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Story of Echo and Narcissus

like it. :)30th October 2019
very cool story 28th October 2019
the story was very good and i liked it23rd October 2019
Very thorough and easy to digest. Great job! It is a very clever story that displays Ovid's ingenuity with imagery, but also his uncanny ability to look into, and understand the human psyche.20th October 2019
amazing story
3rd October 2019
I loved the story because it contained the history of the gods and I am very fanatick of that I loved how Xeus describes the god and that he lived in the Olympic and also telling his enemies4th September 2019
I liked the story,beacuse it shows like how the world works know and some people are like narcissus.

4th September 2019
It is interesting because it tells the story of Zeus and what happens in a part of his life, as he was loving all over the world and also his love he had, also mentions that he lived between the clouds and mountains4th September 2019
I believe the meaning of this story is how someone may feel and there desire that can't be reached the man loved himself so much he didn't want anyone else and then he saw him self and really felt like he couldn't reach himself so he he did what he thought was right if he couldn't reach himself there was no point in life and he killed himself 4th September 2019
uses greek names but roman gods 1/50 out of 5. ONE OR THE OTHER PEOPLE15th August 2019
I loved the story. It was a little hard to follow because it kept jumping from one thing to the nevt but over all interesting. It really helped with my project 20th July 2019
Thank you so much.
19th May 2019
Helped with my project and i like the story.14th May 2019
I need help understanding Greek Myths because they are hard
7th May 2019
Thank you.I enjoy reading Greek Mythology
15th March 2019
cool13th March 2019
Helped a lot with my project21st February 2019
such a great story. 15th February 2019
Now I know the origin of one of my middle names!10th February 2019
This helped me a lot with my Greek day project!5th February 2019
Could you put a back ground info
its confusing
i get lost
cant understand
5th February 2019
This helped me so much with coming up with ideas for my Latin project16th January 2019
I don\'t understand the story but I think that the story is good!!!11th January 2019
I did not understand this myth/legend at all because it uses wierd words and has a very confusing story behind it.1st January 2019
Thank you for the help19th December 2018
Helpful for my homework ^-^12th December 2018
I like this web and myth for educational uses! It has helped me a lot!11th December 2018
very helpful20th November 2018
Good story14th November 2018
Moral- it is in vain to love someone who only loves their-self3rd November 2018
Thanks i needed this for my essay28th October 2018
Very good story, I am glad there is a glossary as some words need looking up. Helpful for school projects/homework.27th October 2018
i love it24th October 2018
nicce thats cool18th October 2018
Im not gonna lie, not my favorite

9th October 2018
Plz give me a plot map to this right now I crying I can’t make one😭😭😭27th September 2018
thank you it helped alot
26th September 2018
to chesey

26th September 2018
I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting much from this, but it was good!! This is written so well too. 5th September 2018
okay...9th August 2018
a little cheesy...6th August 2018
Loved this story!! Love, Sophie14th June 2018
This story was ok25th May 2018
I like this myth. It's exciting to read it24th May 2018
Good job22nd May 2018
7th May 2018
I love this myth. Awesome about receating.2nd May 2018
Does Narcissus hit Echo or something?2nd May 2018
I thought this was good story, but I got really confused between the character and who said what, and what they were doing. Maybe add more imagery to help clarify the characters so its easy to follow the story.1st May 2018
SO thats were the word narcissist comes from. Stupid narcissus. poor echo though.26th March 2018
I dint get anyrhing16th March 2018
Great15th March 2018
The worst story15th March 2018
Good story. 8th March 2018
A great story28th February 2018
its OK28th February 2018
I thought this was great27th February 2018
Make it better.27th February 2018
confusing26th February 2018
cool21st February 2018
i'm confused13th February 2018
this story was great!15th December 2017
Thanks 30th October 2017
I am so glad that I chose this Story for my social studies project.
13th October 2017
whats the moral9th October 2017
It was a really good should be on the real site where all the main stories are. It deserves 5/5!4th October 2017
Nice21st September 2017
fun-tastic.. the whole website in general.. thanks.. 22nd August 2017
cool15th August 2017
you should have a summary!6th August 2017
fantastic..3rd August 2017
you should add a summary section20th July 2017
this is weird26th May 2017
fantasidocious golorocious story16th May 2017
FANTABIDOCIOUS STORY!!!!!!!!!14th May 2017
It's a very gorgeous story that people should know. 2nd May 2017
Great story.25th April 2017
good20th April 2017
great for kids like me19th April 2017
I like it19th April 2017
wow anonymous17th April 2017
wow anonymous17th April 2017
this is good27th March 2017
this is not real27th March 2017
Good story20th March 2017
What a beautiful story and explanation of how it can hurt to be rejected when you wish to give and be loved. Well written and you captured the of wonder of \"oh I need to keep reading to know what happened\". Thankyou really enjoyed it.16th March 2017
This is a good story but this website wont give me any more information about the myth4th March 2017
why is the story so long!?2nd March 2017
nice story very interesting1st March 2017
It was hard to read. 27th February 2017
I like the story, everybody in it dies :^)27th February 2017
it is not funny27th February 2017
this didnt give me alot of details of what happened27th February 2017
good job27th February 2017
it was too confusing and too many big words24th February 2017
it was to long 23rd February 2017
It's a good story
17th February 2017
LOVE LOVE LOVE IIIIT!14th February 2017
This is very very very very very very very very very very very..... very confusing i dont understand it........ fix this!!!!!!!11th February 2017
Very confusing but helped for a presentation8th February 2017
It's a nice story, but a tragic ending.8th February 2017
I absolutely love this story. I can read it over and over again without getting bored ever.1st February 2017
Amazing myth,so helpful 5/5
30th January 2017
helped me with my work thank u30th January 2017
Brill28th January 2017
Amazing28th January 2017
very helpful for my school work27th January 2017
awsome 17th January 2017
I love this woooow13th January 2017
Wow. Amazing I never knew 6th January 2017
Very nice5th January 2017
wowo wowowowowowoooooooo woww9th December 2016
very thoughtful as well9th December 2016


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