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Zara and the Vampire

Green's church, Virginia, America

Zara was sitting on the steps of her house in the back garden. Her house was on the edge of the woods. She lived in a very small town called Green's church. It contained, a few houses, a school, a post office, a supermarket, a church and a sweet shop.

One day when she was going to school, she saw that there was a new girl that had arrived. She had seen her out and about when she was picking up a few things for her mum. But she had never actually spoken to her. She looked very confused and lost. Zara went up to her and asked her if she was lost.

"I'm trying to find the main office. I'm new hear. My name's Rose. Could you tell me where the main office is, I need to fill out some forms to apply."
"Yes". I replied. "through those double doors and then turn left and then right at the end of the corridor it's on the left as soon as you turn. Would you like me to take you? It could get complicated."
"Yes please." Rose said.

Zara and Rose got to the main office just as the first bell rang that showed that she had to get to form for registration.
"I'm sorry, I'll have to leave you hear I have to get to form."
"That's fine, see you around."

Zara left and ran over to the other side of school where her form room was. She almost missed registration. She had to explain why she was late. She sat down and was about to put her bag underneath the table when in walked Rose.
"Excuse me. I was told at the main office that this was to be my new form. My name's Rose, I'm new here."
"Yes well welcome rose, You can sit anywhere you like. Would you like someone to show you around. How about you Zara?"
"Yes miss".

Zara showed Rose around the whole school, she didn't mind because she got to take half a day off school while she guided Rose around showing her the sports hall english rooms art rooma and all the trophies the school had won.

Zara spent the whole day with rose. She sat next to her in all the lessons, she helped her with her work. She sat next to her at lunch. When the day was over she soon found that not only did they go to the same school, but Rose was her next door neighbor.

Zara took Rose into her house to meet her parents. Her dad was away doing buisness in another town. But her mom met her. When Rose was ready to go home, my mother suggested that she stayed to eat dinner with us.
"Oh mom could she."
"Of course if she wanted to."
"Well thankyou for the offer but me and my family don't eat that human stuff."
"What?" I said.
"Umm I mean no thankyou I'm not hungry!"

Zara suspected something strange but didn't have time cause when she turned back to look at Rose she saw that she wasn't there!
It was very strange because she couldn't have looked away for more than a second. But she wasn't anywhere she must have gone home.

The next morning she went over to Rose's house to see if she wanted to walk to school with her. When she knocked on the door it opened slightly. The house was dark and very quiet. It was like it was abandoned. But she heard a sound coming from upstairs. Silently she went through the door and made her way upstairs.

She went into a room that she suspected was Rose's, when she went in she saw nothing at first. But after she looked around she saw Rose. She couldn't quite tell what she was doing at first but then as she got a bit closer it looked like she was drinking something. When she got even closer she saw what Rose was drinking it was a glass full of red mixture. BLOOD. No she thought to herself. It can't be but before she even though what she was going to do she screamed. Rose looked up and saw Zara with a very scared expression on her face.

"Zara please, it's not what it looks like."
"Yes yes it is. What on earth are you?"
"Do you really have to ask?"
"Yes because this can't be true."
"I'm a vampire Zara. But i think you know that. Please if you'll listen to me i'll tell you anything that you want to know."
Zara said nothing too afraid to even move an inch.

"I was turned 2 years ago, by a girl called Amy. I suspected what she was and she didn't want her secret getting out so she turned me to shut me up. I told my parents that i had to leave town. Thay didn't understand at first, but when they saw that I wouldn't eat anything they grew concerned and moved. We've moved around to a few places and then we came here. I thought that a quite little town would be good. My parents soon found out what i was though. I compelled them to forget and they have stayed that way ever since. Please do not tell anyone."
"How can you ask me that"
"Because you're my friend."

It was then that Zara knew that this friendship would be tough but definetly worth it. Ever since that day Zara kept Rose's secret and they were the best of friends until the end of time.

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