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Ageus and the Lighcreat

Dubai, UAE

One day there was three people trapped in the jail,so one of them thought of a idea and he told them the idea,the idea was that they can climb from the window and go outside.Then they went outside and one of and the boy who told them the idea is telling them''See i told you it will work'' and the other one told him ''YAAA good idea dude''.

Then they suddenly so a blue,weird mythical creature and they said ''Look at that blue,weird creature''.So they were very scared and thought he is gonna kill them. One of them said ''Run for your life!!!!!!!!!''.But the Lighcreat was in front of them and they didn't know what to do,and they turned and then they turned again and they saw two from the lighcreat.

One of them said ''We are strong and can kill those Lighcreats'',and they fighted them but one of them didn't die so the Lighcreat became bigger until he became a giant,and he carried them and throwed them into the river upside down.

Suddenly they saw Ageus and Ageus said ''I will help you guys'',and one of them said ''Thank you very much Ageus'',but Ageus didn't lose he won and he killed the Lighcreat and the boys were really proud of Ageus. THE END

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