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Hilot Turned to be The Aswang

A myth submitted to the site by Pupa

Jagna, Bohol, Philippines

Do you believe in superstitions? In this modern age, we could hardly say “yes” but in older times they believe it’s real. Basing on some real stories happened. This is to what according to my grandfather.

This story was taken place in Jagna, BohoL, Philippines. In 1960, there was a couple hiding the name, Ben and the wife Belen. After two years of marriage the couple was blessed because Belen conceived a child.

During those days, traditionally the woman who will give birth will be done at home with the help of the “Hilot”. (describes as an expert woman who can deliver a mother in labor, like of the midwives today) but they never undergo studies. They were blessed women who can do such things.

The day came when Belen have to deliver her baby. Usually the person inside the room is the “Hilot” and an assistant. But in this case, it was only the “Hilot”, because that was the “Hilot” wanted.

A healthy baby boy came out to life safely after some hours of Belen’s labor. But something is unusual happened. When Ben came into the room to get the used bedsheets and clothes, to his surprise, he never seen lots of blood in it which is supposedly be there? He’s wondering and asked the “Hilot” what had happened? The “Hilot” just shrugged and never say anything. Ben never suspected anything from her since he trusted her as the "Hilot"

Ben was reluctant however told this thing to his family. But then later, they’ve forgotten it when all was well with his wife and his baby. Eventually, his wife was not really well it seems like she even looked paler and paler each day. The “Hilot”, would still come to visit the mother and the baby every day.

Belen never spoke anything and she’s very weak after giving birth. The “Hilot would then say, it’s normal for a new mother. He believed her. Until one day, Belen died. Just simply like that. And later after some days, the baby was dead, too. They found out that, the baby had lost his blood.

By then, they’ve searched for the “Hilot” but she disappeared and nowhere to be found. They believe that the “Hilot” sipped the mother’s blood and the baby. It is then everyone says, the “Hilot was the “Aswang” (is an evil- vampire-like or a blood sucking devil in the form of a person) People believed, the “Hilot” was the "Aswang" who disguises herself without the family's knowing.

By Pupa
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Name: Christine Mae Diaz 7th November 2014
wow i love creppy stories
Name: Kittykat 3rd October 2014
Wow thanks for the history lesson guys!
Name: Dakila Hernan 25th August 2014
Aswang is not an urban legend as I have an encounter with one when I was pregnant with my first child year 2005. Our electric meter got busted so we had no electricity for two weeks while we were processing the replacement of the meter with Meralco. Fortunately for me, our neighbor was kind enough to allow us to connect one to two bulbs and outlet so we could have electricity supply. But the rest of our house was in darkness. Since I was pregnant I followed the advise of my relatives and colleagues to always have counter-remedies just in case. So I always had charcoal, incense, myrrh, and palaspas cuttings(blessed palm fronds during Palm Sunday)on hand. One night, around 8:30p.m. to 9:00p.m. while my househelp was busy ironing clothes we both heard something fall in our kitchen rooftop and then we heard steps, at first it was light like that of a cat\'s but eventually the steps got heavier like that of a human. My househelp asked me \"Ate ano yun, bakit ganun.\" The surrounding suddenly seemed very hot for me. I immediately lighted our stovetop and put some charcoal in a barbeque grill. When the charcoals were burning I put it in a leche flan metal cookware. I put on the cookware incense,myrrh and palaspas cuttings as well and I asked my husband and househelp to bring it on the dark second floor of our house. While they were bringing it upstairs my husband said that he felt the hair behind his neck stood up. He was followed by my househelp carrying a lighted candle. They said that when they reached the second floor while the smoke of the charcoal, incense, myrrh and palaspas cuttings was heavy, they felt a presence that seemed to flew out of the room with open jalousies very fast. The visits did not stop from there. So what my husband did to counter it was to burn a tire which was left burning overnight (sorry if we polluted the environment then). From then on the nocturnal visits stopped. By the way, I am from Southern Tagalog.
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