
Name: Enzo Ratana 8th July 2015
like it so much
Name: Juvia 9th July 2015
i Like It
Name: Park Jin Soo 13th July 2015
this story is so beautiful.............????????????

Name: Jerald 13th July 2015
Love it
Name: Nathaniel C Malasarte 16th July 2015
ang ganda
Name: Jerald Ginn Eyana Ortiz 19th July 2015
Nagandahan talaga ako sa kwento, :) :D
Name: Cherie Mae 20th July 2015
beautiful story
Name: Michaella 23rd July 2015
ganda ng kwento kaka inspire....:)(:
Name: Jimboy Layba 23rd July 2015
Name: Rosemarie 23rd July 2015
Nice Story...I relate coz im a shy girl..
Name: France 27th July 2015
this was the best story ever
Name: Jared 27th July 2015
Kawawa naman si Maria,nawala siya.
Name: Amanie Sarip 27th July 2015
I like this story i already finish reading this but i like reading it again and again.
Name: Jeriho 30th July 2015
What is the theme of this story
Name: Jeriho 30th July 2015
What is the theme of this story
Name: Jericho 30th July 2015
This is the best storybut its too short for me
Name: Fury Of Furret 31st July 2015
I liek dis story so far...shprt but cool
Name: Juvy 2nd August 2015
i like this story
Name: Kesiah Lyn Perez 3rd August 2015
. !t s0 very beautiful story...
Name: Carmina 5th August 2015
the best story
Name: Sharon 07 24 6th August 2015
The story i red is very beautiful
Name: Nishren 9th August 2015
nice story...:)
Name: Janadrian Pogi 9th August 2015
This story is beautiful!!!..
Name: Mark Antipuesto 9th August 2015
thank you...
it helps me with my project
Name: Lyca Tormes 12th August 2015
Thank you for this legend. I'm inspiring to read this.
Name: Paolo Raphael Tan 13th August 2015
Thank you, it helped my project
Name: Mark Tolentino 16th August 2015
Thanks a lot it helped me make my legend and storyboard
Name: Genesis Rivera 16th August 2015
it helps me and it inspire me because i am a filipino!!!
Name: Rufa 17th August 2015
your page layout is super cute..
Name: Charis Andrelie P. Joel 26th August 2015
thank you for this legend story this can help for our work thank you very much.
Name: John 27th August 2015
these legend can help some one
Name: Aira 29th August 2015
Hello I have a project I want this story but we don't have a question I need a 5 question what we do now pls give me a 5 question from this story with their Answers
Name: Angelika 30th August 2015
Nice Story
Name: Christine 4th September 2015
Nice ok na ok kayang kayang memoryahin
Name: Jenna Garcia 6th September 2015
Nice story.
Name: Kenphilip P. Ramos 7th September 2015
super beautiful story
Name: Alexa 9th September 2015
Really nice story ! I like that u based it on Philippines
Name: Marcus 14th September 2015
the couple was very frightened to lose their dauther so, they -HID- Maria in the bushes so the Spaniards couldn't find her.
Name: Louise 23rd September 2015
it's good I like it :D
Name: Ansel James 28th September 2015
this is verry helpfull :]
Name: Kyle 1st October 2015
this is very helpfull!!!!!!!!!
Name: Dale 1st October 2015
this is very helpful
Name: Thea 11th October 2015
it very very helpful to my project
Name: ERVIN 15th October 2015
this is very helpful
Name: Kristanna Maria P. Alcantara 16th October 2015
It help me for my story that i wanna make.
Name: Kristen 16th October 2015
This is very helpful to my project in english
Name: Mandy 19th October 2015
This can help me with my D.E.A.R. performance task in reading...
Name: 123 19th October 2015
It is helpul and easy to understand
Name: Hi 31st October 2015
Very good
Name: Tooooot 3rd November 2015
wheeeewww. thanks. its a great help.. XD godspeed
Name: Hannah 4th November 2015
this stories help me make my reading project.
Name: Hannah 4th November 2015
this stories help me make my reading project.
Name: Johnrel 4th November 2015
what is point of view of the story?
Name: RyOr 4th November 2015
I very like your story . Keep Up the good work !
Name: Justin Mendoza 5th November 2015
it its helfull
Name: Joshua 9th November 2015
Nice very nice story
Name: Mary 10th November 2015

Name: Nicole Ignacio 11th November 2015
it's fun to read
Name: Jhon Mcheal Sumabal 12th November 2015
hahahahah is so very nice story like dream story!!!!!!!

Name: Tjay1234321 12th November 2015
i love this bird
Name: Chestine 15th November 2015
thank you it helps my project
Name: Joel Nijimbere 19th November 2015
continue giving us samples cause they are so interesting and amazing
Name: SHANE T. PACAYRA 21st November 2015 is a nice story..
Name: Jien Llido 26th November 2015
Such a nice story, it helps me with my report.
Name: Egide Niyonsaba 30th November 2015
The legend is very nice and interesting for today's generation!We insist asking you to reproduce so many as possible because it has a great value in education system!
Name: Gailer 2nd December 2015
Such a beautiful story
Name: Gwyneth A. Magluyan 12th December 2015
This story is so wonderful...I'm so proud of Zinnia Marniel Bendayon..
Name: Chefane Cacay 14th December 2015
I like it. The story is very nice. However, I felt very sad because Maria became a Makahiya Plant. For me, I am going to cry when I found out that my baby will become like that. Well, anyway, I am very interesting for more stories. Please publish more.
Name: Karl Martin Acosin 4th January 2016
where is the moral lesson???

Name: Jean Ligan 16th January 2016
wow !!!So glamorous and amazing story ..Its so interesting because you can feel whats the essence of the story.,but sad to say that their child became the makahiya.However,parents make their child be safe....
Name: Tegan Martin 19th January 2016
more legends please!
Name: Kingsley 3rd February 2016
this is amazing dude....
Name: Trisha 4th February 2016
Ang ganda
Name: Mary Claire 6th February 2016
more legends please!!!
Name: Richmond Sanchez 6th February 2016
it is effective to all learners who wanted to be love legend and to create new story about legend which is for educational purposes
Name: Kaila :) 7th February 2016
Its great :)
Name: Miguel 8th February 2016
I Love it
Name: Harold 15th February 2016
this is true to life story or not?
Name: Pierre Mirko Barion 28th February 2016
I think it was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Veilton Morgia 29th February 2016
a very short story but the complete thought was there...
Name: Leila 29th February 2016
Name: Irene 3rd March 2016
Can i kindly get the community from which the makahiya legend is from,the reletionship of the writer & story,and then a few lessons learnt from it
Name: Jean Rose 5th March 2016
wew.. amazing legend ha.. isn't it right?

Name: Jasha Khime Anne 7th March 2016
i injoy it so much
Name: Rose Lodu 8th March 2016
Name: Karl Janzsent 12th March 2016
Legendary story
Name: Chengen 15th March 2016
Good story
Name: RIJEN ROSALES 19th March 2016
Name: Cheese 7th April 2016
Name: Erick 15th April 2016
Nice wan
Name: Anonymous 19th April 2016
I don't really get the lesson that was supposed to be there. ?????? :)
Name: Clydeventura 16th June 2016
Name: Zion 19th June 2016
Lovely legend
Name: Pauline 27th June 2016
wow amazing
Name: Ricardo Jose Gagno 30th June 2016
Wow Its So NIce...:O I can't believe its...Wohhhhh
Name: Djcastroace 30th June 2016
Name: TRisha 6th July 2016
wow amazing!!!
I love it
Name: B.S.T.k.d 6th July 2016
it is very helpful FOR my project
Name: Lito Sibulan 7th July 2016
i love the story that you written,
Name: Anna 10th July 2016
i love it this story helps my report tommorow
Name: DeArBeAr 11th July 2016
i use it for my project it's good
Name: Dave John G. Matina 12th July 2016
this is really great *rated 5 stars*
Name: Lee Anne 12th July 2016
I love this story because this story was help me to do my project because we need to memorize about the legend but i choose this story...then i love this short story and thanks for I memorize this legend of makahiya
Name: Juniel Cordova 14th July 2016
Name: Harold Kervie Liasan Isip 15th July 2016
i like legends and myths
Name: Dhilah 17th July 2016
in my country, that plant was called "putri malu" in english is a shy princess.
Name: Ernie Dapadap 17th July 2016
Wow...i like it.....
Name: Christian 18th July 2016
is is very good story.....
Name: Michelle Rabino 19th July 2016
that a nice story
Name: Ray Niel Franco Cabral 19th July 2016
The story of makahiya is beautiful
Name: Mica Gorial 20th July 2016
Name: Michaela Zaragoza 23rd July 2016
where is rhe myth
Name: Eunice Balando 24th July 2016
very short but very beautiful legend of makahiya
Name: Aqualavaextreme 28th July 2016
it is really nice and exciting!
Name: Makmak 2nd August 2016
Name: Rowelanopal 3rd August 2016
Is this story real happen
Name: Raifa Haziqa 8th August 2016
The legend is exciting
Name: Angela 10th August 2016
It is a nice legend
Name: Rajesh 13th August 2016
this is the best legendary story
Name: Ymil 20th August 2016
Where is the source of the story?
Name: Aaron 30th August 2016
Name: Skusta Clee 1st September 2016
This is the Story have Good moral stories....^^
Name: Emmanuel 5th September 2016
what is the tittle of the story
Name: Maria Kyla Burdeos 5th September 2016
this is nice legendary
Name: Emma 6th September 2016
That was a really good story. I really enjoyed it.
Name: Keno Ivan 18th September 2016
nice one

Name: Cheska 28th September 2016
the story was very good!!!
Name: Christian Jake Rabago 1st October 2016
This Story I Found This On The book That Makes Me Really Believe Nice Story

Name: PrettyGirlLwl 11th October 2016
WoW nice story ever..>,
Name: Examae Paz Awel 15th October 2016
wow! its a really nice story..
Name: Juncarl 17th October 2016
its good story
Name: Saturnino 29th October 2016
It so nice

its new legend for me
Name: Jimaya 1st November 2016
best book ever.
Name: Esha 5th November 2016
Is this true or possibly may be
Name: Faisha Grenai O. Gutierez 9th November 2016
I love the story..much fun!!!
Name: Simran 1st December 2016
such a lovely story.. and so easy to learn..!!!
Name: Sophie 7th December 2016
What a nice story I loved all the tension in it
Name: Larnie Lumacon 12th December 2016
What a wonderful story :)
Name: Junrose 4th January 2017
So nice story!
Name: Zaid 9th January 2017
what a nice story i liked it

Name: Larryu 12th January 2017
This story was toughing
Name: Kazim 13th January 2017
i loved the story
and i love legends
Name: Arwen Zhang 18th January 2017
It's amazing ,this story is so awesome
Name: Sara 18th January 2017
this story is very good but maybe
can be a bit long
Name: Justin 13th February 2017
This story is amazing.
Name: Lili 20th February 2017
this was legend was amazing
Name: LILA 20th February 2017
Name: Coco 6th March 2017
Amazing legend
Lol omg it's tots amazing
Name: Wilbert Halim 8th March 2017
Its a good story but please publish more stories if you can everyday if done tell me
Name: Junjun Tiongco 18th April 2017
I love this legend.
Name: Yvonne 8th June 2017
i like the story
Name: Mikhyllajoyvergabera 17th June 2017
ang ganda neto super
Name: Anime Cruz LI 17th June 2017
thats beautiful
Name: Misserable 19th June 2017
Love it
Name: Lovely Joy Dela Cruz 22nd June 2017
like this story
Name: Ginalyn Basas 22nd June 2017
i love story

Name: Kier Sanchez 24th June 2017
ang ganda ng story
Name: AgnesbSumampong 28th June 2017
ilove story
Name: Renz 30th June 2017
ay sana ma huli na yung pu matay
Name: Anna 6th July 2017
sana nga mahanap na yong pumatay sa kanya
Name: Day 9th July 2017
Ganda at sobrang short
Name: Cristine 13th July 2017
thank you so much!! cause this was what i needed for my school project.... but can i ask a favor? beacause i need to save your website is it able to send it? thank you so much again!!!
Name: Taehyung's Wife 24th July 2017
love it!gomawo~
Name: Asileo 1st August 2017
ang ganda naman po ng story na tosigurado matutuwa ang yeacher ko.
Name: Carlo 4th August 2017
thanks you
Name: Nam Da Reum\'s Fan 6th August 2017
Thanks for this website. It helped me a lot.
Name: Marialyn 21st August 2017
Wow, nice
Name: Rose 21st August 2017
What is the summary of that?
Name: Andria 27th August 2017
It is very nice.
Name: Venesse 29th August 2017
Its Great
Name: Zeeny 21st September 2017
i like it but it needs more effort
Name: Yana 18th October 2017
I realy like it.
Name: Mimi 25th October 2017
maybe add a little bit more detail in the end, but very well written.
Name: Ronin 2nd November 2017
Name: Aya 14th December 2017
i like it
Name: Heartbreaker 23rd February 2018
very short but I appreciate it
Name: Kim 27th February 2018
very beautiful
Name: Jhoanna 10th March 2018
i like it so much


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