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The Fairy Flag of the Macleod

Name: Smiello Popyo 18th November 2008
I think that this mini movie was a great way of teaching me this story and when the teacher eplained this to me at school i didnt understand but this has taught me because it is so much clearer and i can watch it happening so i know what is going on. :D
Name: Sophie 26th November 2008
Can you do the story of William
Wallace because I saw the film,
'Braveheart' and it's such a sad
and beautiful tale so I would
realy appreciate it if you put
it on here for everyone to read.

Name: Carys 23rd January 2009
I loved it beacause I belive in & love fairys!!!
Name: Megan Duck 27th January 2009
It was beautiful.
Name: Reanne 1st February 2009
it was really great i cried when i heard the song at the end
Name: Emily 1st February 2009
Name: Taylor Im A Girl 25th February 2009
i really liked it
Name: Romilie 27th February 2009
Its good!!!!!!!!
Name: Esme 1st April 2009
it was realy magical!
Name: Joshua 9th April 2009
i really liked it
Name: Amy Clapham 21st May 2009
the poor baby growing up without a mother. long live the baby
Name: Tia Barrow 25th May 2009
that was a nice song she sung and it was really good it was fantasic i really learnt alot
Name: Gladys 2nd June 2009
i luved it! i luv the song at the end awsome!
Name: Jasyendy 17th June 2009
I love that story I think the third time we use it (I forgot if it was used third time) it'll be at the greatest time we are in danger!
Name: Amber 21st June 2009
I thought the song at the end wa sso relaxing and really nice.
Name: Jeniffer Stone 1st July 2009
wow this is so sweet luv jeniffer xxx
Name: Skye 16th July 2009
I Love This Story!!!I Love The Tune...It's So Soft And Calming.It's Just Amazing...AND My Mum Says I Got My Name From The Isle Of Skye :D

Name: Amy 14th September 2009
i lke the whole thing xxx
Name: Tyler Meadows 29th September 2009
its so good
Name: Aki Emily 16th October 2009
I really liked this legend! Or myth? It was really interesting. I liked the idea about the fairy flag/shawl thing.
Name: Sydney 23rd December 2009
this is not fun on this one because it is not so fun.
Name: Roses 1st January 2010
cool i like this
Name: Linda Atchison 14th January 2010
Love it. I went with my family to Skye a couple of years ago and stood on the Fairy Bridge - kids unfortunately couldn't spot a fairy!
Name: Ashley Harrowell 18th January 2010
i thourt it was brill. lol smile lol lol lol
Name: Amelia Pierce 30th January 2010
great a lovely story I wish I could go there
Name: Luisabai 16th February 2010
i like this myths and legends because it is very funny and mysterious
Name: Lilya 6th March 2010
well I think this story is good
Name: Natasha 11th April 2010
I think the story was very beautiful
Name: Stv 1st May 2010
see? myths dont need to be sad
Name: Olivia 24th September 2010
i really like this story. it is really nice and my grandmother was a MaCleod.
Name: Tiana 29th December 2010
i thought that was amazing and i agree with stv they dont have too be sad. and no i dont no u or stv.
Name: Meghan 21st January 2011
I liked the music.The fairy princess was very pretty.
Name: Georgia 22nd January 2011
I luved the sis was shouting and dancing the macarana when she heard the music she stoppt
Name: Sara 5th February 2011
i love it a.m.a.zing
Name: Shannon Vits 27th February 2011
i loved it its so so so much its my favrout so far
Name: Kai 2nd March 2011
1000 psent and I love it can you writ the book. thank . to witer. by kai .
Name: Debi 24th March 2011
1,000,000 percent and yeh can u write the book because it is amazing !!!
Name: Riham 1st May 2011
Wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooowwwww!!!! 400000,90,0000000000000, present Well done,loved the music!!!!!!! u should right a poem and story about it. I think it will cost for over 111111000000.
Name: Kyce 1st May 2011
really cool. wish i had that flag!!!!
Name: Abster. 13th July 2011
Loved, the song, at the end! :D Xx xx
Name: Sherie 25th July 2011
loved this, my favourite!!!!!
Name: Jana 27th July 2011
Name: Ephraim 10th August 2011
this is the best website for myths eveeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr
Name: Ellie 29th August 2011
Hey guys this is awesome check out my story helena by quidditchseeker999 (me)
Name: Awo 2nd October 2011
it make me wanna cry
Name: Kezia 3rd October 2011
This web is just awesome. i'm kinda bussy, but i promise i'll visit later... :)
Name: Ajay 6th October 2011
i think it is very good story so that is what i think
Name: Charlotte 11th October 2011
I am from Scotland!
This should be interesting
Name: Sofia 21st October 2011
Hello! I just wanted to say that I enjoyed this story very much. I think I should share it to the rest of my family. I'm sure they would love it. I also like the stories that this website has! It\'s the best website I\'ve ever been to! I have read all the stories and am reading them again because they are fantastic! You have all mu support.

Name: Selina 3rd November 2011
great this is a beautiful story i hope my friends love this because it's intresting i'd love to learn about diffrant places FANTASTIC
Name: Ethan 6th November 2011
This was part of my school homework.I really enjoyed listening and reading this story.
Name: Elysha 21st November 2011
i really liked it, it was sad but i love it :)
Name: Turquoise 6th January 2012
Very interesting story!Love it so much.My friends also love it, but I think I love it better than them, because I wrote it out for the class as my project on myths and legends.
Some of it was sad, but most of it was exiting, and splendid and ace*!

Hope you all enjoyed it too!
Name: Phoebe 23rd January 2012
I loved the princess.I just want to see like when the baby grew up and princess and chief meet again.But does that happen? I REALLY LOVED IT!
Name: Jess12e 24th January 2012
I listned to the song its beatyfull and my aunts husband was sad to she had to go to nepal for 17 years ;(
i havent even seen her yet -cries-
Name: Noodicool 25th January 2012
nice myth
Name: Cintia 11th February 2012
It is really good. Excellent job!
Name: Bella 7th March 2012
i didn't like myth
Name: Mya 17th March 2012
i love this and its on of my faves
Name: Megan 10th April 2012
is it a myth or ledgend ???????????????/
Name: Holly 5th July 2012
I hav one quession to ask. Is this a myth or ledgend???
Name: Katie 2nd October 2012
Myth or Ledgend? You tell me!
Name: Cait 6th November 2012
myth or legend
Name: Dae 25th November 2012
Myth or Legend? Please tell me because I need to identify this if it is a legend or myth.
Name: Razan 3rd December 2012
So cool I love it and it's a legend everybody it I reapeat is so cool wowcha
Name: Ellis 13th January 2013
it is really cool
Name: Terry McLaren 2nd February 2013
I've lived on Skye all my life and was told this story by my grandfather when I was a wee lad, it is said the flag still remains in Dunvegan castle to this day.
Name: Malikah 7th April 2013
this is a beautiful tale i hope to here more im never old for myths and legends
Name: Ezio Auditore 14th April 2013
Fantastic! What a wonderful story!
Name: Angelic 1st May 2013
Name: Angel 16th June 2013
This song must be a spell... The song sounded like a bewitching lullaby!!!!! IT WORKS!!!
Name: CATspellsDOG 11th January 2014
lol the song!
Name: Amber 8th May 2014
its ok even though it has alot of hard words.
Name: Sasha 3rd May 2015
aaaaaaaaaaaw what a sweet story loved it
Name: Keesha 5th May 2015
really good for reading
Name: Charlotte 19th July 2015
aww so cute!!! i love the song at the end!!!
Name: Jon 29th January 2016
this is a very nice story - well written
Name: Mark 2nd February 2016
Name: Tyler 21st June 2016
It was fine, But it could be better..
Name: Marie 12th January 2017
that was a good story
Name: Emily 8th February 2017
Beautiful story and the song is so nice
Name: Nicole 26th July 2017
I really enjoyed this story, the song was beatigul and calm. It could be a little bit better with more humour and enthuisim.


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