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Matilda's Bracelet

Name: Emily 28th July 2007
very good story exellent infact.
Name: Issobelle 13th August 2007
This story is magneficient,and seems like a real film.
Name: Tayler 4th October 2007
this is ok
Name: Talea,Holly And Olivia 13th November 2007
We enjoyed the part when she fell inlove with Robin Hood and we enjoyed all of it aswell.
Name: Chloe 21st November 2007
the story is lovely and at the end it it is sad when mitilda goes up to heven
Name: Class 3, Thurlaston CE (A) Primary School 4th December 2007
We thought that it was an exceptionally good legend. Some of us think that Maid Marion and Robin Hood were just patched into the story in later years whilst others think that the real Matilda gave rise to the legend of the lovely Maid Marion. We also disagreed about how easy it was to decide which elements of the legend were factual and which were enhancements. We thought that the graphics were bright and interesting. Most of us thought that they were quite amusing and made us smile.
Name: Amy 31st January 2008
rrrrrrrreeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllly gggggggggggggggoooooooooooooooooooooodddddddddddddddddddddd
Name: Olivia 19th February 2008
I think this story is great as it tells the story of Robin Hood And His Merry Men
Name: Class 3 4th November 2008
We thought Matildas bracelet was a very good story.We liked the use of different settings. We were pleased to read about Robin Hood.
Name: Jack 11th November 2008
amzing story pretty spoky
Name: Mathilde 17th November 2008
the story was pretty good and spooky
i love it was brilliant.
Name: Rachel 18th November 2008
Such a brilliant story. I thought it was really interesting.
Name: Charlotte 18th November 2008
I loved it. It really seemed real to me.
Name: Whitney 26th November 2008
this is very good and intresting
Name: Genni 26th November 2008
fantastic story i think it could be true
Name: No Name 1st December 2008
does anyone know the answer or imformation
in any myths where i could find why did barons rebel against king john?
Name: Lizzie 16th January 2009
That was very intresting and good!!!
Name: Kate 20th January 2009
i think that was a very intresting myth i would not like to come across king john
Name: Adam 22nd January 2009
ha HA HA HA HA KING JOHN GOES TO HELL AND THE HOT ONE GOES TO HEAVEN SHAME ON KING JHON!! has any 1 here tried pandoras box its great!
Name: Esha 25th January 2009
It was very good and exiting.
Name: Sophie 30th January 2009
Poor Matilda. I can't believe King John killed her with a bracelet. The mean man. He deserved to go to hell.
Name: Sahaj 30th January 2009
it was sooooooooooo spoky
Name: Jada Baldelli 2nd February 2009
poor matilda i cant believe that king john killed her with a bracelet thats sooooooooooooooooooo sad i wouildnt want to be killed with a bracelet either
Name: Bri 4th February 2009
matilda is a sad story but it is kinda funny too i maen a girl getting killed by a poison bracelet... but i guess thats why they call it a legend!!!!...
Name: Allisons Schultz 4th February 2009
this is a pretty good legend but i hate doing all the work for it!!!
Name: ISIL 6th February 2009
This is really good!!!
i love it !!
but i cant be bovad to do mine!!!
i think this is my friends!!!
who evers it is its absolutly brilliant!!

bye x
Name: Abi 10th February 2009
cool story but where did robin hood go
Name: Najilda 10th February 2009
ok not that good
Name: Chelsea 10th February 2009
i love matilda\'s braclet it was brilliant
i love the whole website infact
Name: Kelcy 10th February 2009
brilliant cool
Name: Lucy 18th February 2009
love matilda\matildas braclet
that was brill
i loved it infact i love the website
Name: Olivia 23rd February 2009
I loved this website. It was very helpful. It was really good to actually see each of the myths and legends, it made it very interesting.
Name: Rumana 23rd February 2009
very good
Name: Yusra 10th March 2009
do u know wen it said some where else yea that was HELL hell is down
Heaven is up
Name: Rachael 18th March 2009
I dont really enjoy this website i think you should also make it interesting for girls.
Name: Cheryl 18th March 2009
i love this it is romantic and soooo sad
Name: Marissa 31st March 2009
its pretty good...but king john wouldnt have killed her if he truley loved her!!
Name: Salma 16th April 2009
I like this story and my favourate movie is called Matilda.
Name: Emma Bolingbroke 16th April 2009
i like it but its to romantic and soppy for my likeing
Name: Patricia Bell 22nd April 2009
This was a goooooood story.And Marissa is right.He wouldnt have killed her if he truley love he.Salma i love the movie Matilda.!!!!!!!!
Name: Clara 6th June 2009
that was brilliant i loved it and it\\\'s so romantic and FAB................!!!
Name: Aaliyah 29th June 2009
it was ok i think a witch in a bottle and baba yaga and vasalisa the fair was better .
Name: India 5th July 2009
Well mitilda is beutiful and king John is right to go where he did. But you never know there could be more!!
Name: Bento 8th July 2009
Good one but I want more!
Name: Lucy 11th September 2009
good but someone could have kissed the girl
Name: KTR 30th September 2009
i think it is a good myth but a bit to girly for me
Name: Boyzee 7th October 2009
its ok
Name: Markayla 25th October 2009
i used this story for my assignment and i think it is intresting
Name: KATE 10th November 2009
i really liked this story! I especially liked the very last part!!!
Name: Jodylynn 10th November 2009
i think this here story is kinda similar to snow white!
Name: Neha 22nd November 2009
I really liked this story!
Ecpecially the part when
Robert was led into, the the church
and I liked the ending.
Name: Kiran 23rd November 2009
Name: Maliha F 2nd December 2009
i thought it was a very common story example snow white . but it was delicate and had strong vocab.
Name: Georgia 7th December 2009
I think this is a great story and is written well for younger children!
But could be better by making sentences shorter and less describtive and possibly less repeatative
Name: Amy 10th December 2009
I liked this story but it was a bit long and I struggled to keep up with it.
Name: Lenni 18th December 2009
i think its awsum i think matilda was maid marion
Name: Chill 14 19th January 2010
I really liked that main character but i think she died way to quick but great story i liked how its like sleeping beautey in a way!!
Name: Bryn,Connor,Anthony,Holly And Bethany 27th January 2010
We want to know what happened to the bracelet after she died and was all the treasure found in the River Ouse !!!!!!!!!
Name: Rebecca Ayres 29th January 2010
WOW what a sad story. I thought I was going to cry did you? I still loved the
Name: Sophie 30th January 2010
I have to do homework for this thing at school about this website.
Can someone tell me what the purpose is of this story?
I really liked it!
Name: Jade 8th February 2010
I like this story very much
Name: Sam 8th February 2010
this was a very good story but it was quite hard to undrestand.
Name: Sophie 9th February 2010
this story was FAB but i kinda liked Theseus and the mynatour better
Name: Whitney 11th February 2010
That was a great story!!:)
Name: Lisa Battles 11th February 2010
This is a really great story and i wouldnt mind reading more like this(:
Name: Jessica 13th February 2010
yo that was fabulas
so great
Name: Dina 20th February 2010
I read about king john & the only thing that was in this story & that book was that king john was forced to sign the magna carta
Name: Monica 22nd February 2010
i really enjoyed this story
Name: Kathy-joe 23rd February 2010
this is a really good story
Name: Georgia 24th February 2010
This story is very exciting!
Name: Hi 7th March 2010
It's great!
Name: Victoria Lee 8th March 2010
Cool Story
Name: Emily 8th March 2010
I feel sorry for Matilda, it was such nice bracelet. Why would King John do that to her? I also have a question is it true?
Name: Athena.Q 8th March 2010
king John liked Matilda but she didnt want to go with him so king John gave her a braclet but, she didnt know that there was poisen in it so she died and the poisen made her hand black.
Name: Dakota 8th March 2010
This story is the bomb
Name: Kate 15th March 2010
This myth is so sad, why could'nt king John just accept that matilda didn't love him?
Name: Haleemah 19th March 2010
I like this story it is mint.
Name: Katie Love 26th March 2010
read this everyday I love this story
Name: Lucy 27th March 2010
This is just like a love story,and I love it oh so very much.It is just like the famous program,Robin Hood.In a pantomime I did,Robin Hood was one of the main parts,I was baby baby bear so the play was Goldilocks and the 3 bearS!!!BYE!!!
Name: Heather P 31st March 2010
I think this story is awesome because I am a decendant of the knight, Robert De Medewe, who delivered the bracelet to Matilda. It is nice to know that my 20th great grandfather is still being remembered.
Name: Holly 1st April 2010
i think it was good
Name: Shadelyne 15th April 2010
This was so amazing it made me cry the part that said that Matilda died. Im still crying but it was amazing i think that should be made in aproper book
for children
Name: Charlotte K 23rd April 2010
I liked this myth
Name: Ashraf 29th April 2010
i found that wicked
Name: Umayangi 24th May 2010
I love it.It is so cool and it is a great story.
Name: Amy 7th June 2010
this story is cool
Name: Maria Aschenbrener 16th June 2010
Oh my gosh!!! Your story is way better than mine. Im a bit jelouse. :)
Name: Alexia 17th June 2010
i like this story
Name: Sped 18th June 2010
i didnt lkie et
Name: Ellie 21st June 2010
this story is really good and intresting and gives people informashion
Name: Cara 26th June 2010
I recently found out I am a descendant of hers! R. Fitzwalter was her father. I have a huge famiy tree with her history. :D
Name: Jo 26th August 2010
Name: Matilda 24th September 2010
That's rally werid because my name is Matilda and by brothers are Robin and John!
Name: Kenda 26th September 2010
i found this story quite interesting and would love to listen to it again
Name: Sid 4th October 2010
this story is soooo coooooooooool!!!!!!!!
Name: Ikra.z 20th October 2010
I thought the story was very imagnative and that matilda was right to be sent to heaven and the king deserved what he had led himself into.
Name: Angela 20th October 2010
is it really? thats freaky !!! i thought it was interesting
Name: Chloe 21st October 2010
Name: RoisinW 27th October 2010
Name: Lucy 10th November 2010
I really like this story, it is like the full version of Robin Hood!!!!
Name: Justin Bieber 10th November 2010
that was EGGcellent just fabulous.
love always,
Name: Zoey 10th November 2010
this was awesome!
Name: Gabb_zxzx 23rd November 2010
wow that was amazing
Name: Olivia 4th December 2010
wow amzing
Name: Daisy 19th December 2010
Honestly that was so good, if i was publisher i would like to make it a book
Name: Elb 29th December 2010
these myths r really good coz they tell u about history and they're not boring
Name: 8p 12th January 2011
i was good i like it.
Name: Victoria 14th January 2011
to long
Name: Moomoo 26th January 2011
I thought it was fine ,but you used a lot of dates.
Name: Meganheart1 12th February 2011
o k
Name: Kelly 22nd February 2011
This one is really cute lovly
Name: Charlotte 13th March 2011
Was good, but too many long names
Name: Elise 18th March 2011
this was a really good story it was not one of the best that i have ever read but out of ten it was 9out of 10
Name: Jessica Syla 23rd March 2011
this story was so sad and why would john kill matilda if he loved her i would give this rating 9 out of 10
Name: Lucy 24th March 2011
This is good but where was King John at the very end
Name: Lydia 27th March 2011
it was a lovely story it was king john he was in hell so that kinda freaked me out
Name: Jessica 15th April 2011
This is really mega cool!!!
Name: Riham 1st May 2011
Beautiful keep it up!
Name: Riham 1st May 2011
Matilda was not that much beautiful was she? GGGoooooooooood! story
Name: Penelope 25th May 2011
awesome i love the name Matilda its my cousins name!!!
Name: Sfsfwsedfs 27th May 2011
it was....... AWESOME!!!!!
Name: Essiana Spiller 2nd June 2011
i like the book but i saw a movie called matita
Name: Holly Traynor 3rd June 2011
my,my,my what a brillient storie well-done who ever made the story. i am very proud
Name: Megha 12th July 2011
a wonderous story.i envy u!!!!
Name: Abby 16th August 2011
This is a great story
Name: Algleena 26th August 2011
Yeah you are right every relgion says that if you kill or lie like king john did and don't ask for forgiveness from God then you are mostly put in hell!
Name: Sasha 16th September 2011
i hope i like the story
Name: Casey 19th September 2011
Wooooooooooow!So cool
Name: Mimi 5th October 2011
Good for King John !!!
Name: Sabrina Woods 31st October 2011
I really enjoyed this story, I'm glad that the good and the bad ended up where they were belonged
Name: Millie 8th November 2011
that was pretty cool but random i liked it though....
Name: Bhavmeet Singh 5SHM 14th November 2011
I Loved that story it was great and the animation was good too.
Name: Sarah 18th November 2011
this is a realy sad but good story!!
Name: Katherine 4th December 2011
This story was sad. King John was such a bad leader, but Matilda was so kind and loving.
Name: Sophie 15th January 2012
it was sad i have to say she was lovely
Name: Sophie 15th January 2012
its sad ;(
Name: Amz 19th January 2012
i lik dis story i am usin it 4 my homework on myths an legends
Name: Natasha 24th January 2012
I like this legends there was lots of them because it is fun

its cool
Name: Amy 26th January 2012
I dont want this to happen
My best friends name is Matilda
Name: Persephone 19th February 2012
A really sad story,poor Matilda!But it was good she went to heaven.
Name: Kk 29th February 2012
i hate the king he deserved to go to hell. Asfor matilda im glad she went to heaven.
Name: Libby 2nd March 2012
hi i really liked this story i wish you make a new story
Name: Abigail 7th March 2012
Name: Anna 17th March 2012
Name: Amina 20th March 2012
Name: Iqra 7th April 2012
I like this story this is a sad story
Name: Laura 16th April 2012
that is a good story but it was still
really sad
(down with king jhon)
Name: Shayleigh 6th May 2012
I liked it but I dont get it why does she die she was beautiful and i know it was from the braselet
Name: Siniva 7th May 2012
so sad but incredible
Name: Muneeba 23rd May 2012
This myth or legend is really cool i loved very word of it Lol it was about love ma best fing
Name: Rebecca 6th June 2012
Hi good story
Name: N.n. 9th June 2012
A very good Myth/Legend. I enjoyed it. Well written.
Name: Megan 11th June 2012
this story is good because it told me what happend
Name: Kendr 11th June 2012
I liked the myth becaus it was relly lovely .
Name: BART SIMPSON 14th June 2012
Name: Riana 15th June 2012
Name: Melissa 16th July 2012
Name: Chuckery 19th July 2012
it iiiiisssssssssss cool
Name: Bethany 22nd July 2012
that was really cool!
Name: Tiffany 30th August 2012
This story is so cool! But so sad
Name: Amanda 2nd September 2012
Hi i love the story but what is the purpose im doing a school project on a awesome myth i figured this one is awesome so what is the purpose? Thanks
Name: Elle 22nd October 2012
lol i think this story is so cool
Name: Aisha 26th October 2012
this story is really cool
Name: Humayrah 31st October 2012
i like this story i have to do it in my own words for my homework but its a bit too long so ill shorten it up
Name: Rosie 9th November 2012
I think the myths and legends on this page are amazingly good because they teach children what a myth and legend is. And it also has sound effects so they they know whats happening.
Name: Chrystal 13th November 2012
i thought it was cool x
Name: One Direction 3rd December 2012
great myth we wanna make a song!!!!!!!
Name: AKWASI 8th January 2013
Name: Luke Aspey 13th January 2013
brillant myths and legends story
Name: Bloom 14th January 2013
I think this is a great Myth I will have this one for my homework.
Name: Bloom 14th January 2013
Awesome story this is sooo my homework thanx for posting.
Name: Ansa Imran 20th January 2013
this is a good story
Name: Eleanor 7th February 2013
It's a o.k myth but i wouldn't call it my favourite. I enjoyed the matilda part but I found the bit about the king and her father slightly boring.
Name: Lucy 10th February 2013
Really good but punctuation wasn't very interesting but overall was fantastic!
Name: Riley 12th February 2013
Name: Rebekah 22nd February 2013
I would not say that this is good, I would say that it is really baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad! I really do not like it. It is defently not a tale for me. Ok because I don't like the way of it
Name: Louis G 4th March 2013
brillaint fantastic
Name: Marafee 30th March 2013
it was the best story I heard so far
Name: Malikah 7th April 2013
i love the story but the part were matilda died was sssssssssooooooooo sad i started crying
Name: Joshua 8th April 2013
I thought there story was wonderful and awesome.
Name: Humayra 16th April 2013
i really like the story but i dont get the pictures are they sopost to move
Name: Hannah 4th May 2013
im sad that matilda died but so did the rotten father she shoud not of died
Name: Caron 13th May 2013
love the story but its not playing the video
Name: Regan 22nd May 2013
Bad Story
Name: Anirudh Shenoy 12th June 2013
goood story
Name: Suneil Khaitan 12th June 2013
i like it
Name: Natasha Khaitan 12th June 2013
Name: Vani 21st July 2013
it was okay
Name: Aimee 6th September 2013
it's like robin hood
Name: Lucy 17th September 2013
That was ok kind of weird
Name: Joey 23rd September 2013
I like the design on matilda and robin hood but I think king john was a bit off the bat. good job myths and legends.
Name: Rayha 3rd October 2013
I don't think thus is a myth it is Wat happpens in real life and the story is ....Urghh
Name: Sarah 25th October 2013
i think the story was good a little.
Name: Chelsea 1st November 2013
this story can be true and im shure it is
Name: Zohra 4th November 2013
i think its true
Name: GEORGIE 9th November 2013
I Am learning about this in history. It is true and very useful
Name: James-lee 11th November 2013
all the myths are very good
Name: Aayla Khan 19th November 2013
I loved the story so much don't like the bit when she dies bit sad
but really good story love it I would give it 9/10 because as I said could have not said that she had died bit sad if you did not mention that she died then it would have been 10/10
Name: James-lee 27th November 2013
All the myth are verry good but Matilda's braclet is the best
Name: Marriyah 7th December 2013
madusa i am looking for a mythe and legend for my english homework
Name: Autumn Marasciula 19th December 2013
this story was a good story because it goes into detail abou how she died and what the king did to goto to the devils home
Name: Olessa 22nd January 2014
i realy enjoyed this
Name: Jaydon 31st January 2014
he is a kind and jenares man

Name: Koshalan 31st January 2014
I enjoy reading myths and legend
Name: Fizzlepop 1st March 2014
ur sooooooooooooooooooo copyed my idea haha lol only joking great xoxoxoxoxox
Name: Jalwa 3rd March 2014
I love reading myths and legends. They are superb
Name: Chelsea 3rd March 2014
great story i rate 8/10 because it was upsetting that matilda died but i felt better when king john died he deserved it x
Name: Posie 19th March 2014
I love myths and legends especially gory ones!
Name: Sc8ter 20th March 2014
aupic means ausome & epic combined together.
Name: Elizabeth 22nd March 2014
Sad story but the end was good, the selfish king so deserved it lol
Name: Sierra Garner 10th April 2014
This story wasnt all that good but it was really said to here that King John killed her well if she didnt want to marry him she just didnt want to because King John has ANGER ISSUES she was interrested in the guy that was generous if I was her I would run away without anyone knowing and find someone else THANKS FOR LETTING ME SHARE MY COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Izabella 14th April 2014
Your story is glitching for me and my friend every time we go on page 9 what is wrong with it
Name: Swarovski Bracelet 18th April 2014
This post is very good, I like it, thanks for sharing!
Name: Olivia 12th May 2014
this is very good
Name: Lucy 12th May 2014
I enjoyed this story
Name: Lewis 19th May 2014
Name: Lily 23rd May 2014
this is very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Charlotte 7th June 2014
This story is awesome but is it real though i think it is
Name: Tia 24th June 2014
its realy good and intresting
Name: Jennifer 10th September 2014
its a really interesting but it would have been better if they had questions
Name: Heho 19th September 2014
Name: Rose 20th September 2014
it was a great story so far but in some parts where a little foolish for the king to be right for.
Name: Miss Lavendar Heather 27th September 2014
Is this a myth or a legend?
Name: Milly 5th October 2014
great story
Name: Ornela 15th October 2014
I like matilda the most because she is beautiful and kind like me
Name: Konke 21st November 2014
the snow maiden story made my heart warm and sad at the same time
Name: Emeka Gordian 3rd February 2015
The story of "Matilda's Bracelet" is a true illustration of the belief that one is always rewarded according to one's handwork. The evil is paid with evil and the righteous is rewarded with something good- eternal life as it was the case with Matilda, nay Saint Matilda (Saint because she lives with God and the other saints in heaven.)
Name: Cherille 11th March 2015
the story was sad but lovely as well.
Name: Niamh 23rd March 2015
romantic but sad.oooooooooooooooooooooooooh a mystery

Name: Georgia 21st April 2015
it's good story because it has a mix of sadness and happiness but I wouldn't recommend it to young children.
Name: Iyza 23rd May 2015
very sad but very intresting I liked the story
Name: Ameya 5th June 2015
It was rocking
Name: Emily 17th August 2015
i love matildas bracelet please make more
Name: Tasbir 19th August 2015
the last part really funny but what happened to Robin Hood
Name: Asha 7th October 2015
Please make more of those bracelets it is lovely epic and awesome but get rid of the poison pls..
Name: Alvina 9th January 2016
Name: Jaileea 11th January 2016
This book really good and at the end was funny :]
Name: Max 28th January 2016
O.K. but to much history based things for me.
Name: Hattie 28th January 2016
i thought this was good because they die
Name: 10k 22nd February 2016
It is a good story involving some history. Overall, very good.
Name: Lupuslazuli2 9th March 2016
pretty good
Name: Milly 20th March 2016
Wow nice story
Name: Sana Khalid 26th March 2016
Name: Riyah 20th April 2016
its okay i didint like it that much
Name: Rachel Mori Wood 25th April 2016
it is quiet nice rachelmori
wood and hi elijah
Name: Cierra Gollson 6th May 2016
I Love It! It's Very Cool And Very Enchanting.
Name: Chlo 3rd July 2016
I love It
Name: Dab 13th October 2016
Good book
Name: Better Than Dab 26th October 2016
cool brat
Name: Kβ€“πŸ‘±πŸ»β€β™€οΈ 1st December 2016
Such a tragic ending. There should of been a prince, or something, to wake Matilda up.
Name: Teerin 3rd January 2017
I don't like it because there were a lot of bad people.
Name: Preston 23rd January 2017
it was a good ending it was kind of fair id recemend it!
Name: Frog 9th February 2017
wow. just wow. simply amazing. such a strong story. this is a must read.
Name: Elvina 16th February 2017
i realy want to be matilda.
Name: Tsunami 24th March 2017
Kind of confusing but interesting
Name: ❀️ πŸ’› πŸ’š πŸ’™ πŸ’œ 3rd April 2017
This was a very nice story!
Name: Savli 5th April 2017
It was very interesting
Name: Percy 25th April 2017
Nice picture at the end :)
Name: Rebecca 2nd May 2017
It was a very sad story because such a lovely and beautiful girl died just because of cruel King John I was sort of happy he got payback.
Name: Lily 7th May 2017
Very beautifully read πŸ‘ΌπŸ½β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈ
Name: Love Matilda 15th May 2017
It's so sad that matilda had to die for the king's cruelness. King John was ment to get payback. Because of the death he caused. It really was a great story. I loved it!!
Name: Jaxson 20th June 2017
i feel in love
Name: #GODDESS 28th June 2017
WOW!!! brilliant story. I enjoyed reading this book so much that I read it 2 times! I would suggest this story for ages of 9-16
Name: Anya 18th September 2017
i think pandoras box is similar because there using different objects
Name: Max 20th September 2017
excellent storyline. wonderful story but how did the bracelet kill Matilda if she had it touching her skin and not veins or anything, and how did the knight survive touching the bracelet
Name: Chad Mckeown 11th October 2017
that story was the best story i heard
Name: #K-gurl 11th October 2017
Such a cute story! I loved the audio and animation! What ever happened to Robin Hood though?


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