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The Robber Dunne, the Staple and the Ring

Name: Sasha & Aaron 7th January 2008
A great story it will help younger ones understand with them pictures
Name: Emma 6th March 2008
helloo it was a good story
Name: Lucy Costello 9th March 2008
i dont relly like that story could you add a bit more information
Name: Jamie 9th March 2008
this helped me with my book review, it is a local story and good thank u
Name: Sarah 6th September 2008
It is a good story
we are learning about myths at school
Name: Perry 24th October 2008
i live near Dustable and never new this good work
Name: Sandra 7th June 2009
Intresting. my class are learning about myths and legends. this is a very outstanding story for us too learn.
Name: Bob 15th September 2009
bob, its bad.
Name: Gemma T 17th September 2009
intersting loved it thnx
Name: Niamh M From St.joes School 24th September 2009
i think it was cool
Name: Shannon M 6th February 2010
i think it was good
Name: Rita Swift 31st July 2010
The name Dunstable is derived from the Anglo Saxon word dun or dune meaning hill and stapel or staple meaning market. Dunstable is therefore the market place by the hills which it is
Name: Katie 8th January 2011
i think it was really cool
Name: Josh 13th January 2011
I thought Robert dunne didn't derserve to die because he found the ring.
Name: Adam 13th January 2011
This is a funny story, you could read it again and again.
Name: Sabrina 13th January 2011
I love every single bit of it.It is so exciting except for when he gets hung - it is scary.
Name: Amelia 13th January 2011
I think it was realy cool and sooo good. I would love to find out what happens next. It was so fun.
Name: Jamie 13th January 2011
I thougt it was the best myth i have heard.
Name: Matthew 13th January 2011
I liked the story it was fantastic,but I did not like the part when he got hung because that was very grusome !
Name: Tommy 13th January 2011
It was a great story I loved it.
I would'nt like to live in that town.
Name: Kiran 13th January 2011
That was a fantastic story!
It had a brilliant ending,
but I wouldn't want to steal the King's
Ring and Staple.
Name: Jessica 13th January 2011
I thought it was good and very cool.
Name: Jacob 13th January 2011
I liked it, it was a very good story. I liked the bit when you saw all the guards running around the screen - it was very funny and silly to me.
Name: Matty 13th January 2011
I liked the staple and the ring. The outlaws were clever.
Name: Chloe 13th January 2011
I think it was really cool but I thought that the robber should have been put in jail rather than die.
Name: Ellie 7th February 2011
i thought this was really good and used it for my home work
Name: Aiesha 20th February 2011
i like this story because you thought that it was going to be scarey.
Name: Megan 13th March 2011
i thought he would died
Name: Haleema 14th March 2011
i think it is really cool and i will show it to my tescher because we are doing legends
Name: Shannon 1st June 2011
Well I think that the story was very, what's going to happen next and I enjoy things like that.
Name: Jamal 16th October 2011
i think its cool for younger ones it helps them whith tere reading to best web site aber
Name: Hay Is For Horses 17th May 2012
this story is not that great it can be a little bit better read than it is right now im writing my own myth and legend and it is alot better than this no offence but it is my oppinion it is just not realy good i think it can be a little more better than it is written right now
Name: L360 8th May 2013
I've been doing about this today it really helps me
Name: Roger 14th February 2014
excuse me but I think its good1@
Name: Minecraft Miners 2nd March 2014
well, it was good but short
Name: Alex Of Course Loves Pikachu 3rd March 2014
Very Good story
Name: M82 50cal 3rd March 2014
Very good but I recommend Pandora`s box
Name: Besty Hayes 11th March 2014
I love this website!!!!!
Name: PIKACHUUUU IS AWESOME 25th March 2014
Name: Konke 28th March 2014
this website is the best
Name: Weston 4th June 2014
Nice story
Name: Nafisa 2nd July 2014
Nice story its jst fantastic
Name: Bai Asma Andig Sagan 26th July 2014
So nice... fantastic...
Name: Ibtisaam 15th September 2014
Name: Peanut 19th June 2017
Really good fun and but I did hate the nicest in there
Name: James S 2nd February 2018


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