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Medusa tricks Athena (begining of war)

Ancient Greece, Greece

Medusa is the daughter of Phorkys and Keto. She is the only one of the three sisters known as Gorgons that was born a mortal. Medusa was once very beautiful but she was cursed by Athena. The godess Athena gave her snakes for hair ,and made her so ugly that anyone that stared at her turned to stone.

Medusa desired revenge on Athena. One day she decided to pay the godess a visit. She went to Athena's palace and knocked on the door, one of Athena's servents allowed Medusa in to the palace because she was not loyal to Athena. The servant led Medusa to a room in the palace to put on a disguise before going to visit the godess.

Medusa wrapped a cloak around her head to cover her snake like hair , and made a posionous drink to give to Athena. When she was finished she went to dinner with the godess. Athena figured something was up when Medusa, who claimed her name was Solan, refused to eat anything. Athena didnt dare to look her right in her eye she was afraid the mortal might have some type of magic.
"My darest and most pleasent godess Athena" Medusa said smiling "I have made you something to drink with only the freshest of fruits in the world."
Athena smiled not wanting to be rude to someone she thought was a loyal follower.
"Thank you" the godess took the drink and drunk it. It was the best tasting thing she ever had and she figured something was wrong, no fruit is better than the fruit of the gods. She immediately started throwing up and felt extremly sick.

Medusa took of her disguise and revealed her true self."Now I have my revenge on you Athena I have sickened the godess of war."
"You will pay for this Medusa I promise you."
The next day Athena started the biggest war in all the world. It was therefore called the beginig of war. Athena and all her loyal servants and the gods fought against Medusa and her army until all of Medusa army was gone and Athena won from then on she locked Medusa in a cave never to see the sunlight again.

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