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Beowulf Fights the Three Monsters of the Far North

Name: Dylan 5th December 2010
First comment woot!
Yh and its a good story.
Name: Aubrey 9th December 2010
just want to say i love this story and one more how do you get to the story of the boy who got to close to the sun?
Name: Ceri Boddy 21st January 2011
This story is the best in the entire universe
Name: G Man 28th January 2011
this is mint
Name: Ty 3rd February 2011
Name: Mol 8th February 2011
wow best in the world i love it !!!!
Name: Jake 15th February 2011
it is the best story
Name: Kye 17th February 2011
Name: Lordwickedface 28th February 2011
This is totallyyyyyyyyy CCCCcoOOOOOoLLLLL
Name: Danielle 4th March 2011
this is pretty yuck, but good :)
Name: H Parr 123 4th March 2011
very good story i love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!+
Name: Thishana 8th March 2011
very good story i love it it is extremelly good
Name: Elias 16th March 2011
This Is Great I'm At School And Used This Story For My Assessment. I Had To Act It Out!
Name: Maria 29th March 2011
this is a very good site and i give all my support to the team that made this and i am very proud and i love the story it was very good and i think you should give yourself a pat on the back.
Name: Maria 29th March 2011
VERY GOOD!!!! :)
Name: Adeleida Brode 2nd April 2011
Its a bit creepy, but really cool!!! :-)
Name: Tajahn 16th May 2011
i am using this 4 homework it is great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Lewis 19th May 2011
really good
Name: Spencer 10th June 2011
I used it for my english project it was alright.
Name: Riham 12th June 2011
Good and you are realy using the comidence in you. I don't belive in dragons and nighther do I belive in ogers. You made me belive in the story! Is it realy though?
Name: Titch 12th June 2011
yea its ok x i cant belive beowulf died xxx boohoox :(
Name: Shayanne 15th June 2011
using this website and story for homework..but does any1 now any good stories that i can do i need about 6 different stories...for school??
Name: Kutekitty123 11th July 2011
What a great story i love it
Name: Ziad 25th August 2011
wonderful story
Name: Angleena 29th August 2011
shayanne there are lots of cool stories here but you need to think of one of your own too! You can use some ideas from here. And to answer your question well try searching for 'The witch and the pancake' that one was quite nice!
Name: Mina 7th September 2011
Wow. How did you make this story. Amazing
Name: Omar 9th October 2011
This story its wonderfull amazing and the best !!! its the best one i heard.
Name: Omar 9th October 2011
Its got Sad Ending :(((((((
Name: Trezlin 15th October 2011
This is a good book! Very interesting too.
Name: Jacob Hallman 17th October 2011
Best story I ever read.I loved all of the blood and gore.
Name: Jacob Hallman 17th October 2011
I personally loved the story.I thought it was even better the second time.Espescially with the sound turned on,and it reading the story to you
Name: Zo3y Waters 27th October 2011
Loved it
Name: Cameron 28th October 2011
It was very bloody and awsome
Name: Noah 5th November 2011
This was incredible and it was the best story i've experienced.
Name: Pigeon 5th November 2011
it was very very cool
Name: Amelia 11th November 2011
wow!!!!! who ever made this do an other please it is well gud
Name: Kabir 11th November 2011
so freaky and cool
Name: Lucas 21st November 2011
Name: Vaneesa 23rd November 2011
I really enjoyed the story and it helped me alot with the Anglo Saxon topic I'm doing right now because we were doing about Beowulf.
Name: Haydn 24th November 2011
it was cool and funny
Name: Rebecca 26th November 2011
Name: Luke 29th December 2011
I thought the story was absolutly incredible and really funny.
Name: Lindabone 4th January 2012
I thought that this was a very accurate re-telling of this story. I teach Brit. Lit. and I will use this next year for sure.
Name: Katie 19th January 2012
this was brilliant i love myths and leadgends its amazing i am a student i am ten and i love my teacher she is the best.
Name: Bethany 25th January 2012
really good myths
Name: Courtney 1st February 2012
i think it was ok nt the best thing i have ever read could be better
id rate it at abot 7/10
Name: Sylvie Duslon 3rd February 2012
As I am a older reader this was better for my age group, but actually I think I found that I liked the younger age groups myths and legends more intresting than this one, it was still good though.
Name: LAUREN MURRAY 12th February 2012
Name: Chris 22nd February 2012
its full of gore its a boss story
Name: Liam Stewart 22nd February 2012
They got killed
Name: Nina 10th March 2012
Ha-haa` i love sweden...
Name: Yo Mum 14th March 2012
this is just the same as the film beowolf
Name: Charlie 30th March 2012
That made me cry at the end. How many bad guys were there? It was like bad guy after bad guy. IT WAS AWSOME!
Name: Katie 5th June 2012
I love this story! i\'ve read it like 50 times!
Name: Tam 25th June 2012
Name: Riahnon 3rd August 2012
legendary :)
Name: Charlie 30th August 2012
I love this site it is cool
Name: Safa 12th September 2012
that was good so good
but scary
Name: Jackie 3rd October 2012
Name: Marilou Torrino 6th October 2012
it is so very nice so amazing.
Name: Rebekah 19th November 2012
This Myth is amazing but gruesome as well.
Name: Ogina 19th November 2012
Name: Ivan 21st November 2012
So amazing!
Name: Rhys Matthews 22nd November 2012
good story bro
Name: Natasha S 8th December 2012
I found this sort of boring
Name: Nate Dogg 31st January 2013
Thx real helpful !
Name: Sam 11th February 2013
I\\\'m going to face my destiny man
Name: Sasha 29th May 2013
This story is a brilliant for starters because it is like a traditional legend/myth.
Name: Alyson Talbot 10th June 2013
enjoyed the story but the pictures were quite gruesome!!
Name: Jess Varley 20th July 2013
Tjis story was cool and the picters were grousome.This story had grendal in it and grendels mum.It as a horrible story
Name: R 29th July 2013
What's the name of the song the poet is singing?
Name: Leia Atkinson 28th October 2013
I thought it was a brilliant story but the bit about Beowulf pulling off grendels arm was a bit too gruesome for me.
Name: Adam 12th November 2013
I love it
Name: Rrrrrrrrr 13th November 2013
I believe this myth is great
Name: Keira 9th January 2014
my teatere is showing it to us!
Name: MEGA LOL 16th January 2014
I absolutely love this story and we are learning about it in english so its just GREAT

Name: Jane Princess 3rd April 2014
i like it .............................................................. love it alot
Name: Lovely+girl 3rd April 2014
it is fun to read and listen
Name: Kareen 3rd April 2014
i like it alot
Name: Tala 6th May 2014
I love it it's cool but a bit scary and sadness at the end.
Name: Scylar Thompson 4th June 2014
i love this story so much
Name: PONIES AND UNICORNS 6th June 2014
Name: Isebella 24th June 2014
i knew this story and there is a book version but still i liked it
Name: Ali 4th July 2014
it is a very good website
Name: Vodo Castle 19th July 2014
it was very scarry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Aleisha 17th August 2014
very good but not scary enough
Name: Ben 15th September 2014
Very good, and I can see why it's an older students myth!
Name: Mia 18th September 2014
Great story
Name: Lorien 18th September 2014
so scarry and disgusing
Name: Jj 23rd September 2014
scary u realy D:) that was scary :)
Name: Ben 29th September 2014
great story
Name: Lia 29th September 2014
You've got this story wrong, when beuwulf was rewarded he wasn't just reward with rings he was rewarded with gold and beuwulf didn't just tear the arms off straight away, first Grendel smashed beuwulf on a wall then table then ripped grendels arms off, great story but you've missed loads out
Name: Kyle Smith 14th October 2014
Name: Ayush 20th October 2014
im 8 and my teacher showed us this video about the anglo saxons!!!
Name: Byron Wood Primary 26th October 2014
Name: Cheryl 17th December 2014
This really helped me
Name: Rosi 7th January 2015
Name: Freya Howard 16th February 2015
It was really good
Name: Dan 15th March 2015
really useful and fun to watch at the same time.:-)
Name: Neymarmartinez 4th April 2015
it was very cool and I wish he could exist still now.
Name: Neymarmartinez 4th April 2015
nice story
Name: Tyrek 17th June 2015
really gruesome but a really great story and way better then the movie.
Name: Fadil.M 20th September 2015
Love It
Name: HANNA 8th October 2015
Name: Hannah 8th October 2015
I love Myths and Legends
Name: Hannah 23rd October 2015
Love it it was great
Name: Nick 11th November 2015
not good at all the book is better
Name: Lilly 25th November 2015
love it
Name: Tejal 28th December 2015
This was great!
Name: Raffia 17th February 2016
I love this story and we are learning about it too.
Name: Liam 23rd March 2016
beowulf was brave in this story. He was a good warrior and deserved to be a king.

Name: William 23rd March 2016
If this was a film it would be 18 rated because it is so gruesome and everyone dies. I think Beowulf is very brave and he died bravely.
Name: Olamojiba 24th April 2016
good story
Name: Raelynn Killian 9th May 2016
i love the book you made it is so cool
Name: Bob 25th August 2016
Name: MythsAndLegendsLover 10th December 2016
Name: Ben 28th March 2017
WOAH! Best story ever, used it for a project and it freaked my teacher out, cuz' everyone else did a peaceful story...
Name: Abbbey 7th May 2017
yoooooo coool
Name: Pug Lover 11th May 2017
Wow that was well created that's the best
Name: Pug Lover 30th May 2017


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