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A Ride to the Devil

A myth submitted to the site by Ryan

forest, england

One ferocious night in a deep dark forest there was a mysterios cottage and in that cottage there lived a boy. He was 10 years old.

One morning there was a knock on the door the little boy got up and opened the door. There was nothing there. He went back into bed. Two minutes later there was another knock he ran to the door and said HA HA, I'V GOT YOU NOW in a strong voice, and standing there was a baby rabbit.

The boy said come in little rabbit. He came in and jumped on to the sofa and said thank you. The boy said for what. For letting me in the rabbit said in a sweet voice. That's ok. do you whant a cup of tea the boy said. Yes replied the rabbit. So why did you come knocking on my door. Its because there is something out there I saw it wispered the rabbit. What was it said the boy. I think it was a devil. what colour was it. It was yellow said the rabbit. If it was a devil it was a pioson devil said the boy OH NO.

The boy shouted lock the doors shut the windows and hide I will give you a ak-47 said the boy. whats a ak-47 said the rabbit. its a gun replied the boy. Ok said rabbit now shall we hide. Yes replied the boy, I will hide under the table and you hide behind the door said the boy. Ok replied the rabbit.

They heard a gun being shot after the shot. The devil smashed down the door and in one hand he had sally and in the other hand he had mustan. Bang the devil shot the rabbit in the heart and he died. The devil said one down one two go but im not going to kill you im tacking you to my castle where you will be my slave the boy replied NO! im not going to be your slave and shot the devil in the head.

Sorry but that is the end I will make another one in about 6-7 weeks

By Ryan
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