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The Legend of the Three Sisters

Name: Hunter 21st May 2008
This is awesome
Name: ROSEWYN 25th August 2008
my son loves this website. i was a little worried at frist but it seems okay. keep up the good work.
p.s: there should be more site like this
Name: Kaista10 15th November 2008
I like this
Name: Lily 23rd November 2008
I like this legend a lot !!! I had to use it for a project. Do you know any info about Liz Newby the author ? Message Back!!!!!!
Name: Omar Hussein 3rd January 2009
My little sister loves this website too, I want to show her this myth. i HOPE SHE LIKES IT.
Name: Superstar_Legend99 15th January 2009
Oh.. cool! I didn't know that! good myth!
Name: Bethany 31st January 2009
I just love this myth iv never heard it before ITS awsome!!!!!!!!!
Name: Lilly 31st January 2009
mayb the with doctor has found his bone
Name: Reena 3rd February 2009
i luv it
Name: Andrea 18th February 2009
I've been there:)
it's sooo nice and
Name: Nicole 22nd February 2009
The bone would of rotted now, sadly no humanrock will change back.
Name: Beatrice 24th February 2009
Pretty cool story. I'm going to put it in one of my homework projects. If you can, can you please put more aboriginal myths on your website.
Name: Adrienne..x 24th February 2009
yeah, this is a good legand.
its really interesting.
could you put some more on please...
Name: Emma 24th March 2009
Name: Jera 29th March 2009
this is a lovily sorry it is verry hellp full for me thank u
Name: Connor 29th March 2009
that was brill!
Name: Kireran And Harkeerat 30th March 2009
we really enjoyed it and we thought intresting and we would love to know what happens next.
Name: Charlotte Taylor 2nd April 2009
that was brill wow
Name: Charlotte Taylor 2nd April 2009
Name: Year4/5 Eton State School 6th April 2009
We thought that this story was excellent. We hope that one day soon we will be able to write one just as good.
Name: Henry 1st May 2009
I thought it was a really good legend
Name: Bdfhgfjhf 1st May 2009
it was sooooooooooooo awsome
Name: Ella 1st May 2009
it was soo interesting.

I REALLY liked it.
Name: Marcus D 8th May 2009
it was a sad sad story
Name: Riana-rose 8th May 2009
It was a sad story
Name: Elvis Paz 14th May 2009
nice story
Name: Lonika 16th May 2009
what an interesting story
Name: Clare 22nd May 2009
Wow it was very different!
Name: Candace Appleby 27th May 2009
That story was great
Name: Isabella 27th May 2009
That was a great story.
Name: Fizz 2nd June 2009
Kwly Some Great Tale Its Awsome Keeep It Up Pple...xx
Name: Esther 18th August 2009
great story!!!!!!
Name: Nixon 3rd September 2009
well done mate! keep it up!!
Name: Sarah 1st October 2009
that was well gud keep it up and u may becum a writer
Name: Lewis 1st October 2009
i thought that it was a great tale i would love to read some more
it was the best tale i have
read yet on this site at the moment

Name: Samuel Hobson 1st October 2009
It was cool but I want to know did he ever find the magic bone
Name: Haniah 3rd October 2009
i really enjoyed this story can u pls make a few more stories like this?
Name: Millie 28th October 2009
It is very good and quite sad
Name: Crystal 2nd November 2009
its very cool. My mum lives in auzzie near the Blue Mountain. she lives in Mt Druit when she arrived she saw the sisters formation in the cliffs and she was AMAZED!!!!! Can you explain 2 me the LION???
Name: Brianna 6th November 2009
well that was a pretty good one ive heard a lot of auzzie one but that the best lol
Name: Anisha 19th November 2009
That story was really good i just loved that story it was really exciting but i didnt understand one thing about that Burpiyn i didnt understand what that creature was because the writer never described the creature in detiled was it a lion or a another creature but i think that the story was FANTASTIC!!!!!!
Name: Jamila Rahman 19th November 2009
The story was good and intresting.
Name: Eleisha 25th November 2009
That story was very good. And i have been there and met an aborignie
Name: Eloise 30th November 2009
i really enjoyed the legend
Name: Heather 22nd December 2009
It is a very good story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Muskaan 28th December 2009
It was a foggy day when i went the second time to blue mountains.It was a very,very fun and happy day!!!!!
Name: Boom Boom Clap 30th December 2009
Yo yo yo Myths and Legends Team!!! This is like, the total best legend eva!!!
Ya should make more like dis!!
Name: FREAKY! 5th January 2010
this is really freaky, i wouldn't want to get in the wrong hands off this monster.Now lets think what would you do if you were to fight with it?
Name: Adrian 12th January 2010 was so good......
Name: WOW 28th January 2010
Name: Muppet 3rd February 2010
wicked story. i love the way you described the characters.
Name: Pepper 13th February 2010
It was brilliant
Name: Ashley 16th February 2010
it was SCARY!
Name: Amy 22nd February 2010
it was scary fabulas i thought it was very amazing.Even better than me
Name: Mele Finau 23rd February 2010
i really liked the story it reminds me of me and my two sisters. it was kind of scary for me but overall cool as story.
Name: Olivia 23rd February 2010
I think it was a really good story and i could read it over and over again.
Name: Djdanny 25th February 2010
brilliant story a bit scary but cool
it reminds me of my dad searching for his car keys
Name: Chelsi 26th February 2010
I like this story, actually i don't like it but ILOVEIT! This was the first story that i could really say "wow" congrats!
Name: Lizzie 27th February 2010
Name: Timmy 3rd March 2010
i love the austarlian voice i love it

P.S watch district 9 its awesome he got a well cool voice
Name: Naomi 29th March 2010
this is the best story i have heard in years!
Name: Sophie LlanelliGirl 3rd April 2010
I love this story! We done it in school and i loved it . The Bunyip's a real evil guy but storys for him are just easy to o I have done one !! Awesome !! I'll email it to you !! Bye
Name: Lisa 20th April 2010
Funny, I live in the Blue mountains!
Name: Erin 21st April 2010
i think your webite is good for kids
Name: Macey 28th April 2010
This story is amazing!!!!!
i loved it!
we are doing it at our school for drama!
This is the best ever!
Name: Tiahni 30th April 2010
This story is a good one I wish I could go there!!!
Name: A Guy. 5th May 2010
good story
Name: Nana-Ama 8th May 2010
I am only a 10 year old girl and my teacher told me to go on this website i find it very very entertaining! Keep it up! i loved this story itsz very entertaining.
Name: Bonnie Lol 13th May 2010
it is kool as lol
Name: Me Xxx 9th July 2010
Its sad how it ended like a tragedy.
Name: Alisha 9th July 2010
Even though i am only 8 i enjoyed it alot. i think it is very sad and dejecting and the end
Name: Lisa 16th July 2010
hi it is a great story
Name: Rhia 31st July 2010
this is awesome, i like the fact if the guy ever finds his bone the girls will be okay :)
Name: Lisa 24th August 2010
The girls might be freaked out by the terrible monster, I would be!
Name: Steve 1st September 2010
hello people this is a very good story to change in a play we did it for our school play sorry we used this story but it was the best one we could find. thank you alot for your patisapation and you are a really good group of people that write stories
Name: Steve 1st September 2010
this is a awesome story keep up the good work
Name: Fiza Noor 19th September 2010
Your story was fantastic.It was so interesting that I kept on looking at this story again and again!What a good story! I give this story 4 stars!
Name: FizaNoor 21st September 2010
I liked this story.You are quite good at stories!It was sooooooooooo good!!!
Name: Bob 26th September 2010
Name: Fiza Noor 10th October 2010
What a fantastic story it is,thank you very much Myths and legends team and thanks who ever wrote this story. Can I know the name of this author that wrote this fantastic story? I would be glad to know the name of the author. THANKS Bye
Name: Julia Gnifka 12th December 2010
graet story i loved the beast.
Name: Kacper 14th December 2010
I like this website
Name: AG8 20th December 2010
a realy gr8 story
enyway can some one tell me the
auther beacause i,m diying for this question so can someone tell me that
and it realy is a lovely story and its
just tht i love viseting this website i only visit it wen i just get some free
computer time when i have nothing to do
or when i get board i just visit it.Thanx for reading my comennt.!
Name: Me 678 22nd December 2010
gr8 story.
Name: Nina 23rd December 2010
wow this storii kind of scares me
Name: Elizabeth 8th January 2011
this story is realy good you should be proud of your selves
Name: Billy Bob Junior 10th January 2011
make me cry :)
Name: Clemmie 15th January 2011
really good.i cannot beleive the father is still trying to frind the bone!!!!!!
Name: Amy Merrygold 20th January 2011
This is really good thankyou who ever put this here its helped me out alot and its very interesting to find out stuff like this.
Name: Olivia Little 3rd February 2011
cool i love it well done to who created it
Name: Lauren 6th February 2011
this is really fab
Name: Loren 17th February 2011
Thanks, this helped alot for my school project.
Name: Lily 18th February 2011
this is an amazing story its really helped me with my english home work!
Name: Natalia 21st February 2011
That was awesome and was very interesting and helped me with writng my myth.
Name: Natalia 22nd February 2011
it was awsome brada
Name: Kevina Crystal 23rd February 2011
it was magical and make me read it again
Name: Lordwickedface 23rd February 2011
This was awesome that was a very interesting one!
Name: Anita 28th February 2011
you did not give a nice ending
Name: Lordwickedface 28th February 2011
yeah i think I seen this story before but I'm not quite sure who had made it
Name: Ow25101 1st March 2011
Name: Curren 2nd March 2011
its cool blue moutines are cool
Name: Hannah 3rd March 2011
eeem that was kinda boring
Name: Alice 5th March 2011
my grandad told me a similar story
Name: JAMIE HALL 5th March 2011
Good, love the wodgeamicolit monster thing.
Name: Emily 14th March 2011
it was good
Name: Amy 18th March 2011
this is awesome
Name: Ruusunen 19th March 2011
avery very good story well done!!!
Name: Caitlin Gwilliams 27th March 2011
A very good tale, I have submitted 1 for the grange primary school called Athena and the half dead beast hope you get a chance to read it
By Caitlin
Name: Abby Daker 28th March 2011
This is the best story ever!Is it real or made up?
Name: Caitlin Little 1st April 2011
this is brilliant!
Name: Sophia 2nd April 2011
This is a great story! Quite cool...:-)
Name: Dalia 4th April 2011
i love it iwach tis at school i was laughing my head of when i saw that monster!!!!!!!!
Name: Lola 12th April 2011
brilliant good work
Name: Mahesh 14th April 2011
It's really scary and cool story.
Name: SidneyAnn.....xox 20th April 2011
I love it 2 The max i know i sound weird but i love Legends and Myths :) Oxox SidneyAnn Keri
Name: Yeah Yeah 26th April 2011
yeah bro this is the best story ever
Name: ' #ya Know ? 3rd June 2011
This is a good ' story shows how ' much dads cares about loved ones ..
Name: Yi 20th June 2011
cool alsome prfecrto
Name: :v 23rd June 2011
Nicee story the Bunyipp made mee jumppp :D
Name: Rodel 14th July 2011
I really appreciate your I wish I could show this in my class since we are on there any way that I can download such kind of presentation? thanks.
Name: Ss 26th July 2011
Name: Rain 7th September 2011
I enjoyed this story. It was very interesting. :)
Name: Ellie 20th September 2011
brilliant story
Name: Leah 20th September 2011
omg it is the exactly the same.!!!!
Name: Shimi 22nd September 2011
I luv this story so much dat i wish there father would find the magical bone someday

Name: Lolo 1st October 2011
i love this story
Name: John 17th October 2011
its alright
Name: Voneta 17th October 2011
ilove this old story :)
Name: Patricia 17th October 2011
awesome......i luv it
Name: Felicity 24th October 2011
the three sisters is a good story to lesin to
Name: TheMythCreator 19th November 2011
Awesome Production,U Should Make Some More Cool Myths/Legends Good Luck
Name: Selina 24th November 2011
this is a super story and a bit scary,conseqently
i still love it .
Name: Megan White 26th November 2011
Fab love it
Name: Lara Clement 27th November 2011
So Cool, a little sad too.
Name: Isabel Osman 17th December 2011
I love this story,its a bit scary but its very fasinating!!
Name: Turquoise 6th January 2012
This is FIRST CLASS!Everything about it is fab!I wish I could of looked at this one first!
Hope you guys enjoyed just as much as me.
Name: Honey 8th January 2012
Scary and sad, the two terrible S's
Name: Emily Ward 12th January 2012
what a great story,i love it.
Name: Taylor 16th January 2012
Wow , glad it didnt hapen really!!!!!
Name: Elle 23rd January 2012
its good!
Name: Ruth 24th January 2012
i like this sort legend
Name: Adam 1st February 2012
i love this!
Name: Lily 1st February 2012
wow!that was amazing
Name: Husnah 12th February 2012
IS THIS LEGEND TRUE IF IT IS SORT OF AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Amy 14th February 2012
omg is this story actually true?
Name: Persephone 20th February 2012
That story is very sad,I hope that the father will find the bone.Is that story real!!?
Name: Olivia 20th February 2012
amsing what a legend i love it it a true story thats what i belive in i love it so much
Name: Sairah 21st February 2012
i dont think it is real but it is kind of scary i gonna be scared ahh but also coll and is it a legend or a myth
Name: Ishika 22nd February 2012
I love it so much
Name: Libsters 29th February 2012
i love the story because ive think its brilant it reminds my astrailan techer miss wood.
Name: Hailee 1st March 2012
thats a good book!!!
Name: AMY 2nd March 2012
Name: Mia 4th March 2012
it was fab the best story Ive read in this program who are you the best auther in the world just look at that wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Ayasha 6th March 2012
i love thiz story bruv :D
Name: Stefanie 14th March 2012
Name: Layla 15th March 2012
WOW oh wow
Name: Myri 16th March 2012
I like this story.....and it was a great, believable is soooo lucky I did my homework.
Name: Lutisha 16th March 2012
i love this movie amazing best bama story
Name: A.Gray 16th March 2012
i think the story of the three sisters was sad because the sisters never came back from being a stone because the father never found his magic bone!
Name: Nathan 20th March 2012
dude i just found this website and it is the bees knees, the cats pyjamas it is the best
Name: Amy 1st April 2012
i love that storie and i did a little research and i found the three stones, they are bigger than you think.!!!!!
Name: Brooke 1st April 2012
Woah! Ive been on this site for like over a year and this is the best story I have watched so far!
Name: Evgenia 16th April 2012
This was actually a really good story!
Name: Elliot 27th April 2012
why did the man go dawn there if there is a monstser there + how do u play it.
Name: Dhruv 30th April 2012
where was it made
Name: Ben 29th May 2012
Very interesting
Name: ELOISE 30th May 2012
I enjoyd the story but is it true because I'm not to sure there is a such thing as a bunyip.
Name: Geogie 7th June 2012
the seven sisters is a story that is the same
Name: Lessy 12th June 2012
this is the best story in the wholre intre world who ever wrote this is the best in the world
Name: Jan 19th June 2012
Name: Pineapple 21st June 2012
I like this story very much.Because I am learning about ancient aboriginals at school.I would like to see more stories like this.I may even write one myself.
Name: Tiger 28th June 2012
Name: Alanah Langley 29th June 2012
at school my friend nikki cardoza says she likes myths and legends especially theseus and the minataur
Name: Megan 3rd July 2012
i liked it
Name: Jelena 14th August 2012
too fast but really good i give it a 9/10
Name: Genevieve 28th August 2012
I like it but AUTO was annoying. I had to do a webquest, I enjoyed it but my all favourite story was the Snow Maiden.
Name: HI 9th October 2012
I like this, aussies rule
Name: Abc 17th October 2012
Name: Lia 25th October 2012
Name: Masitr 29th October 2012
Name: Doris 30th October 2012
i've been there
Name: Zendaya 6th November 2012
wow i really like that story its awsome
Name: Niamh 11th November 2012
great story i think u r going to be a famous writer
Name: Tyson 12th November 2012
WOW its cool
Name: Susan 3rd December 2012
That was the best story
Name: Pandora 6th December 2012
Is there a real place in Gondawana with these 3 rocks? i need to know, please.
Name: Susan 6th December 2012
that was cool
Name: Liana 16th January 2013
Name: Luke 17th January 2013
the monster was creepy
Name: Megan 18th January 2013
that was epic
Name: Sophie 20th January 2013
very interesting , I liked it!!!
Name: Beneditah 22nd January 2013
that was epic
Name: Shontayne 5th February 2013
I like because it very intesting and I like it.that was epic.
Name: Rebecca 16th February 2013
i love this story
Name: Matildaaged9 21st February 2013
but! scary!
I like it!
Name: Caitlin Age:13 27th February 2013
It's great a little spooky though!
Name: Hanna 27th February 2013
i loved this story it was relly good but i wish that i had the bone xo that i could turn them back to a humun
Name: Jodie Higginson 9th March 2013
This is an excellent Legend! :)
Name: Ellajae 17th March 2013
Have you publised have the birds got their colours? i really enjoy that story. please put it up if you havent already.
Name: Chelsea Burrows 10th April 2013
i do like the story but it upsetting they can\'t turn back into humans
Name: Kishora 19th April 2013
It's a very nice legend. It's sad that the three sisters are not aboriginal girls, they are made up of stone!
Name: Paris 20th April 2013
So sad that they cant be human again, but it was a good story
Name: THE LITTLE HEN 30th April 2013
really good story pity the girls cant become human again until he finds his bone
Name: Charis 4th May 2013
Very sad...:(
Name: Ellie 7th May 2013
its a shame they didnt become human again but it was a good story
Name: Riley 23rd May 2013
This story was awesome you might have a good brain working
Name: Blanca 27th May 2013
I want to go to Australia
Name: MOLLI AND LAUREN 3rd June 2013
Name: Kasey 24th June 2013
So cool
Name: Nurzalifah 15th July 2013
The story is really interesting and I hope that if there is a next chapter or book about it, I hope Tyawan finds his magic bone...
Name: Patz 30th July 2013
Name: Freya 14th August 2013
very interesting my cousin lives in Austraila i wonder if she knows this story if she did why did she never tell me!
Name: Sabir Malik 19th August 2013
Very good story
Name: Mia 23rd August 2013
I live in Australia and have been to The Blue Mountains,
I saw the bird, and we were told this story
Name: Apple 11th September 2013
you should upgrade it so you have the characters the setting and more details about the myth or legend.
Name: It's Me Apple Again 12th September 2013
i need help on understanding why they told the story but other than that i LOVE this story!!!!ILYSILYS
Name: N 15th September 2013
a story for pepole of all ages
Name: Anisah 17th September 2013
I love listening to myths and legends!!!!!!!
Name: Kait 2nd October 2013
Name: Adrian 12th October 2013
i hope he found hi magic bone
Name: Miss J 29th October 2013
wow, that's quiet a interesting myth, great for summaries
Name: Bri 7th November 2013
Wow! This is a superb story...great plot, climax and overall a great story! KEEP IT UP!!
Name: Adelina 17th November 2013
I really like it . But how can i save the photos to my computer? I need them :D
Name: Grace 3rd December 2013
I think it was O.K. because it was interesting I guess.I came to this website
because I needed to read a myth or legend for this thing at my school called reado when you read a certain type of genre and this myth/legend sounded interesting so yeah.:-)
Name: Isabella 14th January 2014
I loved it its brilliant
Name: Naomi 21st January 2014
wow that was great i wish i can think of something like that
Name: Natasha 21st January 2014
its alright i guess.
Name: Steve 28th January 2014
I hate it
Name: Laima 30th January 2014
I love the bunyip.
Name: Inuri Hettiarachchi 1st February 2014
i luv this website,so intresting to learn...and the legend abt da three sisters is so sad and hope that it was a true story...will definitely visit this again and share some of Sri Lankan legends as well
Name: Boo Boo 3rd February 2014
Love it
Name: Cocopops 4th February 2014
this is a nice story
Name: Volcom 25th February 2014
Yeah real great story
Name: Greg 3rd March 2014
this is my favourite myth on this page
Name: Major Bunny 11th March 2014
hey nice story
Name: Mr.Anonymous 17th March 2014
it was ok
Name: Zebra 31st March 2014
The bunyip lookes weeeeiiiiirrrrddddd.
Name: Mila 5th April 2014
I think that this legend is very good
Name: Doc Brown 8th April 2014
Bunyips are extremely dumb.
Why would a bone be magical?
Turning girls into stone is just idiotic!
This is a very noneducational legend to
mix our smart heads upside down!!!
Name: Rabeya Sultana 21st April 2014
I like this story.
Name: Limpet 14th May 2014
why wouldn't the father just turn the bunyip into stone instead of the daughters!
Name: Kiyara 19th May 2014
Its all the centipede's fault! i hate centipedes!!!!
Name: Kaylie 12th June 2014
im learning about myths in school so i say its a yousful website
Name: Emilia 28th July 2014
Bad bunyip…and centipede!!!!!!!
Name: Miya 1st August 2014
Great story
Name: Poo 29th August 2014
Name: Emma 2nd September 2014
Amazing. Really useful.
Name: May 12th September 2014
Hello. sorry but this is the wrong page to be commenting on its for the mermaid and the magic comb. thank u for your brilliant story/myth/ledgend!
Name: AWSOME 7th October 2014
Name: Brooke 7th October 2014
this is a very interesting story about the three sisters and plus it was in Australia
Name: Hi 8th October 2014
Nice story
Name: Anon 19th October 2014
That's sad....
Name: Hi 7th November 2014
this story is very good i belive this myth anyone else
Name: Anonymous 17th November 2014
This was an amazing story. Way better than I had expected!
Name: Taissiya 20th November 2014
The story was very nice and I liked it a lot and would like to hear more stories.
Name: Gieniel 2nd December 2014
this story is so amazing..♥♥♥
I like it a lot...
Name: Alicia 26th December 2014
I'd love this story
Name: Dwana 13th January 2015
is this a legend or a myth
Name: Dima 13th January 2015
what is this book legend or myth
Name: Princess Emeka 13th January 2015
yh me too is was awesome
Name: Lily 10th March 2015
this myth is real werid and kinda of scary too.
Name: Sg 17th March 2015
Name: Kiara 2nd April 2015
amazing i love love love that are the 3 sisters in aurtralia
Name: DEVANSHU GUPTA 13th April 2015
nice presentation, HTML
Name: Amaan 13th April 2015
he could have turned the girls into birds instead of himself!!!
Name: Shrek 15th April 2015
10 shreks out of 10
Name: Moya 1st May 2015
I love this website!
Name: Avery 20th May 2015
that was Awesome I loved it I only thought it was kinde annoying that the third girl didnt hit the centapide. :(
Name: Jasmina 27th May 2015
I love this webstie.
Name: Keziah 12th June 2015
Hi like to make in a account
Name: Shshhs 23rd July 2015
short story but still awesome
Name: Your Mum 4th August 2015
Name: C PERIOD HISTOEY 18th August 2015
Name: Lucy 18th September 2015
This story was very interesting for me (living in Australia). I hope to see more stories from Australia
Name: Holly 23rd September 2015
very good book quite interesting. me and my friend give a thumbs up!!!!!!!! :)
Name: Kylie123 24th November 2015
that was sad and awesome at the same time
Name: Tove123 2nd December 2015
Hi I Think that the story was very intresting
Name: Max 27th January 2016
I said this before but know I mean it this is the best one on here a nice short story at a good speed I loved it.
Name: Pinkie Pie 28th January 2016
i like the dog monster
Name: 5soslover 5th February 2016
love all aboriginal dreamtime stories from australia
Name: Ashleigh 14th February 2016
i like it but it is verry short in think you could add a little more on to it or make it more intresting
Name: Dfkvykfdvtky 29th March 2016
I like the monsteR thingy majig
Name: Bro 29th March 2016
I thought they were gonna get kidnapped
Name: BIVASH 2nd April 2016
WOnderful story, good animation. Good enough to keep the kids interested
Name: Aiyana 14th April 2016
Very wonderful subscription and it was a great story
Name: Bob 9th May 2016
i love it
Name: Unknown 10th May 2016
I have seen a website simliar to this.
Name: Maryam 30th May 2016
Name: Libby 15th June 2016
this is really good
Name: Paige 15th June 2016
This is AMAZING i liked it when the father lost the magical bone
Name: Alsation 16th June 2016
really cool i enjoyed it!
Name: Paige 7th September 2016
It was very good
Name: Gabby 21st September 2016
I thought the myth was very cool because I liked the monster. The monster had very big, sharp teeth. I liked the magic bone and the way he could turn his daughters into stone.
Name: Lui 5th October 2016
I love this this
Name: Hi 12th December 2016
I like it but why would you turn your daughters into stone? I mean come on, really?
Name: DinaSaleh 30th December 2016
i have a great story that i would LOVE to share with EVERYONE!! do i make it?
Name: DinaSaleh 30th December 2016
hey iam from America and iam adam salhs sister!!! I LUV THIS STORY.
Name: Smart 16th January 2017
It is awesome
Name: Eva Kraus 1st June 2017
The "Three Sisters" is a wonderful little fairy tail, one of which I have not heard of until now.
Name: Micaela 24th October 2017
The story is very interesting, but I found it very similar to a Peruvian folktale called the 'Sleeping Beauty' and thought I'd mention it because it seemed rather interesting that they had some similarities when they were all across the globe from each other. Once again, great story :).
Name: Holly 4th December 2017
the story was made me crie it is amazing thing to wach.i love the story.
Name: Irish Girl 19th March 2018


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