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The story of Isis and Osiris

Egypt, Egypt

Osiris was belived to be an Egyptian Pharoah who rigned over Egypt in the very early beginings.Osiris married his sister Isis and they ruled Egypt toghether. Osiris helped people learn how to grow crops along the river Nile.Osiris and Isis became very popular with subjects.

Seth Osiris's and Isis's brother was cruel and jelous of Osiris.Seth married her sister Nephthys.But with the light came darkness.Seth was trying to kill Osiris with a plan.Seth had with him his wicked companions.They came with a plan to kill Osiris, they prepared his coffin for Osiris. Isis was full of wisdom and magick and kept a close eye over her love.

Osiris held a banquet honour of the Divine Pharoah Osiris and invited 72 conspiritors,with the finest banquet to be held in Egypt.When Osiris heart was warm of joy,Seth brang the coffin and told him to try it.Osiris went inside the coffin to try it, Seth closed the lid of the coffin and nailed it with no people around. He went to the Nile with his wicked conspiritors and the coffin,they throwed the coffin to the Nile.The coffin bashed on a tree on land,and the tree became beautiful as the body of Osiris toched the tree.The tree grew so much that hid the coffin.

The king Malcander and Queen Astarte of Byblos saw this tree and odered it to be cut down and made to a beautiful pillar.When Isis heard about her huband death she was distraugh and set and set off to find her husband body as the Seth took the throne.She traveled alot until she reached the city Blblos. Isis meet some maidens and taught them to braid their hair. They were serving the Queen Astarte and the queen saw the girls hair and she was so impressed that she called for Isis. Unware that the women Astarte had called forth was the Divine Goddess Isis she asked for caring for her son,Dictys.Isis consented and after a short while she caught sight of the pillar.

In time Isis realised that the great pillar held the body of her beloved husband.She had also become fond of the yong Dictys and so one night decided to make him immortal.With her spell she transformed into a swallow and chanted her magic words the Queen Astarte has been spying on her and in horror interupted the spell in fear at the sight of her baby son in flames.The spell was broken.When the Queen realised she begged the Goddess for forgiveness and asked there was anything she could do.Isis asked for the pillar and so were re -joined with her husbands body.When Osiris's body had returned home Isis forced to hide it.

Unfortunatly an irate Seth discoverd the body and in his rage cut it into 14 pieces and scattered it down the Nile once more.Once more Isis set of in serch of the body parts along with her sister Nephtys and her nephew Anubis. Whenever they a pice of the body the place became a holy shrine.They found all but one peice.Once Isis had gathered all the pieces she magickally re-built Osiris's body and even tough he was dead,she was also able to magickally convince a child with him: the young Sky God Horus.

As Horus grew Osiris visited him from the spirit world and tought him how to fight in perperation in defeating Seth and retaking his right throne.After much battling with Seth Horus prevalid and avereged his mother and father.
Horus became new Pharoah of Egypt.Isis and Osiris were in time reunited.Osiris became the God of the underworld and Isis Goddess of magick and motherhood.

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The Bible plagiarized old superstitious beliefs thousands of year older. The Noah's Ark story came from The Epic of Gilgamesh. The baby Moses in a basket in the Nile also came from Mesopotamian legends. Mithrus sounds very much like Jesus. 27th March 2018
The story is good but you forgot the part when seth got Osiris's measrements and how other people tryed it first 12th March 2018
I loved it 20th February 2018
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