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The Goblin King

Kempston, England

The Goblin King
  • The Goblin King

Long, long ago lived a little boy called Billy. He had blue eyes, brown hair and oftens wore a baseball cap. Billy was a very funny and lively person but hated his little sister Lilly.

Billy's mum let him out to play with his friend Max. 'Bye Billy,' said Max in a calm voice. Suddenly the church bells rang. Oh no, thought Billy, its 6.00. We were meant to be at my house for 5.00.

It started to rain as he was going back to his house. Billy’s mum answered the door.
"Why are you an hour later we have been worried about you?"
"Well I’m sorry I lost track of the time - sorry."
"Well now I and your father are going out so we want you to look after Lilly for us."
"But I hate looking after Lilly, she’s a nightmare."
"Well I’m sorry we will be back at 12.00 and don’t think you are getting away with your lateness."
"OK have fun," and the door slammed shut and out went Billy's mum and dad. Lilly started crying.
"Ok, ok I’m coming Lilly." When Billy went into Lilly’s room the window was open.

I wonder who opened that, thought Billy. "Lilly be quiet you're giving me a headache." But Lilly was still crying. Billy shut the window and went downstairs to get Lilly some milk. When he came back up Lilly was in the cot but the window had opened itself again. Billy was getting really worried and didn’t know what to do.

Suddenly the light switches turned off, so Billy went downstairs to turn the light box power on. Billy was going up the stairs and suddenly Lilly had vanished. "Lilly" he screamed. "Where are you Lilly?"

Billy shut the window for the second time and looked for Lilly. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Billy went downstairs to open it. A strange man stood there with a beard.
"Hello can I help you?" said Billy.
"Hi I am the goblin king."
"The what? - I’m sorry my mum told me not to talk to strangers."
"But I’m not a stranger Billy."
"How do you know my name and what are you doing here?"
"I’m the Goblin King and I have Lilly - go through the maze and you can get Lilly back."
"But what happens if I run out of time?"
"Then I can keep Lilly forever."

Suddenly the house had disappeared and all Billy could see was a giant maze. This doesn’t look very hard, he said to himself and walked off leaving the goblin king to vanish.

The arrows were pointing right but Billy had a great mind and went the other way. Well done, it said on the wall, you are not stupid. Answer this question and you can have your little sister back.
"OK, well, where is the question," said Billy in a confused way.
"Who said that? Come out and show yourself"
"Down here I’m not that big." And there at Billy’s feet was a tiny little worm with long blue hair.
"Hello' said Billy 'where is this question?"
"OK, go to that door over there and the question is in there."
"Hang on that wasn’t there a minute ago."
"Well things ain't always what they seem here."
"Thanks very much little worm."

Billy went through the door and there was the question. It said: What is 12 times 13?
Well, I know that 12 times 12 is 144, thought Billy, so add 12 to 144 is 156.
"Well done, you have done it!" .. and there was Lilly on the floor.
Billy landed on his bed and was really glad that he had learned his times tables!


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Showcase story administrator comments

This is a quest story .. as in many of them, the reason for the quest is to amuse some person who just likes to wield his / her power over others. Billy's quest is special because the task is to find someone that he might wish to lose!

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