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The Legend of the Fens

Name: Ana 12th December 2006
I heard this story before
Name: Lisa 27th December 2006
Story about little people hinding and playing tricks on people
Name: Ben 16th January 2008
its ok
Name: Jayden 12th September 2008
what is a fen
Name: Hamza 5th December 2008
it was a mindblowing story
Name: Allissa 8th December 2008
U Rock!!!!!!
Name: Isabel 2nd February 2009
the story is the best in the world
Name: Lauren 23rd August 2009
you are so good at storys
Name: Nandeli Pelembe 25th November 2009
I found the story really interesting. I read it at school then read it again at home. My year group are learning about Celts and Romans so that was very useful.It was extremly fascinating and enjoyable I think it is a great story.
Name: Callum 16th June 2010
A good story . Is this marsland connected to the Lanten men ?
Name: Sandhya 4th October 2010
I found this story quite interesting and I like reading about the Romans
Name: Inn 21st November 2010
so so good
Name: Put Name Here 22nd February 2011
this storie is heaps mad!!!!
Name: Riham 14th May 2011
Is this story true?,because I heard in horrible history some thing about a floud. Please Answer because none of my questions have been answerd.
Please! As with all myths and legends it may be partly true but the story will have become changed over time. Click the origins button to find more details about the story background.
Name: Riham 2nd September 2011
Thanks you myths and Legends but I want to know if you found my story!!! It is called 'RED ROSE S' ADVENTURE' can you find it for me please I want it on display and my stories are never on display can you look for it and report to me if you found it!

Thanks Myths and Legends team!
Name: JYZELLE 28th October 2011
Name: Olivia 26th January 2012
can you add beowulf?
my class is leaning it Beowulf is already on - see the section 'stories for older children' The Myths Team
Name: Pasha 27th February 2012
It was short and good
Name: Jay 27th February 2012
It was a goodroman story but it could have been better
Name: Camron 27th February 2012
i thort the story was relly good
Name: TYREESE 27th February 2012
it was very good the thing that I liked was when the water came down from the sky but the thing taht I did not like it was short
Name: Oneisha 27th February 2012
it was a short story about the roman s but i really liked it
Name: Izah 27th February 2012
Name: Jolly 29th March 2012
This is a great story
Name: Leah 30th July 2012
I don't understand the story, but it was really good.
Name: Daniel Harry 27th February 2013
man, i love this story. it\'s my type!
Name: Roshan Reggie 28th February 2013
man this story is cool
Name: Tirshath 2nd March 2013
it was very interesting
Name: Child3 10th June 2013
I love this story but some parts can be a bit boring but it's dope!! SWAG!!
Name: Cutiemarkcrusaders 9th October 2013
Wow! really good and interesting
Name: Moo 28th May 2015
very short
Name: Myth Lover 28th February 2016
This is a true rue story with a snitch in a ditch JK guys I love this story its so interesting to me and one thing subscribe to my channel and don't judge my opinion


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