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Afina to the Rescue

A myth submitted to the site by Hajra


Long Long ago, in a time with evil monsters and dragon’s, lived a muscular pretty girl called Afina. She lived in a small house in a large town and her parents owned a shop.

One day she was cleaning the colossal shop when at the corner of her eye she saw a group of people. They had a shiny red car and when Afina looked closer they were her cousins’. When she ran outside all of a sudden a big humongous monster came and grabbed her cousins and took them away.

Afina had to do something but what! She was worried about her cousins. After, she was sitting on a rusty brown step with red old lines. When she looked up she saw her friend Fill and he said “I will help you get them back.” Afina said “thanks.”

After a little while they strolled off. They carried themselves through the jungles, forests, and most of all deserts. When they got there, there was a big cave and there was a sign that said Danger and had trees all around it. Afina and Fill went into the cave and there was a lake of lava, which had Afina’s cousin hanging from a rope. Their car was by the monster and the money was in a pile. Now Afina knew why the monster got them.

Afina went around the corner and told him that had to distract the monster while she gets her cousins and all the things back. Afina went, and Fill made some noises and then kept walking around the cave.

Afina ran quickly and where her cousins were and tried to cut the rope but it was too hard so she got a stick from the floor and hit it on the rope and the rope got cut. She took the money and her cousins drove the car.

Fill ran as quick as a flash and jumped in to the car. The monster was still looking where the noises were coming from! Back at home Afina had to explain what happened and her cousins were actually the whole town was safe now. She and Fill were hero’s forever. They even saved other country’s from things. After a little while there was a huge big crash and a humongous dragon was on a building roaring … oh on!

By Hajra
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