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The Little Blue Man

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It seemed like any other day just after lunch, on January 28th back in 1967, when some young friends, aged between ten and eleven years, were playing near the Dell at Studham. However the events that followed turned the day into anything but ordinary!

A footpath leads to the Dell, which is like a small overgrown valley, surrounded by bushes and trees beside Studham Common. It had been raining earlier but now the sky had cleared.

As the boys chattered, suddenly a flash of lightning struck nearby. One of the boys, Alex Butler, who was a little way ahead of the others, stopped in surprise when he reached the edge of the bank above the Dell. For standing near some bushes, at the foot of the opposite bank, about twenty yards away, was 'a little blue man'.

For a moment or two, Alex stared at this curious stranger in amazement, before shouting to his friends to come and look. They too stopped in bewilderment.

The little blue man was about three feet tall, with a tall hat or helmet, which added to his height, and he glowed blue all over. He had two round eyes, a strange flat triangle instead of a nose, and his arms, which were short, were held at his side and did not appear to move.

His blue beard was forked, the two parts running down each side of his chest. The strange little man wore a one-piece suit, again of a glowing blue with a black belt; in front of the buckle was a black box, about six inches square.

As the boys got near to where he was standing, a strange whirring cloud of yellow-blue mist moved towards them and, in an instant, the strange little man vanished! As their eyes searched the Dell, they spotted him again. This time they also heard strange babbling voices. Were there more strange little blue men hidden in the undergrowth?

Twice more, as the boys tried to approach him, the little blue man disappeared into a puff of yellow-blue mist! Then the boys heard the sound of the school bell and rushed off in great excitement to tell their teacher, Mrs. Newcomb, everything they had seen and heard. After listening to their story, their teacher made them write it all down and made sure there was no copying.

On March 3rd, 1967, the Dunstable Gazette ran a short article on the little blue man and that led to a reporter, from the Flying Saucer Review, interviewing the boys and gathering all the details together. It was a mystery that needed investigating. Who or what was the little blue man?

Some people felt the boys had imagined it all. However, the boys' teacher felt sure they had been telling the truth and that the unusual incident had really happened. U.F.O. investigators suggested that the black box could have been a receiver and the forked beard some kind of breathing apparatus. However, no U.F.O. sightings were reported in the area at that time.

So it seems, we can only guess at what was in the Dell that day and that it will remain a mystery. Unless, of course, the little blue man returns once more!

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