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Aegle and the Snake-attack

A myth submitted to the site by Joe Stobbs

Thessally in Greece, Greece

‘40 drachmas!’ the auctioneer yelled as he banged down his piece of shiny olive twig. That was the price for his five lambs. He also sold his sharp glinting sword for 100 drachmas and his golden decorative shield for 120 drachmas. He had made a good profit today.

Later after the auction, he started wandering home when suddenly he saw a crowd of people gathering around an elderly man. He was telling the people about a mythical beast called snake-attack. This monstrous creature lived on the high and low ground and it had a unique way of hunting. His camouflage body blended in with his habitat. He would wait for his prey to come to him, but his glaring red eyes were the last thing any animal would see!!

Strolling through the lush green grass Aegle was walking home when he remembered that he needed to get some clean drinking water from the lake.

When he got to the lake he saw his ram standing proudly on top of the hill. he bent down to get some water. He took one stride to the right and he saw the red glinting, glaring eyes. He knew what it was! Suddenly something lifted him off his feet…………it was the ram! However the snake took flight as he was an expert flier. He caught up to the ram and bit it. The ram, taking a deep breath fell to the ground. THUMP it hit the ground heavily and died instantly.

In shock, Aegle’s mother saw the danger. Within seconds she clasped the nearby olive branch and started to weave it into a sharp pointed dagger. In seconds she let go of it and it fell straight in front of Aegle. Aegle desperately snatched the dagger………

He pierced it into snake attacks heart and it fell dramatically into the swirling whirl pool which engulfed the snake, as it fell into the deep depths of the water. Its head disappeared into the darkness and Aegle fell exhaustedly as he breathed a sigh of relief!

By Joe Stobbs
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