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The Black Dogs of Bungay

Name: James 18th April 2007
This story is so cool. Could you tell me where the church is? because I want to see the scratch marks on the door and I want to see the badge of the place.
Name: Stacie 4th October 2007
OMG!!! I luv it!!!
Name: Victoria 4th November 2007
It was not very good at first but as it got to the black wolf bit it then got dead scary and cool! Loved it!
Name: Nadia 18th November 2007
I liked the story because the dogs lived in the end.
Name: Isobel 20th November 2007
I like the bit where the dog sets fire to the people in the church.
Name: Nathan Govus 19th July 2008
I was creating a story on story creater 2 with a black dog apearing outside a castle.
Name: Emma 15th October 2008
this is a horible story(not in a mean way in the other way)
Name: Olivia 12th November 2008
The wolf isn't so scarey as a black dog
Name: Adam 26th November 2008
brill best one yet i would give you 1000/1000
Name: Lauren 9th December 2008
I like the story because the words are very
descriptive and its scarey
Name: Sylvanna 2nd February 2009
this story was stunning and had a lot of character in it.the pictures were great.the violent was very little .but great story
Name: Jake 10th February 2009
Haha, the Narrator has a good tone, but Black Shuck is not really said quite like that :)

I love the strory of Black shuck though.
Name: Georgiia 26th February 2009

That was a great story
i like the idea of the black shuck
not that scary and it was a bit wierd

But Great
Name: Patrick 3rd March 2009
This story was totally AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!
But I think the bit when the people were burning in the churches
Name: Sarah.m 17th March 2009
this was really cool:):):):):)
Name: Ellie Brundan 30th March 2009
i thought it was realy exiting
Name: Justin 28th April 2009
I like this story very good
Name: Ubah 22nd June 2009
this is great
Name: LemonX 3rd July 2009
very good. but quite scary
Name: LemonX 3rd July 2009
very excellent indeed
Name: Caitlin Thacker 6th July 2009
Wow what great storys there are the one i really enjoy the witch in the bottle
Name: Jasyendy 18th August 2009
Really Good Story, But It was scary, i like Other storys besides this one, But keep getting brilliant new stories.
Name: 549 18th October 2009
This is one of my favourite stories.
Name: Chloe 27th November 2009
The Black dog's of bungay are scary i hope thay dont apier in my house thay realy scare me alot.
Name: Nathan 27th December 2009
That was good maybe you could check out mine someday. Its called the boy and the fairy travel.
Name: Fyguytrt 14th January 2010
it is good
Name: Melissa Jer 24th January 2010
i think it was cool because the dogs had really cool eyes and plus it was sacry:):):):)
Name: Elliemmmm 28th January 2010
wow this is really scary
Name: Chloe 6th February 2010
How do you make those story's sooooo scary?the black dogs of bungey are very scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Charlie 15th February 2010
it was a great story but I think that there just happened to be a black dog when the churches caught fire.
Name: JACK 26th February 2010
Name: Anna May 28th February 2010
It sounds as though it was made up to scare of theives!!!!
Name: Chloe 9th March 2010
I think that is good and not scary

Name: Cameron 9th March 2010
This story is really really good!!!
Name: Caathrynn 23rd March 2010
lol. i think its very wiereddd. andd funnyy :L he he..
Name: George 27th March 2010
love this story LOL funny
Name: Faysal 5th April 2010
it was good story cooolllllllllllllllllllllllll thats wat i call a story
Name: Kim & Phil 22nd April 2010
We Enjoyed The Movie That Much I Even Saved Up Our Dinner Money (£19.99) So Buy This Video On Dvd & My Mummys Set His Woooffing Noices As A Ring Tone !

Name: Alex 6th June 2010
that was so
ccccccccccccccccccccccoooooollllllllllll i loved the dieing bit
Name: Chloe 4th July 2010
that story wasnt scary but my 5yr old couson jumpted allot but i dont care
Name: Shannon Mott 7th November 2010
yes that was so good very creative xxx
Name: Br 18th January 2011
I live in barsham witch is right next to bungay and I love hearing stories about black shuck!! i first heard it when my mum told me that the church school my dad works in is right next to the place were black shuck did the fire at the chuch
Name: Maria 20th January 2011
very good
Name: Caitlin 16th February 2011
that was verygood,bu the wolves scared me a bit
Name: Neil Skinner 20th March 2011
Like it, very informative, entertaining yet fun. Well done, long may ye reign.
Name: Tommy 1st April 2011
Name: Andrei 27th April 2011
So scaryyyy...
Name: Ted 28th April 2011
Its actually pronounced bungee not bungaay and bi.god not bigod. live in bungay
Name: Holly 29th April 2011
I would not want to run into that dog!
Name: Rebecca 7th July 2011
I absolutley love dogs but i wouldn't want to run into that one on a dark night. I've seen pictures of the dogs clawed scratch marks and ive got to say you can't fake them!!!
Name: Doug 20th July 2011
I really want to go to the church so i can have a close look at the scratch marks on the door!
Name: Jordan 13th September 2011
what wos kool
Name: Georgina 13th September 2011
i really enjoyed it
Name: Amin 13th September 2011
very good
Name: Ishika 29th September 2011
i dont find that scary at all because im have a black hound
Name: Mythsmmm 12th October 2011
that was a really good one but not scary.
Name: Imogen 9th December 2011
kind of freaky
Name: Niththigan 9th January 2012
that is a bit scary because i saw one
Name: Siman Ania 11th January 2012
so scary ohhhhhhhhhh
Name: Kacey 14th February 2012
A bit scary!
Name: *** Aphrodite*** 4th March 2012
I think the dog looks adorable and cute!
Name: Owen AKA The Real Black Shook 7th March 2012
ive already read this its good
Name: Bazinga 14th June 2012
i think the story was very gory but very good
Name: Triangle 3sides 14th June 2012
Really scary the dog was realy freaky.Tingles kept going through me when the dog appeared at the castle.
Name: Elsie11 14th June 2012
this is a very good video but the dog is quit freaky.
Name: Wolfie 26th June 2012
That was really scary, you should make warnings for these terrifying myths and legends. 6-25-12
Name: Ella 4th July 2012
How am I ment to sleep now;(
Name: WolfMan 18th July 2012
That wasnt scary :0
Name: Eve 6th September 2012
this isngt scary but i suppose it would be if i was in the situation,its very intresting learning about thisits very educational.
Name: Lauren 22nd November 2012
great story!!!!
Name: Noah 6th December 2012
I Love This Story!!!!
Name: Tia 11th December 2012
Hey! i live in bungay!
Name: LOL 22nd February 2013
Name: Amy 9th March 2013
I love this myth. Although it is sad, I like myths. It's my favourite history!
Name: Abby 22nd March 2013
loverly story but i am a bit scared
Name: Eve 2nd April 2013
really good story
Name: Bryn 11th April 2013
Do you know what's best about this story to me? Bungay is only six miles away from me and my dad works next to the church and I’ve seen the claw marks!
Name: Cara Thomas 18th April 2013
i loved the story but is it really true bucauce it sared me a lot. and yes i do beleive in ghosts.
Name: Isla 18th April 2013
i know the black hounds are reall cuz i have seen them with my own eyes i have also seen the claw marks on the church.

ohhhh spooky
Name: Greg 29th September 2013
My dad said when he was at school near Bungay, a kid saw Black Shuck. 6 months later he woz dead.
Name: Isabelle 8th February 2014
Name: SSundee 7th March 2014
FAAAAAAAAAAAAKE But a nice and almost scary story.
Name: Yo 14th March 2014
this is a really good story and almost scared me and my grandparents!!!!!!! I however do not quite believe the story
Name: Amazing 14th March 2014
this story is amazing, awesome, and cool but be aware it is rather scary!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Ben 17th March 2014
to those who dont believe i supose you knoe everything and lived in the 1100s and 1500s unless are scared and afraid to believe in it lmao if it dont exist why is it known round the whole on england???
Name: Jam Jar 23rd March 2014
SCARY!! But awesome.
Name: Deede 21st April 2014
I love it
Name: Kaitie 13th May 2014
that was good but there is no such thing as ghosts.
Name: Emma-Jane 21st July 2014
I\\\'ve seen this with my friend holly and we think the dog died and came back as a black ghost dog.
Name: Trinity 11th December 2014
the story was great but why did you use the black shuck for the story?
Name: Adam 4th March 2015
this is awesome
Name: Fnaf Lover 1st April 2015
This is a great Halloween story!^_^
Name: Simone Sosa 17th April 2015
I love it
Name: HUNTTAYLORN 2005 13th May 2015
Name: Me 27th January 2016
really good i like dogs
Name: KPGG 26th February 2016
Name: Hi 7th April 2017
wow!!!!! :) :0
Name: Finley 27th September 2017
Name: Guy 27th November 2017
good storys
Name: I Like Storys 14th December 2017
good story
Name: Lola 2nd February 2018
very frigtning
Name: Shauna Quinn 6th February 2018
gave me a nightmare


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