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The Legend of Bobin Zoud!!!

Witches island, Poland

Many years ago, there lived a legendary man called Bobin Zoud.

He robbed from the poor to give to the rich, and had an extreme craving for hot gooey apple pie.

On this one special occasion, Bobin Zoud, who was extremely hard working, had gone to the most hostile, horrid, hateful island in Poland, Witches Island…
Clink! , clank! Went Bobin Zoud’s boots as they strode on the rocky path.

Suddenly, a smashing, clashing screaming noise could be heard from the center of the evil island… Running wildly, Bobin Zoud found a rotting wooden ship, which was inhabited by an elderly sailor, Fobbin Good, who was extremely youthful-looking.

As the crew set sail, they saw puckish green bubbles appear from the deep murky depths of the Polish lake.
Aiming his anti-monster crossbow, he got 3 metal pellets right on target for the scaly monsters neck!

As the demonic rocks of devils causeway came into view, amateur Monster hunter Bobin Zoud pondered if he would survive… Suddenly, the ship sinker swallowed Bobin Zoud whole!

Bravely striding, Fobbin Good grabbed a rotting piece of meat and chucked it on the rock. The ship sinker was instantly killed.

As the courageous two sailed off, an eerie, ear piercing noise could be heard from the centre of the island!..

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