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Why are there humans and different languages on Earth?


Once upon a time, the galaxy was peaceful, and Earth was a silent planet. Nothing was living on Earth, not even animals or plants, except for loads of diamonds, so much that the diamonds weren’t worth anything.

Diana, the goddess of the moon was told that the planet Earth had lots and lots of diamonds. She was really delighted to hear this because she loved diamonds and gems. She then ordered her assistant Flora, the goddess that used to be the god of birth, but a friend of Amazon, Diana’s enemy. So Diana lowered her power and not let her have the power to be immortal. She said to Flora, “If you can create something that looks like you and me, but braver and easy to control”, I will return you the power to become immortal.” Flora then gave birth to lots of humans, which are female. Diana was ready to take over Earth and snatch all the diamond from Earth’s land, but only she can command the humans because it was her creation.

Apollo, the god of the sun had heard what Diana was up to, from his best friend, a mortal Roman god, Jupiter. Jupiter had a wife, Juno, who likes diamonds too. Apollo then said, “Lets start the journey, but first I need to create what Diana has created, but male.” Jupiter followed his command and created male as fast as a cheetah runs, but they all spoke different languages and only Jupiter knew all those languages. After that they were ready too! Jupiter then thought, if Apollo and me can take over Earth, then my wife would be joyful forever! Apollo broke his dream and told him to get ready for a tough fight, because Diana was strong.

Diana was giggling, and said to Flora “ We are the only two in the entire universe who can keep the gems and diamonds on Earth!” Flora followed too, but they didn’t know that Apollo was in the race too.

One night on January, the both started the race towards the east, Earth. In the journey, everything went quite smooth for both of them. Until…
They bumped into each other when via Mars to Earth. Diana

was amazed that Apollo was in the fight too, she then commanded, “ATTACK!!!” “ATTACK AND KILL”, commanded Apollo.

The humans all listened to their commanders, killing, fighting, grabbing and shouting all happened in one second. Many humans died because of the war, because all humans are mortal.

After many days and nights, on the March of the next year, the humans finally managed to arrive on Earth.

The gods’ jaws opened, when they saw that the humans managed to land on Earth. Apollo went to Diana and yelled, “Yeah, we are first!” Diana cried, “NO, we are first” Then, they had a fight. Jupiter was not the strongest that time and he wasn’t immortal but Apollo didn’t know that Jupiter flew in to the sky and became the most powerful Roman god. Flora, Diana’s assistant also died because Apollo killed Flora, as a revenge for Jupiter. She died because she didn’t help Diana win Earth so Diana didn’t give her the power to become immortal.

Diana didn’t really care, because she thought she could still command the humans, she screamed, “GET THE GEMS, NOW!!!” but the humans didn’t move because Flora wasn’t there. Apollo then cried to their humans “GRAB, GRAB THE GEMS!!!” They humans didn’t react because only Jupiter could command using the language the humans understand.

The gods were very disappointed, and walked away in different directions. The humans then stayed on Earth because they were no command that they understand. Male and Female also became friends. Over time and reproduced to make sure that their species, humans do not become extinct.

Until now, humans like us all speak different languages.

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