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Sir Percival - The Knight in Shepherd’s Boots

Name: Kathrynaw 22nd September 2011
It was all right. it wasn\'t very good.
Name: Riham 24th September 2011
Thanks sooo much I will love this story I hope!!!
Name: Riham 1st October 2011
Hi myths and Legends! Not to intrupt u or anything but I have wondered if u can write another story to do with 'King Harold the II' if u wanna add more on to the legendary story then vist on youtube the Bayaux Tapestry to see the war of the dead king. Hope u find it and enjoy it!

P.S Pass this info to the new creater.
P.P.S See if he is availble let him reply me!! PLease!
Name: Oliver 18th November 2011
amazing story every bodey should read this story
Name: Zeus09 20th December 2011
Awesome story! I really like it!
Name: Faye 21st May 2012
omg i really like it!
Name: Shameika 3rd July 2012
i wonder what ever happend to the knightin shepheard boots?
Name: W.O.M 24th September 2012
very strange talking by presiv..a..l..., whatever.
Name: Katie 11th April 2013
woooooooooooooooooooow cool
Name: Remita 18th April 2013
I just like this story may be it is real or maybe not eeeeeeeeeem
Name: Scarlet 20th September 2014
omg soo col add new ons
Name: King Myths&legands 10th November 2014
Name: Polly 8th February 2015
Name: Leddie 8th February 2015
very artistioc
Name: Bella 8th February 2015
it was really interesting
Name: Jeremiah 8th March 2015
Name: Troller2332 21st May 2015
I have seen better
Name: Charlotte 3rd May 2017
I love this s story
Name: Morgan 11th September 2017
I like it for a 4 star rating


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