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The Story of Gelert

Name: Taslima 2nd May 2008
i think it was a sad story but it was great i feel like crying.
Name: Michelle Jamieson 8th May 2008
This is such a sad story and one that will stay with me for the rest of my life.
Name: Sophie Jones 29th June 2008
I used to live in south wales and my teacher told me the tale and i went to north of wales and saw the grave and there is a statue of the prince also.

p.s. Do more new tales, if you can't find any...make some up!
Name: Katy Head 2nd July 2008
I have read Beddgelert. I am a animall lover CRAZY i felt very upset when i hered this story , but i still like it.
Name: Ijazur 12th July 2008
it was a very nice story
Name: Amber Wright 14th September 2008
I really like this story. I feel sorry for the poor dog! This is a really good website, I will be reading lots more!
Name: Chloe 9th November 2008
this story made me cry......
Name: Ayeshah 21st November 2008
that story was sooooooooo sad
Name: Yaismin 24th November 2008
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh its soo sad it made me cry.
Name: Adam 26th November 2008
boo hoo its sooooooo sad best one ever 100/100
Name: Jake Agabuckle 26th November 2008
its the best
Name: Jessica 26th November 2008
"sniff" ohhhh poor gelert!!!! "crying"
Name: Connie 26th November 2008
I think this ledgend has a sad, dramatic ending that builds up suspence to make a fabulous ledgend
Name: Emily 26th November 2008
that made me cry.
Name: Rose 27th November 2008
i am so sad about the feeling
Name: Tom 27th November 2008
i think that this story is really sad because the dog didnt deserve to die!
Name: Sarabi 29th November 2008
poor gelet
Name: Carrie 29th November 2008
Name: I Dunno 3rd December 2008
I hate that evil prince, he didn't even check to see if Gelert had dunnit! It made me cry- Well, almost anyway
Name: Find Out 4th December 2008
the prince is so evil i hate him it made me cry
Name: Chloe Caston Thats My Friends Name 4th December 2008
Me and my friend loved this story coz Who ever made it up thought about it very carefully COMMENT MADE BY EFIAH AGE 8 thank u
Name: Petra 5th December 2008
this story made me cry because the prince did not even check that the wolve done it he just gelert anaway this story is good
Name: Peara035 6th December 2008
it made me cry because Llywelyn thougt that the dog Gelert had killed his son so Llywelyn killed the dog!
Name: Chloe Sharp 11th December 2008
i thought i was quite sad that liywelyn killed gelert because he thought gelert killed the baby
Name: Niamh 11th December 2008
It was the sadest story i ever seen.
By niamh
Name: Georgia Stapleton 13th December 2008
my teacher Mr.rutter told me this story
Name: Amzdale 17th December 2008
i love this story its better seeing the picture
well done
Name: Joseph 27th December 2008
Name: Mary 3rd January 2009
oh my god that was so so sad i can just cry!
Name: Charlie 5th January 2009
it was good
Name: Harry 6th January 2009
Poor dog!!!! I like that story!
Name: Milly Pitt 6th January 2009
It was so sad
Name: Devon 7th January 2009
it was a sad story
Name: Abbie 7th January 2009
Arrrrrrrrr!!! Poor thing.
Name: Sophie 7th January 2009
this story made me cry its so so sad i love it though but how could you kill that dog it was wagging its tail. p.s im still crying!
Name: Jordan 9th January 2009
oh that was very sad the dog story
Name: Chloe 9th January 2009
oh my that dog got killed poor doggy he was killing the wolf omg i wish he was my dog and i would of took care of him.That story was sad i was crying and ran off 2 the teacher and now im laughing at ma friend connor thompson xx chloe xx
Name: India 10th January 2009
I think that was a very sad story. Why did'nt the prince look before he killed the dog?
Name: Cj Blaze 12th January 2009
that was a very sad story,next time he should have checked not have killed the dog
Name: Polly 13th January 2009
very very very sad
Name: Lauren 13th January 2009
it was very sad when the man killed the dog and it wasnt him it was a other dog.
Name: Charlotte And Lucy 15th January 2009
Name: Aleisha 20th January 2009
It is quite sad when he kill,s the dog and it has a good moral
Name: Laura N Jesii 21st January 2009
omg it brought it tears to our eyesss
Name: Jordan 21st January 2009
very sad
Name: George 22nd January 2009
wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa it is so hrible
Name: Safiya 22nd January 2009
it was very sad
Name: Jordan Jefferies 22nd January 2009
poor dog and very sad
Name: Tasha 23rd January 2009
that was good but i wish he had looked around first
Name: Grace 23rd January 2009
it was so sad I hate it
Name: Tasha 23rd January 2009
That story was cool i hated the ending though but it was good
Name: Caitlan 24th January 2009
this story was great. i felt sorry for gelert though.
Name: Killy 25th January 2009
i think it is really good but it is a bit discusting
Name: Omar 25th January 2009
I was realy happy that Gerlet died
Name: Imi 25th January 2009
it was a great story we were saying about it in class
Name: Niall 27th January 2009
the story of gelert was a good story in all ways.But when he killed gelert it was a little bit gruesome
Name: LEO 27th January 2009
The story of Gelert was great because the last part of it was a bit sad but it was a realy good story.
Name: Daniel 27th January 2009
why was the story of gelert sad?
Name: Adam 27th January 2009
poor Gelert.He saved the baby.The prince should of looked around before he sliced gelert in the side.
Name: Jackie 27th January 2009
What a very sad story
Name: Johnny 28th January 2009
i like this storyy so muchh
Name: Becky 28th January 2009
or wat a sad story
and is this story bast on a trow story
Name: Safdcrgf 28th January 2009
Name: Imren 28th January 2009
whats so nice about this story
Name: Phoebe 28th January 2009
i find this story very very sad i hate the sadness
Name: Ann 29th January 2009
sad and happy. happy the baby is alive. sad the dog is dead.
Name: Kazi 29th January 2009
cool story but really sad and happy
Name: Paige 3rd February 2009
i thought that was very sad i think the prince should of looked before he killed the dog please dont do one of them again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Charlie 3rd February 2009
we love it but its sad
Name: Kamar 3rd February 2009
Name: Ruby 4th February 2009
i visited his grave and i cried it was so sad i have the book and i named my cat gelert!
Name: Charlie 4th February 2009
is funkey and wickd man
Name: Muhammed 5th February 2009
its me muhammed this story is sad?????
Name: Darren Hughes 5th February 2009
Sound does not work, have updated flash, java, shockwave.. (We have check and it plays fine on several machines we have, so we are not sure why you are having problems, sounds like MP3 is being blocked by some kind of fire wall - can you get MP3 from other sites? - The Myths Team)
Name: Jade 5th February 2009
(sob sob sob) my dog died and i cried so much
Name: Jade 5th February 2009
wwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaa(sorry so sad)(sob) to sad to watch please dont make another 1 pritty please (p.s still crying)
Name: Charlotte 8th February 2009
this was a great story it mad me cry could you pleas make another but the dog lives
Name: STEPHANIE RICHARDS 8th February 2009
Name: Phillip 9th February 2009
Thats so sad but a bit gory. what happens if a five year old visits the site? But still very sad.
Name: ANDREWSCAPE 9th February 2009
Name: Lillie 10th February 2009
he should of checked first .
horrorble man/maniac
Name: Brianna 11th February 2009
Name: Katie 14th February 2009
he shoud of cheked. If i was there i would of killed him becase dogs are my favorite animal i hate to see them hurt
Name: 5r Icknield School 14th February 2009
we think gerlet was a very brave dog and Lienwyl should've checked before as we have been studying charcters mistakes
Name: Imogen 18th February 2009
yes i agree he should of checked before he must of seen the wolf before so killed him not the dog
Name: Emily 21st February 2009
this was real gud and if some one made this up well done that is ace but i thought it was sad i had tears in my eyes wen i red the bit about the man stabbing him but i really liked it and i think it shud go on the board!!!!!
Name: Chloe 23rd February 2009
this is a good website to go on
Name: Chloe 23rd February 2009
me and my classmates enjoy this website.
Name: Lola 24th February 2009
Name: Bayan 25th February 2009
yery gd
Name: Jessica Whittard 25th February 2009
well good i read it in school i go to johnstown juniors school
Name: Megan Donoher 26th February 2009
I love listning to the story gerlet it is one of my best myths and ledgend storys!!!
Name: Jacob D 28th February 2009
it is greeaatt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!but sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Googleeeeeee 1st March 2009
this is a terrible thing for kids because
the dog gets killed
Name: S3W Dubbo Public School 2009 3rd March 2009
This is a great story but really sad. We thought it was really good and interesting except for the end. We wish the dog lived.
Name: Joe 4th March 2009
it was a good story and a bite mean on the dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Muhammad Ali Kasim 4th March 2009
it was very bad
Name: Joe 4th March 2009
it was good but a sad story
Name: Joseph 4th March 2009
it was good but sad because he got killed
Name: Susana 4th March 2009
i dont like it because he killed him bfor he saw the wolf
Name: Beccie 6th March 2009
it was good but I got a bit bored in the middle!!!
Name: Sierra 10th March 2009
this was good
Name: Lucy 10th March 2009
I thought t was very good
Name: Shannon 11th March 2009
very brill but sad at the end byeeeeeeeee
Name: Romany 11th March 2009
Rubish come on this is a complet shame towords myths there fun exciting love romance and thats sad and not to manhion even i can draw better pictures!!!!!!!!11
Name: Edith 12th March 2009
I think this is a fabulous legend but soooo sad
Name: Tansy 12th March 2009
brillient g8 i cried the prince should have been put in prison for killing the dog i hope he was
Name: Sydney 12th March 2009
i luv this story but prince Llewelyn should have look around b4 he killed gelert how verry sad waaaahhhhhh
ithink im gonna cry if that happens to me lol
Name: Redyui 16th March 2009
this story is sooooooo sad i was overcome with emotion boo hoooooooooooooooo
Name: Jessica 17th March 2009
Name: Caitlyn Slater 17th March 2009
What a beautiful story. It is sooo sad, and I cried, but it is just so beautiful.
Name: Jessica 17th March 2009
Name: Kieron 18th March 2009
Name: Luke Class H 18th March 2009
This is a brilliant myth. Its got a lot of meaning to it.
Name: Mohilia 18th March 2009
Awwwwwwwww poor dogee I wish the prince looked a bit more carefully!!!!!!!!

Name: Jasmin.coral.ward 18th March 2009
why did you show me that story it is soooo sad I couldn't stop myself from crying ! sniff sniff
Name: Lilly 19th March 2009
it was ok ut it was sad like for the dog it was
Name: Rainman 20th March 2009
i really liked that story!
Name: M.J 22nd March 2009
Awwww, that was sad for the dog.
Name: Jana 23rd March 2009
the story was good, but it was sad for the dog.
Name: Myles87 23rd March 2009
So sad for the dog poor dog
Name: Ellie 24th March 2009
the dog was very brave to stand up to the wolf and it was very sad when the dog died
Name: Stacey Raff 25th March 2009
thats a sad story !!
nd that dog saved the baby nd still got killed !!
Name: Stacia 27th March 2009
That was mean and sad.
Name: Chloe B 28th March 2009
that story was sad
Name: Chloe B 29th March 2009
That story was sad because the dog died.In my school my class are working on bedd gelert
Name: Tariq&rahi 30th March 2009
It was very good because it was emotinal
Name: Tyearna And Maya 30th March 2009
The story was very scary but good in a way.
Name: Jasmine Cory 30th March 2009
I think it was verry good how ever wrote it well done
Name: Meghan Dilose 30th March 2009
I loved your legend it was emotional and explained so much. I love to read things that are non-fiction but tiis story changed my mind. GREAT JOB
Name: Jim 31st March 2009
i thort there was a video to it?
Name: Jamierevill 31st March 2009
i loved it but the end was sad
Name: Isabella Dronsfield 1st April 2009
I love going to Gelert in Wales i've got a poscard from the special place
Name: Abigail 3rd April 2009
I love this story i have seen this twice is so good i want to be in it
Name: Bæsje Mø 13th April 2009
this story was good
Name: Laurin The Sad 16th April 2009
Why do people acuse dogs of doing all the things that they didn't do? Give them a break!!!!!
Name: Lucas (luke) 16th April 2009
i wanted to cry when i saw this
Name: Lindsay 20th April 2009
At first i looked at the crater then i saw blood! When i read the text it said "the dog was looking up in his TRUSTING eyes" i didnt think so at first!! I though ... He killed the baby and hes being TRUSTING?! ... Yeah right! But then i read the next page and then i thought ... hmmm well i think that that is a very bad owner and i would accuse him for killing a dog for no reason! ... (i also heard another story about killing someone for no reason)
Name: Teller 25th April 2009
that was ok but it can have more things in the story.
Name: Myra 28th April 2009
it was fantastic! i loved every thing but if it was true i would of checked every thing in the room before i would of killed him.if i was the prince i would of done that
Name: Maka 29th April 2009
this story was alright
Name: Channy 1st May 2009
this myth is alrite... your dog is reallly cute.. lol...
Name: Mollie 4th May 2009
I have been to Gelerts grave in wales...its were I go on my holiday and im going soon to go back and see it and you can see the house!
Name: Charlie 5th May 2009
poor gelert the prince should not have jumped to conclusions like that ...
arwell at least the baby was ok
Name: Hazem 8th May 2009
poor poor Gelert
Name: Dilz At Skoolz 8th May 2009
it was so cool is it really real?
Name: Bob Jones 9th May 2009
It is really real ye cause I live in Beddgelert and ive been to the grave you should come here for your next holiday(edited)
Name: Fran 14th May 2009
this is a very sad story and i wish the dog never got killed but it still has a lot of detail in it!!
Name: Chloe Brooke 15th May 2009
it was very good and a little scary but it was good still. it made me and my frined alex feel sick.i like the sound effects it was very good so well done
Name: Lilly 20th May 2009
well done
Name: Maryam 20th May 2009
it's quite scary!!!!!
Name: Amy Clapham 21st May 2009
i liked the story but it is very sad when the dog gets killed
Name: Punk 21st May 2009 just askin cuz im new do you do dhat like the narrator is reading for you...Cuz i made a story to and i want a narrator to read it.
Name: Ian Cartwright 23rd May 2009
that was a very good story and now i know where my headteacher gets her stories from
Name: Nike-Lee 26th May 2009
I didnt like the story very much. It was very sad and I think that the man should of actually looked for at least some peice of evidence, so that he didnt do a very cruel move and kill the dog.
Name: Amie Leeb 28th May 2009
i think it is a very good story but i don't like the end,its very sad.
Name: Georgia 2nd June 2009
its so sad i dont like it but its quite good in the begiging
Name: Natalie 2nd June 2009
it is a very good story but very sad i liked it very much
Name: Anisha 2nd June 2009
it is so sad because i luv doggies and i feel so sorry i absaloutley despise wolfs for the reat of my life i really luv dogs my bff is so obsessed with dogs every dog she sees she does everything to it no kiddin
Name: RAKESS 6R 2nd June 2009
A good story. We have heard something similar before. It was scay when we saw the blood and we hoped before he killed the dog which was sad that he would look around. Good use of language and interesting!
Name: DARCY 3rd June 2009
i rellt love this story. it is so sad that the dog has to die. becauase of the wolf but it is goood that the babby is ok
Name: Ben Collyer 6th June 2009
I love wolves! But the problem is I love dogs too! So I hate the ending of this spectacular ledgand.
Name: Twiggie 9th June 2009
it's a sad story
but i love gelet and i think he's a hero and how his safe's the baby
is really cute .
Name: Samantha 13th June 2009
omg sooooooooooo sad p.s omg omgomgomgomgomgomg
Name: Jessica Whittard 16th June 2009
poor little gelert hi
Name: Alex 16th June 2009
I think this is a really good story because Gelert saved the baby.
Name: Jessica 20th June 2009
i thought it was great but very very sad because Llewelyn killed Gelert because he thought he killed the baby.It almost made me cry!!!!!!!!!
Name: Abbie Mcmillan 20th June 2009
It was just sad. Could he have just looked around before stabbing his poor brave dog. Poor Gelert P.S. Did this realy happen
Name: Noma 23rd June 2009
it is true his grave is in wales . i liked it even though it was sad
Name: Sharna 24th June 2009
its a great story it made me cry a bit but its sooo kool its the best sorey iv read well except from twilight
Name: Kyle 25th June 2009
it was a good story very sad but i enjoyed it because it was a simple, quick understandble story great work :)
Name: Brittz 26th June 2009
It's a very sad story, It was so upsetting that Llewelyn stabbed his trusty hound. Wahy did'nt he think to look around first and Is it true that this is a real story?
Name: Keziah 27th June 2009
Did you know this is a real story and the baby did not got killed.
Name: Disney_Fan 30th June 2009
Im From Wales And That Story Is One of My Favourites
Name: Priyanka 3rd July 2009
thats touching.
Name: Kunle 8th July 2009
i think that... the manwas confused when he returned home and was deverdatied as he saw the doy with the blood on his gelets mouth
Name: ,cfknr 14th July 2009
its bad and silly of the prince
Name: Armani 15th July 2009
I thought this story was good. My teacher and I read this together and names were changed to make it a little more exciting. We were not prepared for the end and thought that the Prince should have been a lot more sadder.
Name: Mitch 23rd July 2009
Fav story on myths and lengends
Name: Laura 24th July 2009
It was really sad and the prince should of thought twice.
Name: Janita 26th July 2009
It was simliar i read a book like this but slightly diffrent.
Name: Janita 26th July 2009
I do not like it because it dosnt really explain the ending i mean where was the nurse
Name: Sinead 27th July 2009
it was really sad
Name: Shannon 27th July 2009
hellooooo it was awsammm hehehe
Name: Harry Poter 28th July 2009
hoaaaaaaawwwwwwt :) i would tap that
Name: Katherine O 4th August 2009
I'm crying here poor gilert ooooohhh i will always hate wolfs now.
Name: Drew 6th August 2009
I think he was really horrible to kill his dog it's horrilbe.
Name: Drew 6th August 2009
I think it was horrible to kill the dog he was only helping the baby he killef the wolf. And there wasnt any nurses in those days kk
Name: Jade 14th August 2009
i am crying i feel sorry for dat dog bless him
Name: Hannah 15th August 2009
i know its sad .. i actedthis story when i was in my last year of primary.. i knew y he killed him tho .. if i came home to that.. i would have been too distraught to think of what could have happenend
Name: Charlotte 16th August 2009
I went on holiday to see the poor dogs grave!
its in beddgelet in wales!
Name: Brodie 24th August 2009
This story is so sad, I feel really sorry for the dog, dieing to protect his master's son, but, how did the wolf get in?
Name: Chloej901 1st September 2009
Is this a myth tho?? I do like this story. V sad. :(
Name: Benjamin 4th September 2009
nice story mate
Name: Lottie Turner 8th September 2009
it was a good story but I didnt like the ending very sad I'm reading another story to take my mind off it
Name: Louise 11th September 2009
It made me cry, is there really a place called that??
Name: Jonathan. 15th September 2009
I love it! But show me how to get sound affects.
Name: Seymour 15th September 2009
thats so totallycruel
Name: Annoyamus 16th September 2009
i did not really enjoy the story because it was lame
Name: Nandita 16th September 2009
I don't like sad ending.
Name: Melissa Scott. 18th September 2009
i like it but it is sad and i don't like endings like that.
Name: Carlie 20th September 2009
Name: Niamh 23rd September 2009
i think that was a sad ending
Name: Arran Arnold 25th September 2009
i loooooooooove it
Name: Josie Garner 26th September 2009
I think the prince should have not killed the faithful dog because it was a horrible thing to do. This made it a verry sad ending.
Name: Kayleigh 26th September 2009
I think it was so sad i meen if he had seen that the dog was week then why did he kill it even if my dog did i would have it put down not stab it with a nife

Name: Lily 2nd October 2009
I think itwas very upsetting and sad that he did die but he did what he was told and he protected the baby. But i think the king shoudnt of left the dog and the boy cause when i saw the cot i thought he had killed the baby so rip gillet
Name: David 3rd October 2009
I think it was a really sad ending, i wish Gellert woulden't of died, in the end, he is gone forever :(
Name: Charlette 4th October 2009
this was the sadest story i have ever herd.poor dog. RIP
Name: Sarah From Mcc 5th October 2009
that was very sad if the prince look behind the craddle in the first place gillet would still be a hero
Name: REUBEN 6th October 2009
its very good i really like it we did it at my school once and it was great
Name: Katie 10th October 2009
this story is so sad i started to cry :(
Name: Joshua 10th October 2009
it was very sad when gelert got killed
Name: Kassie 12th October 2009
This is a realy sad story, the sadest I ever heard!!!
Name: Indi 14th October 2009
sooooooooo saddddddddd boo hooo
Name: KASSY 15th October 2009
Name: Miley 15th October 2009
Name: Lauren 16th October 2009
i think that man is sooo so so cruel, killing his dog like that, that story is so sad, and it's even worse, because, i have a dog!
Name: Lydia 16th October 2009
its soooooooo sad
Name: Happy 18th October 2009
awww...i cod cry...
Name: Bones 21st October 2009
it is so sad
Name: Phoebe 21st October 2009
i like this cose its sad i would of killd it ha ha ha ha
Name: Jamie 23rd October 2009
that poordog:(
Name: John3636 24th October 2009
That was a good story mr burly my teacher would love it.
Name: Stef 24th October 2009
this is well sad. i remember doing this at school a long time ago.
Name: Danielle 26th October 2009
I've been to beddgelert its a beautiful town. The story is so sad. We took our dog tilly there. :'(
Name: Emma Wainwright 3rd November 2009
King midas and the golden touch is good and about a very greedy king who wants lots of gold and gets a wish from a man and it comes true and he hugs his daughter and she turns to gold he gets granted another wish and reverces the spell.
Name: Emma Wainwright 3rd November 2009
this story is so sad but I realy Enjoyed it.
Name: Oliver 8th December 2009
The dog was verry breave to save the babby from the wolf and a little upsetting
Name: Tiffany 9th December 2009
i almost cry in front of the class when our class was watching that. poor gelert!!!!!
Name: Neha 12th December 2009
I enjoyed it very much but
it was a bit upsetting.
Name: Emma 11th January 2010
Is it true? It is very upsetting when the dog died!
Name: Jodie Caulfield 15th January 2010
i thought the story was really sad when the dog died even though he saved the baby
Name: Sarah 27th January 2010
I think this is a very sad story.
But it said's a lesson, think befor you do .
Name: Emily 29th January 2010
I was read this by my teacher in year 3/4 and i am studing it now for my eisteddford poem! It was very sad when I heard it! The dog, gelert, was very brave!!!!!
Name: Sulimaan 31st January 2010
it was a good story
Name: Sulimaan 31st January 2010
it was a good story and it was a sad ending
Name: Alishamay Pask 3rd February 2010
this is the most saded stroy i have ever red :(
Name: Tall 7th February 2010
what a good story
Name: Samantha 8th February 2010
it was a very sad story this is the only website i culd find and the best !!!!!!!! *
Name: Tegan Morgan 9th February 2010
this story is very good iv'e heard it in school today at the end its very very sad :( :( my teacher name is Mr Davies i like this story Mr Davies
Name: Danielle 10th February 2010
the story is amazing we learn about it in scool xx
Name: Caitland Hinde 11th February 2010
it was realy sad when Llewlyn kiied gelet because he thought he killed his son but he shouldent ov juged him befor checking out wat had happend it justs shows you dont juge a book by its cover but who would leave a baby with a dog that where its twisted and made that bit up to make it more exciting.
Name: Bubble58018 11th February 2010
omg this is awsome we learnt about it in school??????
Name: Chll 14 15th February 2010
i think it tought a leason not to judge or come up with a finall answer with out geting all of the facts straight first! But very well done,anchor,anchor!
Name: GSmall 15th February 2010
This story is so sad, and it realy shows why not to judge a book by its cover.
Name: Lilpup123 22nd February 2010
cute dog
Name: Dominic 3rd March 2010
Can't believe the cute little dog died. The prince should of took a look around first!
Name: Shannon 6th March 2010
aw its so sad when the dog dies Llwylyn should of looked around first poor dog
Name: Amy 9th March 2010
cute dog I'll be reading more.
Name: Emma 11th March 2010
realy nice and so sad i began to cry...
Name: Emma 15th March 2010
poor dog could of lived but llwelyn killed him foxes fault, hate that fox at least he lived for a bit
Name: Sam 19th March 2010
:( awwwww cute dog lol your the wicked one llywelyn look before you leap!
Name: Samantha 26th March 2010
cute dog but it made me cry!
Name: Anna 4th April 2010
cute dog bute a hate the baby it could of cried befor gelert died
Name: Umer 5th April 2010
i like this story
Name: Hitchin Girl 5th April 2010
I thought that maybe this was the classic example of accusing decisions that they soon regret, but wouldn't you, if you were Llewelyn, act harshley if your son, the last of your family had died?? Its almost the classicalness of the world today. I heard of this when my English teacher read it to the class in her real Welsh accent. LOL. I thought it was brill, - (she actually got it from here!)
Name: Gggggg 11th April 2010
when prince llywelyn came through the door gerlet made me jump out of my seat because he was so scary coming forward!!!!!!!!!
Name: Cian 30th April 2010
I Like Gelert it is a sad story but a good one
Name: Ellie Smith 25th May 2010
i dont like it atall
Name: Billy & Cameron 25th May 2010
brilliant this is cool
Name: Sam98 25th May 2010
poor dog i cant imagine how the prince felt after that
Name: James 13th June 2010
it makes me upset even though it is not real not to be rude but i dont think you should be publashing that sorry.
Name: Paige 16th June 2010
i think this is a very upsetting story and gelert was very brave! prince llywelln should have looked around instead of just killing gelert straight away this could have been an extremly nice story
Name: Grace 16th June 2010
I think its a very horrible story and Gallert was very very brave and I feel sorry for the poor thing!!
Name: Jade 18th June 2010
I love that story but it does make me cry.
Name: A97 19th June 2010
it is real
Name: Mckenzie 19th June 2010
thats a sad storie i nearly cried
Name: Emily 2nd July 2010
Yes we read it out in Literacy im not jokin I started crying and it was WELL embarrasing cos i was the only one and i went AS RED AS A APPLE!
Name: Kristyven 4th July 2010
i cried when i read that story it was on my exames papers and i was like crying in the examinations.its so creul.
Name: Olivia 26th September 2010
this story is sad.but the reason i like it is because it shows that dogs are very protective animals.even though the story might sound cruel,sad,horror,its is a brave story showing if you try you succeed and if you have a dog respect every minute you have with it, because like Gelert, it wont last forever.
Name: Eldrich 5th October 2010
I think that this story is sad because it taks about the dog that died to save the baby
Name: Nicole Shields 15th October 2010
I think it's so sad the dog died R.I.P. :(
Name: Sophiecasle 20th October 2010
that story was sad. how cod kill his best hound
Name: Adamya 7th November 2010
the story is emotional
Name: Farida 8th November 2010
the story is so sad 0; );
the poor dog .
it cost Gelerts' life for the baby.
Name: Snalis 8th November 2010
I cant believe what that man done to his dog if i was gelert i would of walked over to the wolf and then to the baby!! so he could see what happened! but i think the man done the wrong choice!
Name: Alec 26th November 2010
the dog didnt deserve to die the prince is a fool
Name: Marx165 15th December 2010
Nice Story Entertiedned Me uite A Lot :)
Name: Ashley 12th January 2011
i love dog that story was so so so sad (i was very crying) i been to beddgelert to see gelert's grave this was really sad :(
Name: Simran 12th January 2011
Name: Lashmy 12th January 2011
amazing but sad
Name: Lola 18th January 2011
We are currently learning about the story of gelert and it's a nice calming story at first when it's in the middle it starts getting a tear to your eye then at the end it gets brighter last week we were re acting the scenes can't wait what were doing next week a very traditinal story !!!
Name: Brian Methlock 20th January 2011
The girls in my class cried at this lol
Name: Alison 6th February 2011
The children of y3 watshed the story unfold on the whiteboard all was silent untill the end when all we heard was a class saying ahhhhhhh
Name: Tegan 7th February 2011
im at home and this is my second time that ive watched it, poor poor gelert
Name: Chirag 9th February 2011
sory gelert
Name: Sea Day 10th February 2011
It was so sad a big sorry to Gelert!!!!!!!
Name: Jade 12th February 2011
poor Gelert.
Every time i watch this it makes me cry.
Name: Ellie 13th February 2011
OMG so sad isn't it Gelert i'm sorry !!!
Name: Jade 16th February 2011
I\'ll never forget this story.I\'v wrote it down in my diry and every thing :\'(
Name: Jade Pittard 16th February 2011
poor Gelert.It Isn't Faire!!! Why Him ??? i
Name: Umm... 28th February 2011
all i can say is is that gelert shouldn't of died soooooo im mad at the prince!!! (im sure we all are mad at the prince)
Name: Sini 2nd March 2011
thats funny!!!!!!!!!!
Name: None 2nd March 2011
that`s soooooooooooo sad, that the dog is dead. that`s a good very story!!!!
Name: Georgia 13th March 2011
Omg,llewelyn should have looked first before he killed the poor dog!! Pitty!
Name: Georgia Xx 13th March 2011
Pitty for that dog, why did he have to die, that was so unfair. Boo Hoo!!!!
Name: Bob 28th March 2011
Name: Tomma09 28th March 2011
sad he had to die
Name: Daisy - Mae 29th April 2011
I read this story when I went to Wales. I herd the story, and fell in hysterics - crying obviously, not laughing! I feel sorry for Lyewellyn,as well as Gerlert because he should of had proof. The story is...... SOOOOOOO sad!
Name: Temhotay 1st May 2011
the teacher was telling us the story i swear i had to look up so the tears wont fall i think the dog is amazing i really respact the dog and the prince. i dont blame him its his son but .-. yah half of the blame goes to the prince but not all the other half is to blame the last person who closed the door of the babys room but it really made me cry i love dogs
Name: Cerys 5th May 2011
the story is sad :'(
Name: Riham 14th May 2011
It can only end in tears same as Muad and the dragon...........
Name: Samira 23rd May 2011
Name: Rita 11th June 2011
nice history story!!!
Name: Ryan 13th June 2011
This has helped me with my homework.

Thank you :)
Name: Megan 14th June 2011
Lovley but terrible story.
Very brave gelert.
Name: Gil 26th June 2011
very brave dog

sad ending
Name: Limber Story Teller 5th July 2011
very sad made me cry Gillet was so brave
Name: Angie 4th August 2011
i love the story! :)
i went to wales and went to see the grave,i put flowers there for gelert(wolfhound)
i feel so sorry for gelert.

This is a message for gelert:Gelert you\'ve been a fathiful dog and very famaos in beddgelert,gwyneed and of corse wales.Xx love u gelert Xx Oo
Name: Kathryn 25th August 2011
made me cry i love dogs as well!
Name: Angleena 28th August 2011
Poor Gelert wish I was there to tell the man the truth before he killed Gelert. Anyway you should not kill what so ever not even a animal ar insect it is not good!
Name: Nerisha 18th September 2011
very sad
Name: Sophie 29th September 2011
i love this story so much it is so sad i love gelert. i am an 11 year old girl who really wants a dog IDIOT SHOULD NOT HAVE KILLED GELERT !!!
Name: Miya 11th October 2011
very very very sad are head told us poor dog what did he do
Name: Kyle 13th October 2011
this made me cry:(
Name: Connor 13th October 2011
It was a bit sad :(
Dont jump to conclusions!
Name: Courtney 23rd October 2011
hey tht tam o shanter is way better
Name: Megan 8th November 2011
it was amazing
Name: Abbie Johnson 9th November 2011
its very sad that the dog died
Name: Ashleigh Gray 10th November 2011
was that a myth or legend
Name: Abbi McDonald 19th November 2011
I feel so sorry for gelert he was such a sweet dog i feel like crying :( R.I.P rest in pease
Name: Abbie 26th November 2011
poor dog i was learning about this story at school that terilbe wolf
Name: Alanya 1st December 2011
this is really sad :(
Name: Neil 2nd December 2011
this story is so sad i cried
Name: Sophia 15th December 2011
it was so sad i cried bless you doggie rest in peace
Name: Katy R 15th December 2011
this is horrib.e i cant believe the poor dog i love dogs how dare he kill him
Name: Katy R 12th January 2012
How dare he kill that dog that dog is amazing and omg i love him i have a dog and i would check the place for the baby first plus wouldnt he see the wolf ?? i love you gelert
Name: Cherry 13th January 2012
How cruel for him to kill the dog without any proof! HORRIABLE!! :\'(
Name: Emilia And Ellie-jay 21st January 2012
if only he thought to find out what happend before he killed gelert
Name: Emilia And Ellie-jay 21st January 2012
how mean why did he kill gelert !!!

Name: Lewis Geldart 28th January 2012
It was a very upsetting story because poor gelert died.
Gelert was a very brave!!
Name: Hi 30th January 2012
good fab awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Name: Elenna 31st January 2012
I think it is really good but i think you should make a bit longer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Jasmine 20th February 2012
really good but really sad to.
Name: Jasmine 20th February 2012
sad made me cry
Name: Samuel Rabinowitz 9th March 2012
Name: Paige 10th March 2012
make it faster
Name: Megan 25th March 2012
very good story i dont think i have any comments
Name: Sacha 27th March 2012
a very well written story he/she explaining the story very well and i thought very well, well done whoever made this film and story i cannot wait to see another film off yours
Name: Dustyn Nemiah 22nd May 2012
Its good for a younger person. It is a little childish
Name: Vinisha 9th June 2012
i like this story i cannot think why a olf would want a baby
Name: Bradley 22nd June 2012
really funny
Name: Sausage Head 2nd July 2012
it was ok bit strange
Name: Kam 2nd July 2012
be good if animated in english
Name: Sausages 2nd July 2012
very good story
Name: Kallan 2nd July 2012
this story is very exciting
Name: Dog Lover 18th October 2012
amazing story
Name: Mark 5th November 2012
it is great
Name: Aaliyah 14th November 2012
Good book
Name: Valentina 24th November 2012
I feel so sorry for the dog he got killed for no reason
The king couldn\'t of look for the baby or look around and will see the wolf daaa but good story and sad
Name: Cara Lydia Anthony (C.L.A) 11th January 2013
brilliant story but a bit sad
Name: Anna 29th January 2013
I feel so sorry for gelert I hate wolves now
Name: Thomas 31st January 2013
Lol amazing
Name: Amazing 3rd February 2013
o my felt lik cryin
best story ever
Name: Katherine 8th February 2013
amazzing story but very sad I feel so sorry for gelert
Name: Shannon 11th February 2013
So sad
Name: Lillie 12th February 2013
Its really good story
Name: Kezia 17th February 2013
this myth is what i learned about in school.I love this myth.
Name: Libby 18th February 2013
i love hound gelert im even going to bedgelert.
Name: Katie 22nd February 2013
i love dogs and this story i read it in school on friday the 22 of february
Name: Joshua 4th March 2013
Name: Mm 8th March 2013
Name: Hayden 8th March 2013
you should of looked before you killed the dog
Name: Rebecca 8th April 2013
i thought it was a really sad shocking story p.s i was crying my eyes out and my eyes nearly poppedout iwas crying like mad and i couldnt stop crying all year p.s i really really want
that dog!!!!!!!!xxx
Name: Daniel 14th April 2013
Top notch stuff
Name: Liza 23rd April 2013
This a Myth or Legend. Real or Made Up? Please tell me! I\'m dieing to know!
Name: Cherie 8th May 2013
sad :(
Name: Lilly 16th May 2013
the dog was only trying to help the baby so why kill him without knowing??
Name: Awesome1221 2nd June 2013
I feel so sad for the dog.
Name: Becky Strong 3rd June 2013
Poor Gelert, he was only trying to help! I feel so sad. So alone. I cry. I wish I had a Gelert in my life to guard me. Good wishes to all reading x
Name: Cerys 7th June 2013
Sad but a lovely story.oh poor gelert.thats one of my fave story's!!!
Name: Kyrond Dunn 11th June 2013
Poor dog
Name: TheDragon 5th October 2013
done this in school a heart-warming story I feel sorry for gelert its a true story so I feel soo miserable
Name: JIMMY 69 7th October 2013
Name: AinsleyHarriottIsMyDad 15th October 2013
I love Gelert, i just want to bite him
Name: Eviebethmcmillan 22nd October 2013
I's a sad story
Name: Kathrina 26th October 2013
Oh, that prince was so horrid, how could he misjudge such an innocent dog so quickly? He should have discovered the truth first, he doesn't deserve such a faithful dog, i wouldn't do that in a million years!
Name: Leann Luc 9th November 2013
I just hate the prince.What a poor dog.The prince should have looked around the room before he killed the poor dog.:( :( :( :( . It's so sad.
Name: Why Should You Know 6th December 2013
Stupid prince
Name: Faithful Girl 11th January 2014
I wish the prince never killed such a faithful dog who saved his child he should have looked around first
Name: Stargirl 12th January 2014
why did the king kil the dog first he should have looked around first
Name: Pixie 24th January 2014
So sad it made me and my friend cry when the prince killed Gelert the dog got plunge by the prince I'm crying again
Name: Jayda 31st January 2014
So sad but is a brilliant story I love reading this again and again but can my me cry my eyes out:(
Name: Jayda 1st February 2014
So sad but a brilliant story it did really make me cry though (still crying) I will never forget this wonderful story and it will always stay with me
Name: Ruth 1st February 2014
very good but sad
Name: Chanell 8th February 2014
Very good but sad story
Name: Isabelle 8th February 2014
this legend is freaky but good!:) im using it for english homework for a report!:)
Name: Isabelle 9th February 2014
Sorry, I didn't use this for English home work!I used 'Pandora's box' for it!
Name: Isabelle 9th February 2014
this IS A TRUE STORY!My mums' been to his grave. Its really really really sad,though!:(
Name: Sophie Griffiths 25th March 2014
aww xx saaad ;(
Name: Fiona 6th April 2014
I've used this myth for my homework and it is brill!
Name: Stevie 23rd April 2014
This story is fantastic but very sad at the same time but that isn\'t the princes fault even though he should of looked round for the baby. I think that this story is a legend and will always remain in my heart.

R.I.P Gelert
Name: Sol 29th April 2014
yes,apsouloutly fantastc story i loved every bit of it. i can wait for the film to come out anyway this is a fantastc comedy.
Name: Billy No Mates 8th June 2014
Thank you for the story, it helped me out a lot.This story is probably one of the saddest 'Myths' or 'chwedl', (in Welsh)anyway if any one is doing a homework on it I just want to say a Mabinogi is a collection of 4 myths in welsh culture.Just a fact for you.
Name: Maggie Price 15th June 2014
That was a really good storry
Name: Mike Miles 24th August 2014
This is exactly the same as told to me by a man in beddgelert over 60 years ago whilst on a camping holiday with my parents. I now live in Brisbane Queensland it is great to relive the old days. Thank you so much.

Mike Miles
Name: Agung Septa Riyanza 16th September 2014
I like the picture because I like katron
thank you.
Name: The Vamps 123 16th September 2014
This is a really sad story but it's really good

P.s I've seen gelerts grave
Name: Mohamed 11th October 2014
very good story and very sad
Name: Montem Academy School 25th October 2014
This was the best story that our schools have learnt in 90 years............#
Name: Rebecca 27th October 2014
i all redy knew this story , but is the best story ever!
Name: Poo 4th November 2014
Name: Lol 6th November 2014
looks cool
Name: Yolo 28th November 2014
wow! I really love this legend. we read it in school.
Name: Hey 17th January 2015
such a sad story
Name: Daisy 20th January 2015
Name: Suckers 21st January 2015
Sad myth to read
Name: Connor 3rd February 2015
it's no myth it's a legend
Name: Beast 5th February 2015
this story is a brave sad story.
Name: Beatrice 7th February 2015
I miss my recently deceased dog! :(

Name: Liliana 28th February 2015
I think it was sad because in school we all had to write the story of gelert.
Name: Chloe 22nd March 2015
I live in Beddgelert and the things
they said at the end aren't true. I live right near the dogs grave and I can't hear howling.
Name: Reece 16th April 2015
Is this story real?

Theres a picture of Gelerts Grave?
Name: Tyler 24th April 2015
dont like this cos we have 2 do work on it an I h8 work
Name: Ami 25th May 2015
This story is sad, I have seen the grave of Gelert
Name: Ceridwen 5th June 2015
Of course its real I've been their and the whole village is surrounded by field and one has the grave of Gelert.
Name: Nonie 8th June 2015
It's so sad gelert died
Name: Hannah 20th June 2015
Were did the legend come from
Name: Gavun 7th December 2015
It is called the mech husky
Name: Nadia 13th January 2016
I like the story kinda
Name: Letitia 26th January 2016
I really like the myth it\\\\\\\'s interesting and sad !!!
Name: Emma 6th March 2016
I have to read this in school and it is different to this story but I still like this story! I haven't seen the Gelert grave was in picture in Beddgelert!
Name: Cay 18th April 2016
I like this story, although it is sad. I have always wanted a dog.
Name: Joseph 9th May 2016
good story
Name: Joseph 9th May 2016
I love the story I wanted a dog
Name: Sweetgirl19234 13th July 2016
WOW !!! so sad GELERT NOP!!1
Name: Shahad 20th November 2016
Awww! Poor gelert😲😳😔☹️😟😞
Name: Hyper5bz 21st November 2016

Name: Kyra 13th January 2017
I woatch
this in school some people cry
Name: Corinne Genge 25th January 2017
Now this story makes me cry every time I see a
Name: Carl Hardin 4th February 2017
I was 8 years old when I first read this story in primary school, the teacher was reading it with us but I found it so fascinating that I read the story way ahead of the teacher and remember it had such a powerful effect on me and brought to the surface such emotions even though I was so young. I am now 72 years old but never ever forgot this story it had such a impact on me. So glad to have come across it again after all these years!
Name: Franz 10th February 2017
I like it
Name: Ethan 9th March 2017
I rember this story form my old school
Name: Mehak 1st May 2017
Heart-breaking story and so wonderfully read
Name: Verika Kuswaha 12th May 2017
it is a brave dog if I would I would think before I would attack to anyone

Name: Josh 17th May 2017
Loved it, its surprising to see good welsh myths/legends
Name: Sophie Moore 20th May 2017
this is good for school because we were learning about it.
Name: Harriet 9th September 2017
That is so sad


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