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Zefuleas and the mighty Murt Worm

A myth submitted to the site by Taranpreet Dhesi

Shervage Forest, England

A long time ago in a minute village, a handsome, but poor man, lived. His name was Zefuleas. He loves his family lots and lots and always did what they said. Zefuleas always made everyone exceedingly happy and if anyone was hurt he will be caring to them.
But everyone was terrified of a mighty beast called the Murt Worm! Loads of villagers had ran out of the village and only few remain. Many people had tried to kill the Murt Worm but never returned. Everyone trusted a wizard called Mezard to save the day but he said he didn’t want to face the Murt Worm alone.

The next day Zefuleas strolled to the woods to get some fresh air but little did he know a vicious, fearless beast was living in that wood. He went into the cold, damp cave where hairy, scruffy bats lived. He saw red beady eyes staring at him. They started moving around. He could hear loud growling noises.

The Murt Worm wakes up and leaps on Zefuleas. Zefuleas tried his best to fight but he was losing energy. He thought this was going to be a nice, relaxing trip but it turns out to be a battle for survival. He stared at the Murt Worm hoping someone will save him. He held tight on to the rough rocks on the ground and started to breathe faster and faster.

POOF! Mezard appeared after he knew someone was in trouble. Mezard brought a magical position to give super strength. Quickly, Zefuleas drank the potion in one sip. He pushed the MurtWorm of him Zefuleas chucked a rock which weighs two tons however he did struggle a bit. BANG! The Murt Worm collapsed on the floor and blood gushed out.

Mezard and Zefuleas dashed out of the cave. When the villagers found out about the Murt Worm dying they started to cheer so loud his ear drums nearly broke. They had a colossal party and the Murt Worm was never feared again.

By Taranpreet Dhesi
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