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How the Sun and the Moon came to be

Village in Norfolk, England

Once there was a young, pretty, kind village girl whose father and mother had died long ago. Her father had been foreign and had named her Sun. He had named her that as she shone a bright, orange light that was exactly like the sun we have now.

However, it was in those days that the sun and moon did not yet exist. So it was always dark, and cold; but the people of the world did not mind that, for they had warm clothes and had always lived so. They could not imagine anything different.

Sun was always helping others, and one fine “day” she was helping an old, gentle farmer who could not do his work as his rheumatism stopped him from doing it good and proper.
Sun was just tending to his wilting crops when she was certain she heard a three-month-old baby cry for it’s long gone mother.

There it was again! Sun rushed to where she thought it was coming from and gasped in utter horror and shock. What was a baby doing here, in the wilderness, where wild things prowled?

Sun immediately knew something was different about this baby. Something strange.
And then she caught it.

The baby shone in the same way as her, like her, except she shone orange and the baby (who she discovered was a girl) shone a beautiful silver. Sun decided to take the baby home, and raise it as her own.

She named her Moon and taught her everything she knew.
When, one day, 11 years later, they were both fetching water for the gentle old rheumatism-infected farmer, and they reached an extremely dangerous river. They carefully bent down to fill a bucket and that was when the river-bank became a bit too slippery.

Sun and Moon both fell in and drowned.
As they fell into the water, they shininess left them and it floated up into the sky to form 2 huge, glowing balls. One silver, one orange. The sun and moon.

As the villagers who had witnessed the horrific accident gathered around to watch, the silver ball faded away and only the orange one was left standing. It gave so much warmth to them.

At night, the orange ball faded and the silver ball came and shone for 12 hours.
In the day, the orange sun shone for 12 hours.
When they had lived, before the incident, Sun and Moon had had a routine; Sun helps someone, Moon then helps someone.
And so it has been.

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