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The Little Blue Man

Studham, Bedfordshire (map) Dated: 1967
You would be very surprised if, one day, you came across a strange little figure that glowed blue all over. Read what happened in Bedfordshire, about 40 years ago.

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22nd November 2010
Teachers' Resource: The Little Blue Man Questions
Questions for The Little Blue Man

21st November 2010
The Little Blue Man Questions
Questions for the selection "The Little Blue Man"

28th July 2009
The Little Blue Man
An animation made by Melissa Roling at a summer school run by Suffolk Anglia Ruskin University

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Name: Caitlin 4th February 2017
This is creepy.
Name: Rusty 16th January 2017
When I was younger about 1994 95 I was 18 or so and I had a blue and bright yellow man that came running up to me in the dead of night and pranked me almost. As if to mock me. Then as fast as he came he was gone equally fast. He flew down the stairs leading from my room to the downstairs. I still to this day do not know what exactly it was.
Name: Col 21st March 2016
Actually, in early 1970s a small blue man used to float outside my bedroom window and wave me to come out! I told my Mum as he did this several nights! She told me to ask him to go away and got my Dad to fix the old windows so it didn't open fully! I told the little Blue man to go away please that night, and he never returned! He was small and had a blue bowler hat, blue skin blue clothes blue all over! I lived in East Anglia ( won't say where)! I was about four years old, he was my height! I remember it very well! I was amazed to read this story on here all these years later! A very similar Elf type person! I must say, it rarely thunders in January (thinking of the original story) something strange must have happened? I only found this story because I wondered if there were blue Elf's one day, whilst remembering this that happened to me!
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