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Dan and the Robot

A myth submitted to the site by Harry Cairns

Worcestershire, England

In a dark, blood stopping, teeth rattling death-trap lives a horrible monster called Dan. Dan is a Cygon (half Cyclopes half dragon.) Dan lives in the death-trap corners because he is very shy. Dan eats human's because it is so hot they die in 0.1 seconds so he eats their body and drinks there blood .

Dan gets really hungry so he goes to get some food because no human goes in anymore because they saw people die in there. So Dan goes hunting for food. (later) Dan is very tired of walking so he goes back home but he is stuck because there is two paths but he goes the wrong way so he gets even more tired so he goes to sleep...

… Suddenly Dan wakes up and look s around he sees loads of robots in a horrible filthy cellar. Dan was certain he ddint wake up in a filthy cellar with cobwebs everywhere. Suddenly Dan heard a creak, so he tried to run but the robots hade blocked all the ways to go out” who did this to me” screamed Dan.

Dan heard another noise but it was not a creak it was like this ha “ it was me whispered a weird voice (Dan is shaking really badly.) ”Where are you” said Dan".

“Up here “ said the weird voice. So Dan goes up to the steps then he sees a weird freaky robot. Suddenly the robot ruler tried to attack Dan. But Dan smoothly dodges the attacks (later) the robot ruler gave up trying to kill Dan. So Dan shots loads of fire balls but the robot ruler dodges them for 2.30 hours

After all that time wasting fire balls he does tow layers of fire balls. The robot dodges layer one but he dies on the 2nd layer. So Dan goes to another death-trap with more cygons.


By Harry Cairns
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