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Two Doors

A myth submitted to the site by Harry Thompson

Worcestershire, England

Dear diary

It was a sad and lonely morning not a single leaf was a single tree. It was the coldest morning I’ve ever felt. There were icicles as big as a spider’s web. There were thousands on my seven story house it was awful. But me and my brothers still had to go to school, so i put on my cosy coat and head out. (Meanwhile) ok outside I’m starting to cheer up now. Brrrrrr its freezing. Your probably wondering how many brothers i have well i have 10, 1 is called Morgan 2 Harry 3 another Harry, 4 Joe 5 Jack, 6 Mike 7 Kurt, 8 Paul 9 Sam and 10 Fred plus i have a sisters called Alex.

Well now you know my brothers and sister. Ok at school few just in time for lessons ohh it's literacy. In the lesson I saw something move when the teacher (Mrs Tramontana) was not looking. I sneaked out of my place and hade a look and it was a I furry little thing. I sneaked it in my bag and hid it there until the end of school. When we got home I sneaked up to my room and had a real look at it ohh it has teeth as sharp as a sharks, its skin is as hard as a rhino’s, IT’S A WEREWOLF. So I killed it and ohh its dad was looking AND NOW IT’S OUT TO GET ME.


I will never go out again.


Ok maybe I lied but hey I hired about two doors and tonight at midnight when everyone is sleeping I will sneak out and go to one door and look in it. Ok outside and feeling very scared ok at the first door and opening it …. AHHHHHHHHHHH IT’S THE WEREWOLF so I ran out and went straight through the other door, without a plan with my teeth rattling and ….. OMG it’s beautiful I think I might like it here.

When I got there for the 9th time the dad werewolf was there. I tried to escape but the door was locked so it was me and the werewolf. Luckily I had a pig, were wolfs are scared of pigs so he ran off and I never saw him again, or did I.

If you want to read my next story I’m happy to do another one.

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By Harry Thompson
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