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The lost

Wooldrige Close , United Kingdom

One day two girls named Riannon and Ciara were both lost walking through a foggy, dark, gloomy, freezing rainforest. In fact it was so cold that it almost felt as if it was about to snow! The two lonely petrified girls were lost from a school trip based on rainforests.

Riannon and Ciara both strolled through the woods shouting for help as soon as they found themselves...... to a delicate golden shining door. Firstly the opened the door and there they both looked at the amount of gold never ending right in front of them. Next they had found another door that said beware but we all no that these two girls were aware that danger was coming after them. After that the Riannon and Ciara opened the door to find green long gigantic grass so long that it was taller than them.

The girls both walked forward treading in squishy mud, the mud was so dark brown that the girls both bent down on there knees to sniff and check if it was pooh or not. There they go walking forward never stopping until they see a tiger with teeth so long and shockingly sharp that it looked like a sword! The teeth was so shiny that it glimmered like the scorching hot sun and this made the girls turn put there hands in front of there face to stop the shine from blinding them.

Riannon and Ciara gazed hard at the tiger and said at the same time "I've never seen a tiger like this before". Why do you think they said they had never seen a tiger like this before? The tiger was a cheeky sligh intelligent tiger! It hid behind the long grass and there it goes zooming and leeping so fast that it was faster than a racing car. Hail stones started to clash down so heavy that it split the Riannon and Ciara's skin leaving them with bruises, cuts and grazes. The girls ran as fast as they can never ending running they kept going and they never looked back but what happens next?

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