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A myth submitted to the site by Hannah Spittle

Worcestershire, England

One dull day a long ,long time ago in an enchanted forest there lived a girl called Rosalia. She was very young and she lived all by herself in the middle of the forest before she left home she learned to live by herself by hanging her clothes on a rope between two trees. She missed her parents but they threw her out.

It was 4 weeks since she had moved and she was very lonely. She had her head staring at her feet with tears running down her face. She was so homesick she tried running back home but she couldn't find her way round the forest. Every night she had to cry herself to sleep. She felt like dying.

2 weeks later she was squeezing water from her clothes and she herd neighing echoing loudly through the forest she looked but nothing there. Then she heard the neighing again she used to have a horse herself but her took it away from her .She remembered that so she ran to her favourite tree .

Then a big horse came galloping towards her she couldn't describe this magnificent creature a uni no a corn no I know a unicorn! She was dragging the washing line behind her so she could use it as a lead rope.

She took him home and cared for the beautiful mare .She named him Lifesaver she was never lonely again.

A couple of weeks later the unicorn was acting very strangely Rosalina was puzzled she wondered what was wrong . Also Lifesaver was getting very fat and Rosalia was worried about |Lifesaver after he was her life .

Then Lifesaver went wandering round the forest by his self he normally goes with Rosalia but not anymore she hid behind a tree and watched Lifesaver - she had her neck resting against a gelding unicorn she climbed up the tree for a closer view she pinched herself but she wasn’t dreaming . She was very happy and said that’s why Lifesavers getting fat she’s in foal wow!!

Lifesaver got home and Rosalia said “how’s your boy getting on Lifesaver?” she pulled a face your gelding then and Lifesaver nodded.

That night Rosalia got out of bed and looked to see where Lifesaver was she was lying under a tree with the gelding and she had a breath taking moment of silence. She saw a wonderful thing happen a foal was being born she was over the moon about she wanted to go to go to mother and spread the news but she remembered she didn’t live there any more, she’s moved on .

She sat on the gelding while Lifesaver took the new foal home the gelding was handsome she could see why Lifesaver went for him she couldn’t stop wriggling with happiness. She got home and made a blanket out of leaves for the sweet little foal and she said little one this is your new home like it I’m used to it my mother threw me out sadly.

By Hannah Spittle
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