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Lacie the Scanty Mouse

Name: Zk 13th March 2010
i love this story it was fab and i rate it 100 out of a 100 ........... totally great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so well done KHAN
Name: Dath Maul 13th March 2010
i just like your style of writing and academic words and sentences..i think that this story was the best out of all the story's and should be on the showcase.yes this story had everything and is a story to be on the showcase

Name: Faisal 14th March 2010
simply best idea and heart touching,Miss khan your thought are cute and mature at the same time.
well done .....great job
Name: Nazkhala 14th March 2010
simply wonderful i love it
Name: Chloe 14th March 2010
yes i agree dath maul that this story had
everything and i think should be on the Showcase !!!!!! yes and this story had difficult words and got me interested and guess what i learned new words to %%%%%%%
Name: Chloe 15th March 2010
it was fab story and i loved it
Name: Abdullah 15th March 2010
it was good but you could improve it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Nazo 16th March 2010
Name: Abdullah 16th March 2010
yes i give t 100 out of 100 .fabulous story and i want this story to be on the showcase so great story KHAN
Name: Zoha 17th March 2010
lovely story and i love the last line..
Name: Khan 18th March 2010
i love my story because when i feel i not good at anything i remember this story and whisper IT IS GOOD TO BE ME. You can try it tooo.And thank you guys for commenting on my story.!!!!!
Name: Tani 18th March 2010
it was a stupendous story. That's getting 5 stars and going in the showcase for sure
so well done
Name: Paige 23rd March 2010
this is a great Aesop's fable and i think that it deserve to be on the Showcase .so well done!!!!!!
Name: Abdullah 23rd March 2010
it was good
Name: Elise 24th March 2010
i think that this story is very interesting and i like it a lot ...i also think that this book should be published!!
Name: Ovary 24th March 2010
i love the story and the picture is extra good and great vocabulary khan!!!!!!
Name: Khan 25th March 2010
thank you guys :)
Name: Lauren 26th March 2010
A very nice story but I have one question is it a myth or legend
Name: Charlotte Wright 27th March 2010
i love that picture and the story
Name: Bob 27th March 2010
Name: Victoria 29th March 2010
Thanks for the commnt on my story JACK FROST, this story is short but I really enjoyed it. Great job.
Name: Khan 29th March 2010
it is a legend Lauren and i am glad you like the picture Charlotte.thanks bob for saying my story is good!!!!
Name: Tina 30th March 2010
Thats a cool twist to the book writen. I like the vocab you used, it made the story more interesting. I dont think this is really a myth or a legend, just a story..
Name: Cameron Adams 2nd April 2010
Very good descriptive writing I agree with Tina
Name: Kelsey 2nd April 2010
i loved that story i would of never thought of a story that good!!!
Name: Ayesha Perera 3rd April 2010
Awesome!! I like the words you used I had to use the dictionary for them. And I liked the moroal to this story its good to be you! Anyway awesome!!!
Name: Mikaela.h 4th April 2010
So cool that realy makes you feel good afterv lisening 2 the other spooky stories.
Name: Charlotte 25th April 2010
this story was good and helped me with my homwork
Name: Little Darling 123 1st May 2010
This story is very very very very good
Name: Fottiti 2nd May 2010
it was very good
Name: Jennifer 10th May 2010
Thanks for the story, i really needed to learn a myth and you gave us 1 thanks!
Name: Becky Cooper 10th May 2010
it was verey good
Name: Becky Cooper 11th May 2010
it is great
Name: Becky Cooper 11th May 2010
I Like this website very Much, It Gives Me Lots To Learn ABOUT, with Some Nice Pictues to Look At. There R Lots Of Interesting Pages to go On to Aswell.
Name: Becky Cooper 12th May 2010
It is verey good
Name: Anoofa 14th May 2010
just love it
Name: Sara 22nd May 2010
cool story I loved it
Name: Sara 22nd May 2010
i just love it and cool carecters
Name: Courtney Shaw 23rd May 2010
hi im lovin the website me and my sister are chillin watching and makin myths and legends
Name: Luke Fly 28th May 2010
cool love it
Name: Khan 1st June 2010
thanks guys for all your nice comments.
Name: Khan 6th June 2010
thank you guys for liking my story
Name: Ciara 16th June 2010
i like it 2!
it is great
Name: Fern 18th June 2010
I think you could have given it more detail, instead of just making it like and 5 second story.If you added more detail it would really help.
Name: ELLS 19th June 2010
Name: Louise 19th June 2010
I love this story it kinda reminds me of a story that i know and i loved it 10000000000000000000000000/5
Name: Ellie 20th June 2010
your stry is better than my story, where do you get it from.
Name: Dejante 21st June 2010
thanks for all your good work:)!
Name: Kenyatta 21st June 2010
I love the story it is a good story
Name: Seyifunmi 1st July 2010
I love this story where did you get it from it was the best story in the world.
Name: Hannah 9th July 2010
i love your story but where did u get it from did u make it up or is it real
Name: Sarah 10th July 2010
i really like this story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Shanita 12th July 2010
I dont understand it it lol
Name: Loren 13th July 2010
I think it was really good because lacie
is really happy and at the end she was
glad to be her self because i think she wanted to be some one else.
Name: Mrs S 15th October 2010
Name: "The Unknown" 8th January 2011
well I see that you have remixed the story of the mouse and the little show-offy lion into a small,understanding story.It was fasnating seeing the story a little changed for once!
Name: Liy 18th February 2011
very good
Name: Vermlesh 18th February 2011
i loved your myth keep doing well
Name: Fiza 25th November 2012
Nice one!
Name: Bob 6th November 2014
it was short


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