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Athena and Coranithus

Name: Broolke 17th December 2010
it is ok but u cuold add some more on
Name: Mia 17th December 2010
very interesting and good detail,if i were a teacher i'd give it two stars! :)
Name: Dorothy 23rd December 2010
i loved it it was fantastic
Name: Ultio 24th December 2010
very nice ;))
Name: Eloise 6th January 2011
You have done a great job.
Well done.
Name: Ribena! 8th January 2011
i think you could be a very sucsessful story teller! i was completely enthralled by your story and you had good use of ajditives, smilies, adverbs!! well done! itheres just 1 thing i noticed, if the creatures smelling was so strong then why didn't he tear his nose off before when he was living in the dingy lair and killing all the girls so he would have smelt the blood and the mud already. i really liked it up until there.
Name: Tildy 15th January 2011
it was good
Name: Ellie 17th January 2011
well done
ellie xxx
Name: Joshua 20th January 2011
hello im new
this story is incredibele myths and legand is the beat
Name: Charlotte 21st January 2011
i love it! it is a bit gory but cool!!!

its a reall good thing to watch beacuse its fun and cool to watch!!!!! :) :)
Name: Charlotte 21st January 2011
hi im new this site is cool i love it its is sooo exiting i liked it until the bit when someone died.....but it was still exiting.

i liked the pictures you used and the words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

from charlotte
Name: Storm 22nd January 2011
I really like this story its quite gory but very well written.
Name: Lucy 29th January 2011
really really good
Name: Mehvish 29th January 2011
well cool i realy liked it
Name: Hannah 31st January 2011
why is it not letin me and my bff to lisin to itxxx
Name: Tegan 1st February 2011
i love it. it is a bit scary but i like scary things i love them me and my family could lisen to scary thins all night and day they are so fun to read
Name: Chloe 2nd February 2011
I love the story i like scary things
Name: Georgina 4th February 2011
i really liked this epic story!!!
is there any more like this?
Name: Casey Walsh 6th February 2011
i love it
Name: Kingfishers Class 8th February 2011
Awesome story! Very adventurous and good descriptive language!
Name: Farah 8th February 2011
This is really cool , hope there are more stories about this.
Name: Hannah Donnelly 8th February 2011
Name: Genesis Rivera 9th February 2011
wow awesome
Name: Baby G 10th February 2011
this story is absoloutly AMAZING! how did you write so much?
Name: Campbell 11th February 2011
Name: Jainey 11th February 2011
wow your story was so awesome the half snake half crow was a bit weird but it was still brilliant :D
Name: Jennifer 13th February 2011
I am new too and i agree with joshua
Name: Andrea 15th February 2011
this is a cool story it has a ending that is super funny!!! :)
Name: Aishah Khursheed 16th February 2011
good story, good effort, and a very nice story i write this story
thank you Katherine for your wonderful story.
Name: Anonomus 19th February 2011
it was ok but put a bit more exitment and more grusomeness plz thanx
Name: Willemijn 25th February 2011
I really like it!
Name: Santa 26th February 2011
Name: Offy 5th March 2011
great, i loved it!!
Name: Lollipop 5th March 2011
Name: Sana 6th March 2011
Name: Francis 7th March 2011
loved it
Name: Sellotape 10th March 2011
cool story
Name: Zoe 12th March 2011
Name: Santa 14th March 2011
Name: Megan 15th March 2011
awsome love ya
Name: Harley 16th March 2011
I love greece & the capital of greece is athens, i like greek gods & Zeuz is the king of gods & Hera is the queen of the gods
Name: Rebecca 22nd March 2011
Name: Aishah Khurhseed 24th March 2011
I just LOVE thsi story its so awesome and really interestign story, really love it :)
Name: Indigo Base 29th March 2011
We really enjoyed your story because we liked all the adjectives at the beginning of the story. They helped us imagine a frightening setting and we wanted to read on.
Name: Maria 13th April 2011
im new to this website and your story is absulutelly exelent hhow could u write all tht and how long did it take to write.
Name: Mica 20th August 2011
hi that story was apsalootly amazing i rated it 5 out of 5
Name: Kate 31st August 2011
I love that story! Please write some more!
Name: Olivia 13th September 2011
Really good story like it wright some more
Name: Alice 17th September 2011
That was a great story i keep on reading it again and again!
Name: Matthew 21st September 2011
I really enjoyed this story. The author should publish it and earn money by it.One of the best myths/legends I have ever read 10 out of 10.

Name: Seleena 7th October 2011
that was awsam!!!!
Name: Seleena 7th October 2011
it was a bit boring but good story
Name: James And Julia 8th October 2011
The story was fine but we also wanted it to have more because we love storys but not this much with yours( well we are telling the truth). We think if you put more similes then it will be the bestest story we have ever read. If you do then I will love it and you will be a superstar. That meens I will give you 10/10 ok but for the moment Its 8/10. The better the story the more people will coment you great coments, Including us(we are brother and sister you know and I have no sister) That is all we have to say. (remember 10/10).
Name: St Christopher's Year 4 11th October 2011
We enjoyed the story.
Name: Ocean Moondust Gibson 15th October 2011
this is cool man
Name: Emma 25th June 2012
is this a real legend?
Name: Bob 6th November 2014
Name: Bernadith 4th November 2015
I really like the really appreciate me the on that athena killed coranithus it\'s awesome and amazing
Name: Hi 7th September 2016
whats the lesson
Name: Ennard 24th February 2018
Good but the scene where Athena and the monster was pretty small
Name: Alden 19th March 2018
so the girl is named after athena goddess of wisdom


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