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How the Sun and Moon formed Day and Night

A myth submitted to the site by Josh Gill

Southall, UK

At the very beginning, the gods ruled over the world. With their Special skills they had created beautiful plants and amazing animals. They also used their extraordinary power and created the human race, but, all was not complete, Zeus, the king of gods worked with Apollo and created the sun and moon.
The moon was a quiet and calm character but when he was angry he got mad like an angry raging bull. He always liked to get his way and hated being defeated. If he was defeated he would go bizarre like a clown at the circus.

The sun was very much the same except for he killed anyone within his reach with his blazing hot fire like a campfire but way much hotter. He could burn the whole Earth to flames like the Great Fire of London.

One ordinary day the sun and moon met for the first time ever and soon became good friends, but not for long. Soon they were arguing after they heard the news from Zeus of who is going to stay out longer on Earth. “If it is the sun then the sun shall give light to Earth if it is the moon the moon shall give night.”
“It will obviously be me because I’m the best!”
The sun exclaimed fiercely. When the sun was angry he got mad like an angry herd of elephants charging rapidly.
“SO what I’m much more peaceful so I should go out longer I’m calmer the people on Earth deserve me because I’m not as angry as you!” the moon shouted at the sun.

“STOP IMMEDIATELY THIS IS ENOUGH!” Zeus Shouted at the top of his voice. “We shall decide tomorrow who stays out longer.”

One night when everyone was sleeping the sun woke up and went out on Earth and shone light everyone on Earth woke up and started to get severe headaches, burnt dark skin and sweaty bodies as watery as the ocean. Everybody decided to go inside until the sun went away. Every ocean on Earth dried up.

Soon after the catastrophe the sun finally decided to go away. That night the moon was planning the same thing as the sun. So the moon went out on Earth and decided to give night but when he looked down......... he saw the horrible sight of all the people with severe headaches, burnt dark skin and sweaty bodies as watery as the ocean. As soon as the moon gave night everyone was asleep which meant both the sun and moon failed.

He went back to Zeus and so to his surprise he saw the sun standing next to Zeus. “You two have decided to go against me and both of you have disobeyed me!” Zeus shouted with a red face.

The sun and moon decided to start big rows and started to bicker for 30 minutes. Finally Zeus came up with an idea. “The day is 24 hours so that means sun you shall go for the first full 12 hours and then moon you shall go for the rest of the full 12 hours of the day.” Zeus suggested.
Everyone down on Earth rejoiced because they had 12 hours to work and play and 12 hours to rest.
“This is amazing!” the people on Earth said with delight. “We can now have a fair day for resting, working and playing.” someone else on Earth said.

Everyone on Earth could not believe what had happened but they were happier than ever. They knew that nothing bad like this would happen again and they guaranteed everything would be normal.

Everybody was working, playing and back at the Palace of Gods there was a massive party with music, food, dancing and many gods in attendance. Even the sun and moon attended to the exiting party and in honour of Zeus the sun and moon got on to the stage and were presented with the most shiniest, clean, sparkling and amazing gold medals the sun had one with a picture of the sun shining light and the moon had one of the moon giving night.
So this is how the sun and moon created day and night. And what the people on Earth guaranteed, they stuck to their word. What really was relieving was that there were never ever any mistakes on Earth again and knew there never ever will be.
The sun and moon became best friends forever and beyond. So this is how day and night formed and how Zeus made a fair day.

By Josh Gill
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