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The Green Children of Woolpit

Woolpit, Suffolk, England (map) Dated: 1135 - 1155
Who were the two strange children found at Woolpit and could their skin really have been completely green? Why not read the story and make up your own mind!

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1st August 2010
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29th April 2009
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Name: Livy 2nd May 2015
Good game
Name: 1234567890 9th February 2015
?what were their names?
Name: LindaGail 16th December 2014
have a cousin who as a baby was feed carrot baby food all the time because that was all he would want to eat , and yes it couse his skin to be orange, also there are so called suntan pills you can take that have a red food dye in them to help your skin look reddish ten like you\\\'ve been sunning or tanning. So if the only food they seemed to be familiar with is freash green beans and that is all they ate prior to being found it could explain why their skin was green
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