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The Wild Man of Orford

Orford, Suffolk, England (map) Dated: 1165 - 1220
Have you ever been fishing and made a big catch? This is exactly what happened to the fishermen of Orford many years ago. However, what they caught was very strange indeed!

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Latest submissions

1st August 2010
The Wild Man of Orford
An animated version of The Wild Man of Orford created by Jackie Ball and Rhiannon Jaques at a summer school run by Suffolk Anglia...

28th July 2009
Wild Man of Orford
An animation made by Kelly Mullen and Kevin Cheetham at a summer school run by Suffolk Anglia Ruskin University

29th April 2009
Comic of The Wild Man Of Orford
This is a comic book version of The Wild Man of Orford. It was created by Jessica and Alina, two 6th graders at Mayfield Woods...

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Latest comments:
Name: MCSWAGGERS 25th February 2014
This story is a good but VERY short story.
It's like one of the stories you get in those fairy tale books with lots of stories in it. Anyway I think it is a story to be rated 3.5/5
Name: Xenia Stonehouse Gusewski 3rd June 2013
I thought is was quite good but it is rather short and maybe the poor merman couldn't talk becuase he was in water for the whole of his life
Name: Elias 18th February 2013
apsalootly amazing and im speachless
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