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Zoomus and the Monstrous Equis

A myth submitted to the site by Amin Sayed

In a cave on a cold deep grey mountain, greece

At the beginning of time in a cave at the top of a cold deep grey mountain, where the wind sang through the cave and the huge rocks as big as planets lived the strongest hero ever named Prince Zoomus. Huge beasts were protecting prince Zoomus in his sleep.

One day a beautiful young lady stumbled out of the forest and saw the cave then thought to climb up it. She climbed up it and knocked on the cave door, Zoomus's beasts gave her a creepy glare and she calmly said "I am here to see prince Zoomus." the beasts let her through.

"Who stands there at my door,show your self." Zoomus said projecting his voice. "It is I, Equis" she replied as she walked in."I am a lost lady please may you let me stay here for a while.""You may,only unless you don't pull any tricks on me" he confidently replied.

The next day, Zoomus was cooking nice great bacon with egg at the side. Suddenly, Equis got a rock from the big rocks from outside,and conked it on Zoomus’s head. He was knocked out cold. Equis took off her disguise and grinned down at Zoomus. She went outside and hypnotized the great beasts and flew off like a bird in the sky with all the beasts to her creepy lare. She left a note to Zoomus saying
Go to my lare so we can battle and we will se who is the strongest in the world,after all I hypnotized your beasts so you will have a lower chance of defeating me.


Zoomus was furious, he was so filled up with rage that he could pick up the sun and throw it miles away. He needed heavy weapons but he sadly had none. He was sure that he would die. On his way to Equis’s lare he found a weird looking majic sword. He picked it up and felt great power within it. It gave him the power to teleport to wherever he wanted. So he teleported to Equis’s lare and he saw her and the beasts ready and prepared for battle.

All the beasts were commanded to jump on Zoomus, Zoomus swung his sword and it took out the beasts and all the hypnotism that was in them. Then he narrowed his eyes at Equis and bellowed “I will put an end to your evilness once and for all!!!”

He then teleported behind Equis and threw his sword at her and it found its way to her heart. At first Equis turned to stone but the wind was so strong that it blew the stone into dust and the sword dropped on the ground. Zoomus was extremely exhausted so the beasts flew him home. There was no more evilness to be seen again.

Amin Sayed myth

By Amin Sayed
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