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Ambodios and the wolf

A myth submitted to the site by Ambo

Athens, Greece

Ambodios, son of Zeus had a gift of shape shifting. He had chinese blood in his veins and was chinese greek. His weapon was a coin that if it landed on tails it would turn into a javelin, if heads a sword.

Ambodias was the best warrior in Athens. One year massive wolves started invading Athens. Loads of warriors died. When Ambodias was called up to take the challenge he knew it would be tough. A surviver had told him if you killed some others just kept coming. When the day came Ambodias went to the woods.

Suddenly he heard a howl. He turned around to see massive wolves surrounding him. Ambodias flipped his coin and it landed on heads. It instantly turned into a sword. Ambodias slashed, slammed, poked but wolves kept coming. He had to make a distraction. He grabbed a rabbit as it hopped by and threw it to the wolf. Then all the wolves amazingly turned into one wolf. They're all the same wolf. He had an idea. He shape shifted into a wolf. Not a big one.
The big wolf seemed to think it was a baby wolf and wandered over me. He acted like a normal wolf as it took him to its hideout. When it was sleeping he turned back into a man and chopped the beast's head off. Ambodias went back to Athens and married the king's daughter. Who he had been dating with for a while.

By Ambo
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