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Why The Owl Never Sings.

Name: Aleysha 13th July 2010
i like this story!!! xx
Name: Eva 13th July 2010
I thought this was a very funny myth.My favourite part was when they said "Give him a bed from Matress Man*? No! Wisdom!"
Name: Leonie 16th July 2010
this story was great
Name: Kelsie 1st August 2010
This story was good and nice to read this was my first time reading this story and it was good :) x
Name: Andrew 2nd August 2010
I really liked this story, it was very funny and very well written. I think they should write a book!
Name: Reza 7th August 2010
I use this story when my son is crying and upset about his toys being lost.
Thanks for making up this story!!!!!!!
Name: Reza 7th August 2010
use for my project
Name: Dion 10th August 2010
this is awesome.
Name: Erin 19th September 2010
Awsome I love this when I am a writer in London this is so going to be my latest book EVER!
Name: Kate 22nd September 2010
that was a brilliant story
timothy and jamie
well done

from kate

Name: Adrian 11th October 2010
I love this story. This is layed out correctly. And also no mistakes.
Name: Mylee 11th October 2010
nice story i loved it so much i have writen a story as well its about halloween i writen it in 2010
Name: Leah 12th October 2010
very nice story Timothy And Jamie
Name: Mansi 20th October 2010
that was a lovely story I will give

Name: Jessica 22nd October 2010
realy good
Name: Penguin 29th October 2010
That is an amazing story, it is well thought and contains very good information. I think this should be published!!!
Name: Bhoomika 31st October 2010
this is a very nice and very believable
Name: Kayleigh 2nd November 2010
That is an amazing story, it is well thought and contains very good information. I think this should be published!!!
MAKE MORE STORIES!!!and this is a very nice and very believable
Name: Jonas DIEC 11th November 2010
man this is very good.
Name: Sumaya 11th November 2010
awww this is soo nice i absolutely love it
Name: Baria Farid [uk] 12th November 2010
wow i really dont know much about you! but this story is faboulous and excellent I go to a school called fulbridge school i live in the uk
Name: Sarah Lee 19th November 2010
i didnt really like it because it was a little confusing.
Name: Stephan 23rd November 2010
Name: Hamza 26th November 2010
this story is magnificent
Name: Jammydodger 30th November 2010
I found this a little bit confusing but i see what you meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen(sort of)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Hannah :') 6th December 2010
this is really good.
Name: Imaan 11th December 2010
fun crazy not bad or good
Name: "the Unknown" 8th January 2011
wow. Now that I read that it reminds me that owls don't actully sing they just..HOOT!!good thinking!!
Name: Fran Whitford 3rd February 2012
As a story teller and writer, I find others having a unique look at things quite enjoyable. I was looking for a story about why the owl sleeps during the day. thanks.
Name: Fiza 25th November 2012
Coooooooool! I liked this story. It was a good idea.
Name: Fiza 26th November 2012
I think I will give this story 5/5.
Name: Gloria AB 31st January 2013
Waoh! Such an interesting story aleast now i know what i never knew before now.D story is great,Yea.
Name: Ashley 17th September 2013
Wow! Awsome story! I liked the idea, though there is some grammar and punctuation mistakes. I wonder how old you are?
Name: Rita 25th September 2013
Wow! It's an interesting story.
Name: Judith 5th February 2014
I like the way you make it sound modern with the creator wondering what to give the owl.I think it's really entertaining.
Name: Sam 20th February 2014
Name: Dexter 3rd August 2014
Name: Bob 6th November 2014
Name: Patia 17th December 2014
It's a wonderful story.
Name: Vinny 21st January 2015
This is a really good story I loved reading it
Name: Bobby 21st January 2015
nice story
Name: Aidan Stevens 21st January 2015
really good story
Name: Kathy Contraski 29th May 2015
Gave me hope
Name: Surabhi Vikram 31st January 2016
love this story
Name: Rayan 23rd December 2016
really really good work[loved it!]
Name: Poppy 15th January 2017
It's good
Name: Lucifer 21st July 2017
This was really helpful for making my project, thank you for writing this story!
Name: Wow. 18th August 2017
This is one of the best stories I have ever read!


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