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Matilda's Bracelet

Great interesting short story 4th June 2019
I need to do my eSpark task didn’t work plz fix 😕🤪😣😔😟🤯14th May 2019
amazing book five star8th April 2019
I could not read it and i need to in order to complete my ESpark task plzzzz fix ✌️😧🙂🙃😉5th April 2019
I cant watch the video i had a white screen25th February 2019
I couldn’t read it,I had a blank white screen.22nd February 2019
I could not read the story I had a blank screen 📺 5th February 2019
Wow!31st January 2019
This book was really good! It showed so many facts and portrayed a nice theme.19th November 2018
I Couldn’t Watch The Video Since It Always Brang Me To A Screen With Nothing On It.3rd October 2018
I couldn't watch the video because this wouldn't work, wow myths 😲 19th September 2018
i like the story, though in Matilda's Lost Bracelet the ending seems a little rushed.
22nd May 2018
I love ❤️ this story so imaginative but best of all it's so engaging !14th May 2018
it is very cute7th May 2018
Such a cute story! I loved the audio and animation! What ever happened to Robin Hood though?11th October 2017
that story was the best story i heard 11th October 2017
excellent storyline. wonderful story but how did the bracelet kill Matilda if she had it touching her skin and not veins or anything, and how did the knight survive touching the bracelet20th September 2017
i think pandoras box is similar because there using different objects18th September 2017
WOW!!! brilliant story. I enjoyed reading this book so much that I read it 2 times! I would suggest this story for ages of 9-1628th June 2017
i feel in love20th June 2017
It's so sad that matilda had to die for the king's cruelness. King John was ment to get payback. Because of the death he caused. It really was a great story. I loved it!!15th May 2017
Very beautifully read 👼🏽❤️❤️❤️❤️7th May 2017
It was a very sad story because such a lovely and beautiful girl died just because of cruel King John I was sort of happy he got payback.2nd May 2017
Nice picture at the end :)25th April 2017
It was very interesting 5th April 2017
This was a very nice story!3rd April 2017
Kind of confusing but interesting 24th March 2017
i realy want to be matilda.16th February 2017
wow. just wow. simply amazing. such a strong story. this is a must read.9th February 2017
it was a good ending it was kind of fair id recemend it!23rd January 2017
I don't like it because there were a lot of bad people. 3rd January 2017


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