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Never Trick a Dragon

A myth submitted to the site by Morgan Woodward

Worcestershire, England

One very hot summers day, there was a boy called Morgan. He was a very happy 18 year old. He had everything he wanted. He was getting very hot, so he put out the swimming pool that had inflated last year. So he jumped in and, BOOM!!!! The swimming pool burst, Morgan went flying and landed in his bed.

Ding dong. There was someone at the door. He slowly opened the door. There was his friends Harry T, Harry C, Joe and Jack. Bad news said Joe. You can’t go to harry cs house because it fell down, Jacks blew up, Joes is on fire and Harry Ts is devised. So can we come to your house. Said Joe.

Yes said Morgan. They barged in like a herd of elephants. Please don’t break the TV as Joe broke the TV. There goes my holiday money. Said Morgan.

Knock, knock, knock. It was too late. There was beer cans all over the floor, the house was a tip and the dog had chewed everything that was still standing. Morgan very slowly walked to the door, pulled the chain. Just then all five boys almost fainted. In the door stood Bald head Dave, Bob, Fred, plum brain, Derrick and Mrs freak.

We have good news said Dave. This better be good muttered Joe. The whole house went silent. There are five spare places at the boarding school in the forest. Harry C and Jack fainted but Joe and Harry T caught them. Morgan said for us.

Yes said bald head Dave. Who else would they be for. Those people over the road. Said Morgan. No don’t be silly. He shut the door. There was a buzz of excitement in the house.

They were there. At the house they had always wanted to go to. There was six girls already there. Nicole, Grace K, Rebecca, Neve, Grace W and Hannah. Suddenly a rope came down and wrapped around Grace Ks neck. Then she went up and through the roof.

Suddenly a dragon smashed through. Mrs Freak freaked out. Not again said everyone. Then all the teachers were eaten. Grace W grabbed a rope and wrapped it round the dragons neck. Then all the girls helped Grace pull the rope.

Then a talking toilet jumped down from the roof but Morgan put a sword under it and that killed it. Jack, Harry T, Harry C and Joe grabbed rope and threw it round the dragons arms and legs and brought the monster to the ground. Then the dragon let out a huge blow of fire and everyone except Morgan were flung into a room.

Morgan stood there in fear. Suddenly the dragon screamed. A dog had bit the dragon and then ran away. Then captain underpants jumped on the dragon and strangled it. Then as quick as a flash Morgan stabbed the dragon in the chest. Then Morgan let everybody out of the room.

Two years later.

Hi guys said Morgan. hi said everybody. I’m scared. Said Harry T. Why. Said Morgan are you a dragon killer or Mr chicken. A dragon kill!

A huge snake slithered through the door taking everything in its path with him.

By Morgan Woodward
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