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The Legend of Tam O' Shanter

Name: Chloe 15th April 2008
haaay, this is a pretty cool video.
Name: Diane Ridgeway 24th October 2008
i have always wondered even as child about the name CUTTY SARK,after 40 years i finally know how it came about thank you! smile Diane
Name: Henry 26th February 2009
very good story
Name: Areeb 11th March 2009
Name: John 11th March 2009
Name: Hannamontaner 11th March 2009
it was alright
Name: Janine 17th March 2009
i think it was good and it was very alert.
Name: Jamerson 31st March 2009
Name: Katie 3rd July 2009
Name: Emma 4th November 2009
Name: Cool 26th November 2009
Name: Mr T 11th January 2010
I liked this story so much I am going to get my class to perform it as an assembly
Name: Ally K 14th January 2010
i loved the story and my teacher is making us do a play of it because it was so great.
Name: Iona M 14th January 2010
it was good i liked nanny and tam o shanter.
Name: Sophie West 14th January 2010
im doing this legend at my class
Name: Sophie West 18th January 2010
im doing it for my touch o class assmely it will be scary when i do it on the 29th Januaray 2010
Name: Finlay Robertson 21st January 2010
great story my teacher wanted it for an assembly
Name: Ally 21st January 2010
fabtabyrific story
Name: Cerys 25th January 2010
brilliant its fabulose
Name: James 25th January 2010
Name: Samantha 27th January 2010
tam o shanter is a braw story
Name: Iona M 27th January 2010
it is a great story
Name: Alex 2nd February 2010
A great and fantastic story
Name: Layla 6th February 2010
wow that was really amazing
i wonder if there is a new story...
Name: @samantha@coolman@ 7th February 2010
for me it was good but couldnt understand some words the man said in the vidio
Name: Olivia 9th February 2010
wow that was a great legend i loved it
Name: Rebecca 18th February 2010
i love this miyth
Name: Kiarra 19th February 2010
it was an totally awsome story and i want it to be a different story like chapters of it and then everyone will like it ????????
Name: Oliver Land 27th February 2010
a very strange story but a very interesting one
Name: Lizzie 27th February 2010
Fantastic ! I love this myth so much !! :D
Name: Kian 1st March 2010
a bit weerd story
Name: Eleanor 2nd March 2010
I loved this story I have just moved to Scotland and am really interested in folktales from this country.
Name: David 7th March 2010
A excellent story! Bravo!
Name: Josie 16th March 2010
I have written a narrative poem called "The Legend of Cutty Sark" which you might like to see:

I am a popular writer of children\'s poems, and this is one of my narrative poems. There are others too that you may like to see.\"
Name: Ellie 22nd March 2010
i looked at this at school and thought it was brilliant
Name: Lucy 26th March 2010
I read it in school and it was amazin
Name: Ethan 28th March 2010
jollly good story . I would stay away from that church if i wher you
Name: Rafail 30th March 2010
I Like The Part Of The Greenwich Boat In London And It Was Called The Great Cutty Sark In London
Name: Debbie Mclennan 5th April 2010
What a great story. Scotland is such an ancient place. I am an American but I have had the privilege to live in Scotland for 26 years now. Even after all this time, I am still learning about stories and traditions like these.
Name: Rosie 7th April 2010
I love this myth it's scary but that's why it's fun
Name: Joe 26th April 2010
Name: Sam98 25th May 2010
i think its creepy but has a good storyline
Name: Caroline 4th June 2010
Name: Alex 6th June 2010
that was gggggggggggggggggggggggreat
Name: Emziibabiii X 7th June 2010
strange but awesome accent loved it !
Name: CALLUM 13th June 2010
Name: Lee 21st June 2010
it was very descriptive and funny.
Name: Sam 26th June 2010
it was awsome I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooved it
Name: Nathan 1st July 2010
it was awesome, i would really recomend it.
Name: Megan 27th July 2010
Name: Eden 22nd August 2010
i treckon that was weird though
Name: Slim Shady 25th August 2010
this waz a great story
Name: Taman 29th August 2010
thiz was great story i liked
Name: Ghjk 13th September 2010
i like this story
Name: Zara 14th September 2010
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is soooo great!!! It makes me feel eriee!!!!!
Name: FizaNoor 19th September 2010
This story was sooooooo good!I love it.
Name: Rimsha 21st September 2010
I liked some of it but some of it was out of my mind!
Name: 23rd September 2010
I really liked it... it was kind of gloomy in a good way.
Name: Twils346 8th October 2010
This was such a cool myth. I could watch it again and again!!!!!
Name: Coral 20th October 2010
Oh.... This story's brilliant ..and beautiful.
Name: Shannon Mott 7th November 2010
um yer this was really good
Name: John Joe 8th November 2010
i really liked your story
Name: Charlie 10th November 2010
it was freaky!!!
Name: Hannah 14th November 2010
Thats spooky well done!
Name: Eathen 17th November 2010
wow.. that was the coolest thing i ever saw!
Name: Sam 17th November 2010
yer it was ok, but its not scary
Name: Marthalilyclark 19th November 2010
This is very fun to hear!
Name: Sam 26th November 2010
thery fun to hear
Name: BA 9th December 2010
A nice story with some nice features good scotish folk tale!
Name: Me 678 Lady 20th December 2010
i think this was realy good actualy but not so much screaming next time with the wiches.
Name: Jwsugh 10th January 2011
i think it is quit hard to use but it is a fun website for kids
Name: Top I 11th January 2011
Great, helped me with my schoolwork a lot. Plus I loved the video.
Name: J.P 15th January 2011
I thought was brilliant but not the ideal thing for my homework.
Name: Sabina 26th January 2011
I thought it was gooooooooooood and helped me with my schoolwork
Name: Clare 31st January 2011
Name: Hot Chic 14th February 2011
this is a cooolllllllllllllllll movie
Name: Lordwickedface 28th February 2011
Very good show and nice details!!!
Name: Courtney Higgins 2nd March 2011
well its great i am doing scotland for my topic and i like it so star 5 good work tam o shanter
Name: Ezza6597 5th March 2011
this was so intresting i watch this in school because im learning myths and ledgends
Name: Tyra 14th March 2011
I love the story but i dont really get it also but its awsome and a little scary
Name: Oregano Pie 21st March 2011
i have heard it before in a book in a libary
Name: Tasha 31st March 2011
i love this story and ive heard of it
Name: Mythicalcreature 5th April 2011
this was really great, but a little spooky at times! Really cool :)
Name: CookiJess1 9th April 2011
wow your good
Name: Lola 12th April 2011
brilliant amazing no words of how good
Name: SidneyAnn 20th April 2011
Omg That was So totally Amazing I love It! oxox SidneyAnn Keri
Name: Keeley 23rd April 2011
i thought that was an amazing story ive never seen or herd anything like it

******* 7 star
Name: Georgie - Ann 1st May 2011
That story was AMAZING although what a poor horse!!!
Name: Jess 5th May 2011
wase,nt very scary as i thought
Name: Tyne 7th May 2011
wow that story was absolutely amazing xxx
Name: Brandonhosey 12th May 2011
wow that was very interesting,really enjoyed it.!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Riham 14th May 2011
WOW! but you can do beeter than that.
Name: Nasser 23rd May 2011
am in need of eritrean Myths and Legends storey .
many thanks
Name: Lauren 26th May 2011
I like this site and this story!!!!! :)
Name: Kayleigh 28th May 2011
Its great to finally see a good al scottish story on this site!!! :D
Name: Megan 31st May 2011
this was soo weird
Name: Rebecca 6th June 2011
oh my gosh i love it like the wich
Name: Cal 22nd June 2011
This is the best myth website i have ever been on, Do you like it
Name: Ayan 28th July 2011
I like this!!
Name: Alen 10th August 2011
what a great story :-)
Name: Alex Fulk 14th August 2011
i think this story and all the others i have seen are great i wish there was some new ones though i do like the old ones but it would be nice to hear some new ones very now and again please keep them coming
Name: Jennifer Garcia 19th September 2011
at first it looks boring but it gets interesting once you are reading it
Name: Hillary 21st September 2011
really good
Name: Jake 21st September 2011
really good
Name: Jyzelle 27th September 2011
the story was awesome i saw it like and i hope to see again.the website is so cool
Name: Kiana Jackson 30th September 2011
it was really good..
Name: Rebecca 8th October 2011
Name: Chloes 12th October 2011
it was cool but the devil looked like a wolf
Name: Rowan 17th October 2011
Name: Brad 17th October 2011
nice one
Name: Coby 19th October 2011
why did the witch throw her clothes off
Name: Samantha 9th November 2011
this was cool
Name: Baba 17th November 2011
it was cool
Name: Katelyn Hughes 29th November 2011
cool story/legend
loved it
Name: Kate Perry 1st December 2011
this is a enthusiatic and brave story it's cool...........
Name: Nat 13th December 2011
it was intense
Name: Amy Taylor 3rd January 2012
that was freeky and sad
Name: Chloe 5th January 2012
This is cool I really like this website
Name: Paul 16th January 2012
i think its good and delightful
Name: Oketa 21st January 2012
I like this story because it is ineteresting and the man who is reading it he has lots of expresion but the languge is scotish but that dose not matter.
Name: Kathryn 22nd January 2012
I adored this story, but how come Nannie was witch, but still so beautiful?
And why didn't Meg's tail grow back?
Name: Sultan 25th January 2012
I loved that story but why was the little witch naked?
Name: Conor 25th January 2012
this was a great story I especially liked the part when Tom got chased by nannie. It is a good review.
Name: Alwaleed 25th January 2012
This story was very impressive and I know who ever read it will say it is amazing.
Name: Musa 25th January 2012
i liked it was interesting.
Name: Hugo 25th January 2012
I liked the story becase it is about witches and warlocks.
Name: Usman 25th January 2012
I think this story is wonderful because it was ineteresting.
Name: Humza 25th January 2012
I liked the settings where the witches lived at the begining.I wondered why Meg's tale didn't come back?
Name: Imama 25th January 2012
I like this story because it was a very good story.It is also intresting.
Name: Erin 25th January 2012
I loved this story it was fantastic.
But why did the wiches chose a grave yard to have a party there.
Name: Cameron 25th January 2012
i like this story because of the characters like the lady dancing and chassing the man
Name: Amelie A 25th January 2012
I think this story is amazing but poor
meg she lost her tail.why did Nannie
pull megs tail of ? That must of hurt.
Name: Amelie B. 25th January 2012
I thought the story was great but why
is it that you do witches because if a
small kid younger than 4 i bet they would be scared.
Name: Charlotte Old 25th January 2012
what were the wiches doing when they
were dantsing around the fire?
Did the wiches make any yous of Megs
tail? Will they ever see them agin?
Name: Annabel 25th January 2012
I thouht story was fantastic but poor
Megs tale came off although Nannie
was a baetiful dancer but she was
a witch. Why was she.
Name: Sofia 25th January 2012
The story was relly good but it was a bad thing when Meg lost her tail.Why did Megs tail not grow?
Name: Oliver 25th January 2012
it was a very good views
Name: Natasha 25th January 2012
I think its good and delightful

its cool

Name: Musa 26th January 2012
That was amazing i am going to learn more about myths and legends
Name: Rooney 28th January 2012
This was great poor Meg she lost her tail
Name: Musa Hussain123 28th January 2012
That was cool i loved it but poor meg she lost her
Name: 3JW 1st February 2012
15/23 children enjoyed the story. Some children said they didn't like it when Meg lost her tail.Thomas liked it when Tam was being chased by the witches. Mia liked the descriptive scene of the witches dancing around the fire.
Name: Macie 6th February 2012
loved the withes danceing but poor meg
lost her thrilling
Name: Daisy 7th February 2012
i really love the story robbie burns is a great guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Natasha 12th February 2012
I don't think that this was nice. On the secound page i just had to close it.
Name: Beanz 2nd March 2012
Name: Sophia 7th March 2012
umm freky but very very good
Name: Tina 13th March 2012
Wait, so how did you make the people move? Did you use the story creator 2? I can\'t seem to make anything move like that in each frame...
Name: Maria 16th March 2012
Name: Nicole 24th March 2012
verry good well done staff
Name: Jaffar N 24th March 2012
Name: Stella 25th March 2012
I thought it was a bit creepy and would maybe watch it again without hiding behind a pillow! :)
Name: Erica 26th March 2012
awsome,cool,amazing,fab like it so cool who made it@
Name: Megan 31st March 2012
i loved it but im going to scotland to vist my friend eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek
Name: Erica 31st March 2012
she is fast but how did she run so quickly
Name: Abbie 2nd April 2012
love this story is so good
Name: Laura 10th April 2012
soo cool i have no idea why that guy was
so stupid and poor horse
Name: Melek 25th April 2012
how do i play it?
Name: Gethyn 27th April 2012
this myth was interesting but i just don't get it
Name: Bob Brink 27th April 2012
this is awsom
Name: Kaaa2756 28th April 2012
click play and i have been to see the cutty sark and that figure head tail and all
Name: Stenoree Allen 4th May 2012
How do you get things to move like yours
Name: Lillyfloyd 11th May 2012
i like this it really coll
Name: Dude12344321 15th May 2012
graphics are awesome
Name: Priscilla 29th May 2012
Name: Noodle 14th June 2012
Name: Sara Stewart 22nd July 2012
some of that's story not all quite right, and trust me i know, i live in ayr which alloway's part of,ive been in burns cottage, the man who wrote the story. And iv been in the church and graveyard where it happend and iv been n the bridge:) and ive been in the Tam O'Shanter pub and inn.
Name: Katie Newbold 4th September 2012
it was great i really enjoy it.
Name: Chease 23rd November 2012
i love stories like this!
Name: Louise 8th January 2013
hey guyss what a cool wee poem lyk :)
Name: Ailsa Power 25th January 2013
Fab, thanks! Wanted a child friendly reading of the story before kids went to see the Burns poem being performed at the Smith museum in Stirling for Burns day. This was just perfect!
Name: Lillie 6th February 2013
good i loved this !!!!!! :)
Name: David 24th March 2013
And if your knocked down bored looking for a story we got three words for ya this is it.
Name: Sasha 27th June 2013
Name: Billy 13th September 2014
Name: Ruby Fitpatrick 19th September 2014
omg I love it evry one needs to see this so cool
Name: Nicholas 7th January 2015
I like how brave Tam is and his horse is so super fast!
Name: Alexi 2nd May 2015
Name: Amelia 16th May 2015
cool but creepy. OMG!
Name: Skye 6th November 2015
soooooooo creepy.
poor horse
Name: Habibahi 23rd November 2015
sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo creepy but nice i liked it
Name: Amanda 20th May 2016
the movies are good
Name: Annie 1st August 2016
I really liked it. It was very educational and nice. If I were to rate this legend I would give it 5 stars.
Name: Da Boss 3rd August 2016
Awesome story
Name: Jade 17th October 2016
This was a good story but, I was wondering if all of these stories are myths from Scotland ? Or are they from all over ?
Name: Lillie 9th January 2017

I might tell this tomorrow
Name: Malin 18th May 2017
This is a short but good story
Name: Douglas DeWalt 9th July 2017
Very thrilling! Imagine the witches running after you as fast as a sprinting horse!


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