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Where the Moon Shines Bright

A myth submitted to the site by Grace Whitehouse

Worcestershire, England

One starry night a beautiful girl called Whitney was on her way home after staying late at her friend Hilda's house. Anyway Whitney decided to take a shortcut through the forest. As soon as she got to the forest's entry she felt a sudden shiver run down her spine. She took a very deep breath and walked on.

Before Whitney died she told me that the forest was a terrifying place and that it was darker than a gold mine deeper than deep under ground. Also that the old rotten leaves of the trees rustled every five minutes.

Suddenly just after she had turned a very sharp corner she saw a very strange tree. A golden light shone down like the moon or even like the stars, the stars when they first glow, like when they first shine. She dropped her basket that she was carrying blueberries in, that she had picked earlier that day; she hung the basket full of blueberry’s up on a very strong looking branch that she saw up above her. She climbed up very slowly, just encase one of the branches broke or if one of her feet slipped. She finally got the top and put her head over the top of the branch and ..........

BOO! A little elf jumped out of the left corner right in front of her face. He had brown pointy shoes and a hat which was brown and pointy to they were probably in a set together. He had clothes the colour of an emerald and he had a bag that said Peter. "As you can see I’m Peter your trusty body guard and also your guide". "Great", said Whitney nervously.

"Welcome to Midnight land”. “Have you ever heard of the book Where the Moon Shines Bright”? “No” I said quietly. “Well that’s another word for the Midnight Land”. “Hi I'm Whitney”. “Pleasure to meet you Whitney”.

Ha, weird hay I’m so glad I’m wasn’t Whitney. Anyway back to the story.

All of a sudden the little elf, Peter said we best

I know freaky hay, an elf and all this stuff about a Midnight Land also known as Where the Moon Shines Bright.

Whitney suddenly said “hi I'm Whitney be gone, her royal majesty will be waiting at the grand gates for you. Do not tell anyone that I told you but there holding a welcome party for you. Then he said again scaring Whitney very badly again “I have been desperate to tell so I had to spit it out”. I know, Peter could of said that with a bit of manors. Whitney said still very quiet “so you used be one of the queens little helpers but now you work for me”. So the little elf shouted in a very posh voice” Well yes I guess you could say that.

When Whitney told me this story, before she died that is, I said that was a long chat and she said back to me “I guess it was”. Anyway lets finish what we started.

Peter and Whitney soon came to a hill, a very steep hill. When they got to the top they saw the queen her royal majesty sat right in front of Whitney’s eyes in her throne.

Whitney decided it to stay for a couple of days, her parents wouldn’t miss her after all when she went back time wouldn’t of changed a bit. Well that’s what the queen said.

The queen also known as Snowdrop became very fond of Whitney and it was the same the other way round.

One day she told me about their worst enemy. Her name was Red dash.
The next day Whitney woke up and realised that the queen and her couldn’t speak or listen to each other. Then she saw Red dash giggle ling wickedly.

Then out of know where an idea came to her, the queen told her a rhyme to get rid of her. So she muttered her rhyme

The evil queen
The evil queen
She’s come again
And has been mean

Get rid of her
Send her away
Make her go
And make her pay

It worked she had gone and the queen and Whitney could hear and speak to each other
She decided to stay in this magical land till her majesty died. Then she would return to her beloved ones.

By Grace Whitehouse
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