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Why do people have good and bad dreams?

Hong Kong, China

Once, the sky god Jupiter, have made the first four human, then he watched them how they act in a long period of time.

First Jupiter thought that they were gonna act like each other and being helpful to each another. Then he realized that he was wrong about everything and he also starting to notice that a wing spirit is looking is also looking over the humans as well, which the wing spirit is Aurora.

After a long period of time of observation, they(Jupiter and Aurora) have a result of how the humans are acting: Human Number 1 and 2: Acting good, kind and always help others. Human 3 and 4 is acting mean, always hector other people. However, Jupiter are fascinated with Human 3 and 4, so he is helping Human 3 and 4 by doing all sorts of bad stuffs.

Aurora knows that if even she helps Human 3 and 4, nothing will change, and she knows that they are going to the Hades as well, so she doesn’t even bother to care them. However, Aurora was fascinated with Human 1 and 2, because they are doing all sorts of good stuff, and she knows that they are going to the Elysium, so she is going to help them to do all sorts of good stuffs and to protect them from Jupiter’s attack.

One day, in the evening, after Human 1 and 2 have done something very Euterpean, and nthe Hesperus came up. Aurora tried to say goodnight to them, but then she ended up being in the Human’s dream. She found out that she was the boss of their of their dreams, or in other words, being their gods in their dreams, and of course she made everything very nice and tidy.

Then after a while Jupiter founds out what happened and he tried to tell and drag Aurora to get out of their dreams, and of course she did not leave, because she knows that he will screw up they dreams, so he stayed and protected their dreams, then Jupiter got very angry and tried to get in the dreams that Aurora is in, and tried to attack and screw it up, so he went down to their dreams, but it turns out to be the dreams can only let the god or godness who help or agree what they are doing before they have their dreams in, so he tried Human 3 and 4, and it worked, and he screwed it up, because he don’t know how to make it good and nice and tidy.

Next morning, because Human 1 and 2 have a good dream, and the dream told them to have babies and they did, so not a long time, the earth is filled with a bunch of people, there are tons of good and bad people, and Aurora and Jupiter can’t go into so many people’s dream at once, so Aurora have to call more friends and some Angels to help out, and as for Jupiter, he also called his friends to come and also some devils to help out.

After a while, every things repeat again and again and it never stops until today, we still have good and bad dreams because we did something wrong or good, we don’t know when we have good and bad dreams, it all depends on Aurora and her friends and Jupiter and his friends, and sometimes we don’t have a dream, because Aurora and Jupiter don’t have enough friends, angels and devils, it all depends on what you did right or wrong in a day, that causes good or bad dreams, and it also depends on what Aurora and Jupiter and their friends think about you.

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