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King Arthur and the Sword in the Stone.


The Kingdom of Britain did not have a high king. There were many small minded fussy kings all over the land, who thought that they could be king. There were so many different people that wanted to be king there was a big argument,then a war!

Sir Kay, a brand new Knight,was a tiny bit smug and was fighting with his adopted brother Arthur.
"ching chang cho...clatter" Sir Kay's sword had been Knocked from his hand!
"ARTHUR, GET MY OTHER SWORD FROM HOME THIS INSTANT...BEFORE...I...DIE!" Arthur saluted and ran as fast as he could through the forest of swords,arrows,axes and any other weapons you could think off!But Arthur did not ever give up, he was a couragous, kind and brave boy!

When he had finished struggling through the mess, he a saw a sword stuck in a stone in the middle of nowhere - he thought it would be quicker taking that one rather than running all the way home, so he ran over to the sword and pulled it out....

On the side of the sword it had an inscription it read:whoever draws this sword will be KING OF BRITAIN! and it was right, Arthur did become king of Britain,because he drew the sword. For Merlin the enchanter had placed it there many years ago, and untill then, though many men had tried, no one else had been able to draw the sword from the stone!

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