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Zahlus and the lamp

A myth submitted to the site by Clarissa

country, Australia

There lived a young girl called Creel who lived in the country. She was very poor, and decided to be a traveller to find fortune in the distant lands. She prepared for her journey to a huge cliff above The Mineral Sea. The cliffs name was Carslisle Cliff.

She travelled for days, with a minimal amount of company and comfort. She travelled wisely and tiressly. On the fourth day of her travel, she at last came to the cliffs. She decided to make refuge in one of the underwater caves. She prayed to the gods, and settled in the cave.

The young girl was soon asleep. She had nor seen or heard when a mighty and gracious dragon slithered into the cave. She soon awoke, nose to nose with the great beast. She shrank away with fright. 'Do not be afraid,' The dragon soothed her.' My name is Zahlus' She soon calmed and spoke. 'I am Creel' The dragon had the most wonder ful eyes she had seen. Swirling colours was all she saw.

Zahlus allowed her to stay. They became firm friends. Zahlus presented her with a gift for gracing him. She took the gift. It was a gold lamp. 'That lamp grants your wishes,' Zahlus rumbled. 'Please use it wisely' They spent another few days together, and decided they should part. Creel was in despair, but agreed. They said soulful farewells, and she departed. She returned home with the lamp. She used the lamp for healings. She always remembered Zahlus, the dragon.

By Clarissa
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