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A Mermaid And A Magic Comb

Name: Filsan 7th June 2010
i love this book cuz i like Mermaid .
Name: Jordan 5th November 2010
Thanks Filsan I wrote this.
Name: Abbey 30th March 2011
i love this story coz im a mermaid
Name: Holly 4th July 2011
I lOve this story I wana be part of it and it's a bit like the little mermaid I love mermaids and sea creachers I am a big fan of mermaids and all of this story makes pirfectly good sence
Name: Nikkie 27th July 2011
omggg this is one of my favourite story and i really love it. cause for my drama i am acting as a mermaid
Name: Cutlass 26th December 2011
that is not how the story ended the mermaid and the prince got married
Name: Sophie 30th March 2012
i thought it was really good and creative and i love the part were the old man gets a wish and that he dosen"t wish for greed
Name: Nasro 24th April 2012
the spelling is wrong
Name: Fluff 19th September 2012
i was doing my homework and i wrote it by hand but i love it so dose my sister its intresting i red it for her
Name: Poppie 11th February 2013
Name: Allison 15th April 2013
i think it was great but will you add a video
Name: Ghana Aamir 6th May 2013
A wonderful story. I liked it but I was thinking that you should have increased it. Like writing something that will bring the price and the mermaid back together and the sea witch will know her worth. Above all I liked it and it was of my taste.
Name: Ghana Aamir 6th May 2013
A very nice thinking. Keep it up!
Name: Lola 23rd October 2013
what year does this story appear ??
Name: Oshika 9th June 2014
This story is very nice cool and awesome
Name: Sirweah 1st July 2015
interesting and awesome....
Name: Adrianya 28th January 2016
i really like the myth story it brings me back to when i was a little kid.
Name: Tylah 26th November 2017
this is a good pice of writing and a good ledgend


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