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Spooky Kidnap

A myth submitted to the site by Nicole Sherwood

Worcestershire, England

Dear diary

Yesterday something weird happened...

I was walking with my brother Morgan when I saw a blackberry bush I picked two when I turned back round he was gone! I called him but all I heard was the distant call of "HELP HELP HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!" I ran and ran I told my best friends they were shocked.

We emptied the fringe and went out explorin.g I went along the old broken rackety bridge but instead of falling through the gapes I flew over them. I found Josef one of Morgan’s best friends on the other side of the river the grass was creepishly green Grace found harry.C in the field playing football but the football kept changing colour. Hannah found the other Harry (Harry.T) in the dark deep woods.

We met back up at the park but no-one had seen Morgan. We then (altogether) went to the old bike shed. We found five horses we rode them to the school cellar, and tied them up at the entrance.

It was dark and spooky in the cellar. I was ultra-scared I went to grab onto Harry.T but he wasn’t there nether were the other boys. I heard footsteps it was Morgan and his friends it sounded like they were running away from some-one…

We went and hid “I was almost spotted there” I whispered when he had gone we started walking again. I stepped in something it was blood we encountered lots more pools of blood that just got me more and more suspicious.

I stepped on something, it wasn’t blood it was a head but there was no body. Later on I found an eye ball with a head next to it. Near by I found a gun. I shot at every sound.

I heard a scream of lost Neve I bellowed “DUCK” and I shot at the man who was punching her. But I looked around I was not in the cellar I was in a dragons mouth I ran out and up his nostril and ran home I never went there again.

By Nicole Sherwood
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